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General information about the development region Adlershof-Johannisthal

    Adlershof Success Factors
    The Impact of ERDF on the Science and Technolgy Park Berlin Adlershof
    Overview Berlin Adlershof
    3-2-1-Go! Adlershof is waiting for you!
    In a nutshell, the most important information about the technology park.
    DIW Report: The economic significance of Adlershof
    Impact on added value, employment and tax revenues in Berlin. Ed. WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, 2011.
    Adlershof at a glance
    Poster of the development area

Maps / Infrastructure / Aerial views / Architecture

    Poster Adlershof Map
    Adlershof development area with major facilities
    Poster Development Area
    Adlershof development area with color highlighting the quarters
    Adlershof Map English
    Coloured map of the Adlershof development zone with infrastructure, transport connections and a directory of important facilities.
    Adlershof Infrastructure
    Map with supplies, social, cultural, health and educational institutions in Adlershof


    Technology site Adlershof

      Analytic City 2015
      Developers, users and suppliers - Information from companies and research institutions about their analytical skills
      Green Economy Map
      Institutes and companies in Adlershof
      Analytic City Map
      Companies and institutions in Adlershof
      Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV)
      Floorplans, areas and equipment. 2015
      Adlershof PO-Cluster
      Photonics and Optics Companies & Institutes. Published: 17 June 2013
      Centre for Photonics and Optics
      Floorplans, areas and equipment. 2014
      Life Sciences in Adlershof
      Adlershof’s competence in the life sciences sector. 2007
      Adlershof MM-Cluster
      Microsystems and Materials Companies and Institutes. Published: 17 June 2013
      Photonics and Optical Technologies
      Overview of Adlershof‘s Photonics Cluster. 2009
      Adlershof PVRE-Cluster
      Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Companies & Institutes. Published: 17 June 2013

    Research location Adlershof

      Analytic City 2015
      Developers, users and suppliers - Information from companies and research institutions about their analytical skills
      28 Adlerhof Minds
      What they research. What they are working on. Why they feel at home in Adlershof. Ed. WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH 2014
      Research Highlights
      Cooperations and highlights of the non-university research institutions in Adlershof. 2013
      Non-University Research
      Information on the network Adlershof, the focus of the research and the activities of the IGAFA e.V. November 2010
      Campus Adlershof
      The Humboldt University’s mathematics and science campus. 2011
      The Spectrum of Light
      What is Light?
      The Spectrum of Light
      What is Light?

    Media location Adlershof

      Urban Development / Residential Projects

        Available Lots within the Development Area
        Map of Available Lots, Trust Property Berlin and WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH. Published: 12 August 2014
        Flyer „Wohnen am Campus” (in German)
        Information on all projects. Published: 19th October 2015

      Visitors / Services

        Adlershof con.vent. (Flyer)
        Flyer mit einem kurzen Porträt des Event- und Besucherservices
        Exposé Adlershof con.vent.
        Informieren Sie sich über den Adlershofer Veranstaltungs- und Besucherdienst: Unsere Räume, Diensleistungen und Preise im Überblick.
        Image Broschuere Adlershof convent


      Marina Salmon
      State certified Business Manager

      Marina Salmon, State certified Business Manager WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH
      Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin
      +49 30 6392 2283
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