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Welcome to Berlin's Top TV-Location:When ever watching German televison, there's a great chance, it's "Made in Adlershof."

Welcome to Berlin's Top TV-Location:
When ever watching German televison,
there's a great chance, it's "Made in Adlershof."

Adlershof Film Studios: Berlin’s number 1 media location!

Sets, screenplays, post production, dubbing and more – the film studios at Adlershof offer the perfect conditions for any format, whether television shows or big budget film production. 10 studios, including the two 2,400 square metre Mega-Studios G+H, and the expertise of 2,000 staff, guarantee quality entertainment.

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Studio Berlin Adlershof GmbH

Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 6704-5500
+49 30 6704-5505


Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 311 698 630
+49 30 311 698 650


Stephan Horst (l.) and Marcel Neumann
The Perfect Illusion
The camera robot Milo Long Arm steals the show with its special effects
Visavis‘ new studio in Adlershof offers all that is needed for cinematic events. © mastermoves
Cinematic events
In the former airplane hangar in the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Straße a very special event location is being built
Christian Schmidt ist Geigenbauer, Musiker und Maler
Passions and Proportions
Christian Schmidt is a violin maker, musician, and painter
Media City Adlershof
Adlershof media location on the move
Amended development plan gives new impetus


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