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Start Up Services

IGZ, OWZ and Spin-Off-Zone, the three start-up centres based at Adlershof, are located close to the Humboldt University’s Natural Sciences Campus, and the ten non-university research organisations. They offer special welcome packs for young and innovative businesses.

The Innovation and Business

The IGZ has 14,000 square metres of multifunctional spaces available for rent on flexible terms in relation to size, duration of tenancy and cost. Alongside a wide range of services for start-ups relating to technology development, cooperation, financing, controlling, marketing and distribution, it also offers services for established businesses with short-term innovation goals.

Start-up centre for students

Adlershof has a dedicated start-up centre for students of the Humboldt University – the SPIN-OFF-ZONE Adlershof – located on 36 Wegedornstraße. It provides a creative environment for student start-ups. Humboldt-Innovation GmbH offers support throughout all stages of inception, from securing initial investment to ongoing funding and networking. For further information, click here.

Connections worldwide

Opened in 1997, the International Business Incubator, OWZ is one of a kind in Europe.We offer support for the set-up and establishment of companies from all over the world, active on the global scene, especially from Central and Eastern Europe. These companies are realizing their potential for economic cooperation. We'll help you with permits and registration, securing markets and the transfer of technology.

IGZ and OWZ are a part of the Innovations Center Management GmbH IZBM – a subsidiary of the WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH – and works in close cooperation with the WISTA-Business Development.




Humboldt-Innovation GmbH

Wegedornstraße 36, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 2093-70750
+49 30 2093-70779

Innovation Centre Berlin Management

Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 6392-6000
+49 30 6392-6010


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