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Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e. V., Institutsteil Berlin

Schwarzschildstraße 8, 12489 Berlin

+49 231 1392-3530 +49 231 1392-3544


Prof. Dr. Norbert Esser


Tinka Wolf +49 231 1392-234


The ISAS, which is divided between facilities in Dortmund and Berlin, is an interdisciplinary research institute (physics, chemistry, biology) working in the field of analytical spectroscopy. The main acitivities of the institute are the development of new measuring techniques, methods, and devices and the application of these in the field of materials science and life science.
The Berlin-based section of the institute is mainly concerned with optical spectroscopy techniques for materials and boundary layer analysis, and works closely with several companies including, among others, companies based at the Adlershof campus, BAM, Synchrotron BESSY II, and the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin). Current areas of interest are:
Design and development of Echelle spectrometers with multi-channel detectors for use in element analysis and laser spectroscopy
Polarisation dependent spectroscopy, from infrared to vacuum-ultraviolet, for optical analysis of boundary layers, nanostructures, polymers and functional organic flms
Design and development of TOF mass spectrometers for micromaterial analysis


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Innovation thanks to analytics
Innovation thanks to analytics
Adlershof turns into “Analytic City”
Searching for traces in a new light
Searching for traces in a new light
ISAS and Analytik Jena enrich chemical research with analysis devices



17:00 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin Adlershof Adlershof
12489 Berlin