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More than 80 IT and media companies trade at Adlershof. They focus on ambient intelligence, multimedia, transport, logistics, security, production technologies and interoperability toolkits (ITK) for healthcare. The Humboldt University’s Institutes and the neighbouring TV-Studios cooperate closely.

Information technology and media in Berlin Adlershof, Germany

Alongside industry heavyweights such as the cryptology specialist Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens, or the Association for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science (Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik, GfaI), many medium-sized businesses, including Digia Germany GmbH, INNOMINATE Security Technologies AG und FPiab - internet access, are based at Adlershof.  In total, around 600 people are employed by information and communications-related businesses. These companies are well-placed to cooperate with scientific partners, particularly Humboldt University’s Institutes of Computer Science, Mathematics, Psychology (user experience) and Geography (geomatics and geoinformatics).

Adlershof is represented in numerous IT networks, including SIBB e.V. and ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg, and is a partner of log in. Berlin.

Real space for virtual worlds

Adlershof is home to three centres for IT and media, with the most recent, the ZIM 3, located on Straße Am Studio. Around 2,500 square metres are available for hire to young businesses. To qualify, they must be no older than five years, and require no more than 250 square metres. A further 2,500 square metres are available at ZIM 2, on Albert-Einstein Street. Find out more about spaces available for rent here.


    Centre for IT and Media

    Albert-Einstein-Straße 14/16 (ZIM 1+2)
    Am Studio 2 (ZIM 3), 12489 Berlin

    Dipl.-Ing. Susann Niemeyer
    Head of Centre for IT and Media

    Susann Niemeyer, Head of Centre for IT and Media WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH
    +49 30 6392 2237
    +49 30 6392 2244


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