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Albert Speisemanufaktur Entrance

Daily creations from the region:

Albert Speisemanufaktur offers an authentic, varied cuisine

“The refectory has just become extinct.” Words to this effect could very well pass through your mind when you stand in front of the...
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Korean-italian joint venture: Young-Mi Park-Snowden and Andrea Volpato run mani mogo

Little Korea in Adlershof:

Restaurant mani mogo

Adlershof was once seen to be the Far East of Berlin, albeit without even the remotest reference to its culinary offerings. In the meantime, this...
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Kochwerkstatt Berlin

Cooking with the Kitchen Coach:

In the Adlershof cooking studio culinary skills are taught

Does a baron have its roots in royalty? What actually is lobscouse? And is a cocotte really of a dubious nature? The kitchen nurtures its own...
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Sundowner on the roof terrace: Adapt Apartments also accommodates guests that want to stay longer periods

In the heart of the city of science:

Adlershof hotels offer conference infrastructure tailored to science events

“In the heart of the most advanced technology park in Europe, we provide comfort and services to a high standard,” said Jasmin Thielecke, Manager of...
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A perfect location for a conference:

Adlershof has become a focal point for international conference organisers

For the second time now, the optical industry’s EOSAM conference with around 500 participants will be held in Adlershof. The Optical Society of...
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Visavis‘ new studio in Adlershof offers all that is needed for cinematic events. © mastermoves

Cinematic events:

In the former airplane hangar in the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Straße a very special event location is being built

The name is Long Arm. Milo Long Arm. The long arm of the camera robot is not primarily designed for serving sparkling wine, it is true. „But“,...
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For more than ten years Frank Lauterbach has been guiding visitors through „his“ Adlershof

The foreign office and its ambassadors:

Guides show visitors around Adlershof

A curtsey for the Thai Crown Princess, security for the Tunisian President, a prayer room for Indonesian students and the gift for the Saudi prince:...
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Windkanal im Aerodynamischen Park, Berlin Adlershof

420 hectare playing field:

Adlershof con.vent. regards itself as much more than a just an event organiser

More than 1,000 companies. Home of world respected top research. Attraction for 10,000 visitors each year from across the world. Location for...
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Crowded hall guaranteed at the science slam

Science needs culture:

In Adlershof there is a diverse cultural programme

It’s the “creative class” – a term coined by the US urban sociologist Richard Florida – on which the economic success of cities and regions primarily...
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The Hans-Grade-hall at the Forum Adlershof belongs to the portfolio of Adlershof con.vent.

Adlershof: a mecca for events:

Adlershof con.vent. offers unusual, inspiring and well organised locations

Anyone looking for unusual, inspiring and well organised locations with a special extra something for an event will soon find what they are looking...
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Meet the people who are changing the world with their ideas over lunch

Destination Adlershof: a city within the city:

Scientists, Berliner journalist Paulina Czienskowski recently wrote in the Adlershof Journal, are those curious individuals who spend all their days...
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Linda Jentsch, Silvana Schneider, Magdalena Matheis, Eileen Schliefke und Josephin Kluge (l. to r.)

The women who make things possible:

The team of Adlershof con.vent, event and visitors’ service in the science and technology park

The five is a number full of significance. It is the number of Venus, the Goddess of Love; Aristoteles differentiated the five senses; and the...
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Leibniz President Matthias Kleiner, Neysha Lobo Ploch, Walter Gibas, Jens Raß, Tim Kolbe (from left)


Adlershof start-up UVphotonics awarded with Leibniz-Gründerpreis 2016

UV photonics will bring innovative UV-LED technology to market


Recharge invests in Graciosa Project

Green investor takes majority stake in the 24 million Euro Younicos system


Student accommodation in Adlershof: The “Medienfenster” Project

114 fully furnished one-room apartments and 39 compact and functionally layouted 1.5 to 3-room units

Adlershof Journal March/April 2016


Adlershof Journal March/April 2016

Catwalk of Things: the Fascination of Form and Function


Mo 25 Apr Fr 29 Apr

Adlershof auf der Hannovermesse Messegelände, 30521 Hannover

Sa 30 Apr

11.00 Humboldt-Meile: Zehn Meilen laufen – vom Campus Mitte zum Campus Adlershof Start: Bebelplatz 1, 10117 Berlin

Mo 02 May

15.00 ISAS-Kolloquium: Nonlinear micro-spectroscopy using tailor-made femtosecond laser pulses Schwarzschildstraße 8, 12489 Berlin
Raum 218

We 04 May

15.00 - 16.00 Vortragsreihe "Produkthaftung" - Gefährdungshaftung nach dem Produkthaftungsgesetz Volmerstraße 5, 12489 Berlin

We 11 May

10.00 Existenzgründertag – mit zusätzlichem Angebot für Geflüchtete Ostendstraße 25, 12459 Berlin,

We 11 May

15.00 - 16.00 Haftungsbeschränkungen, Mitverschulden, Verjährung im Produkthaftungsgesetz Volmerstraße 5, 12489 Berlin

Tu 17 May

15.15 - 16.45 Antrittsvorlesung: Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices at the Transition from Organic to Hybrid Materials Newtonstraße 15, 12489 Berlin
Lise Meitner-Haus, Christian Gerthsen-Hörsaal

We 18 May

15.00 - 16.00 Vortragsreihe "Produkthaftung" - Rückruf von Produkten Volmerstraße 5, 12489 Berlin

Th 19 May Fr 20 May

08.30 - 17.40 International RamanFest 2016 Rudower Chaussee 24, 12489 Berlin

Tu 24 May We 25 May

SUMO – Simulation of Urban MObility Rutherfordstraße 2, 12489 Berlin