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One of the biggest in Germany: The costume stock in Adlershof

Setting the stage: There is an endless coming and going of set designers in Adlershof

Oscar Wilde once said: ”The stage is the return of art to life.” However, the ”stage” would often fall short without specialists such as the set...[more]

Tonbüro took care of the whole audio postproduction of the documentary series “The East Germans”

Setting the right tone: Adlershof can look back on an impressive legacy in sound

Sound brings life to a film, according to Michael Kaczmarek, manager of K-13 Kinomischung. For almost a hundred years now, multifaceted sound artists...[more]

The Trudelturm (Tailspin Tower) in Adlershof has risen to stardom

A spectacular background actor: Adlershof as a backdrop

Tatort and Polizeiruf, two very popular German crime series, are shot here on a regular basis. Carmakers such as BMW, Lexus, and Porsche advertise...[more]

Today, the Media City in Adlershof is a vibrant place. State-of-the-art, flexible studios and a creative scene

Berlin's most outstanding media site: Adlershof offers first-class production conditions

On August 25th and September 8th 2002, the royalty of political journalism in Germany poured into Adlershof. This was new in the history of German...[more]

Creating a more liveable acoustic environment – with the acoustic camera

Research and deliver: Four Adlershof media companies successfully produce TV content for the curious

Weather phenomena, perceptual illusions, psychoacoustics: what could be more obvious for a City of Media than to look at these things more closely...[more]

Not only is the show produced in Adlershof, the key-visual as well was built here.

The Show before the Show: Behind the stage of ”The Voice of Germany”

Light, sound, make-up, dress: all of these things are rehearsed and checked hours before the show to prevent mistakes from slipping in. In total,...[more]


Amber Rudd, British Minister at Department for Energy and Climate Changel, at the opening of the Battery Park. Picture: UK Power Networks


Europe’s Largest Battery Storage Project Becomes Operational in the UK

Adlershof’s Younicos contributes control software for 6MW/10MWh Smarter Network Storage Project [more]

Flight over Becquerel Crater


Mars Express mission extended until the end of 2018

DLR’s Stereo Camera HRSC is the longest-serving German experiment in the Solar System [more]

SEM images of Ag Nanoparticles


Silver Nanoislands grown by Atomic Layer Deposition

SENTECH presented the new ALD Real Time Monitor at the NRW Nano-Conference [more]

Berliner Buffet on Thursday Evening. Credit: M. Setzpfand/HZB


Lively exchange at User Meeting

More than 500 users of HZB's large-scale equipment met in Adlershof [more]

Filming bond making and bond breaking during a pericyclic reaction


Filming chemistry with a high speed x-ray camera

MBI Scientists show how breaking and making of chemical bonds during a reaction can be visualized [more]


Fr 12 Dec Th 15 Jan

Ausstellung: Zuhause am Flughafen – Gemeinsam in die Zukunft Rathaus Köpenick, Alt-Köpenick 21, 12555 Berlin
1. Etage – Flurbereich Fachbereich Stadtplanung

Mo 05 Jan

17.00 Hörsaalkino: Zeit der Kannibalen Rudower Chaussee 26, 12489 Berlin
Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Kleiner Hörsaal 0'110

Mo 05 Jan

17.15 Chemie-Kolloquium: Vom ersten Bier zum Kater Brook-Taylor-Straße 2, 12489 Berlin
Walter-Nernst-Haus, Marie-Curie-Hörsaal 0'06

Mo 05 Jan

18.30 - 20.45 Treffen: Rhetorikclub Adlershof-Toastmasters Volmerstraße 2, 12489 Berlin

We 07 Jan

14.00 - 19.00 Blutspende Rudower Chaussee 14, 12489 Berlin
Airporthotel Berlin-Adlershof

Th 08 Jan

10.15 HZB-Seminar Kekuléstraße 5, 12489 Berlin
Raum 227

Sa 10 Jan

Ende Ausstellung: Salute! Goltzsche zu Ehren - Begegnungen auf Papier Dörpfeldstraße 54-56, 12489 Berlin

Su 11 Jan

17.00 - 20.00 Benefizkonzert zum Jahresauftakt Rudower Chaussee 24, 12489 Berlin

Mo 12 Jan

17.00 Hörsaalkino: Life of Pi Rudower Chaussee 26, 12489 Berlin
Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Kleiner Hörsaal 0'110

Tu 13 Jan

15.15 - 17.00 Physik-Kolloquium Newtonstraße 15, 12489 Berlin
Lise-Meitner-Haus, Christian-Gerthsen-Hörsaal