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Sicoya develops novel high-efficiency chips for transmitting data in data centres

The young Sicoya GmbH develops novel high-efficiency chips for transmitting data in data centres. Their silicon chips bring together optical and...

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Autarsys is building storage batteries for decentralised energy supply

Small Third World villages, islands cut off from the rest of the world, remote luxury wellness resorts: Autarsys can deliver noiseless and clean...

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Fresh cash for a new production line at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute

Adlershof’s researcher and companies are advancing the development of microelectronics. The Ferdinand-Braun-Institute, Leibniz-Institut für...

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Vaxxilon from Adlershof is introducing new sugar-based vaccines

“Vaccination is one of the most effective medical measures out there,” says Tom Monroe, CEO of Vaxxilon GmbH, whose research department is based in...

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Two new companies in Adlershof, Alacris Theranostics GmbH and Clinical Laserthermia Systems GmbH, are committed to fighting cancer

He will miss the view of Dahlem’s Botanical Garden, says Bodo Lange. Apart from that, the manager of the company Alacris Theranostics sees moving...

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Benjamin Akinci

Free Wi-Fi Everywhere

Managed Hotspot Services at the Technology Park Adlershof

The abl social federation GmbH is currently moving but their new offices in Adlershof are still quite empty. This will change very soon. As the prime...

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Founders of Smarterials

Surgical Security

New gloves developed by “Smarterials Technology” will prevent needlestick injuries

Probably the dearest wish of patients and relatives before the door to the surgery closes is that everything may go well. But not only patients, but...

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Anton Nagy

With Passion

Anton Nagy builds testing facilities for customers from the chemical industry and is fascinated by Berlin

Berlin in the 1990s: “Really awesome!” His successful application as a PhD student at the Fritz-Haber-Institute and the collegiality back then:...

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The diamond inventics team

The Pocket-Sized Laboratory

The start-up diamond inventics finds legionella at record speed

Precise, fast, energy and water-saving and about the size of a credit card. An innovative chip system can detect pathogenic microorganisms in water...

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The Plasma Start-up

Homogeneous layers and precise structuring for opto- and microelectronic components

The Golares GmbH is a newly established spin-off of the Leibniz-Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ). At the Centre for Photonics and Optics in...

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The best of both worlds

IRIS Scientists develop hybrid systems for optics and electronics

What are the advanced materials supposed to have that the electronics of the future so desperately needs? “More speed, more brightness, more...

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Henry Stubert and Susanne Dannat demonstrate the transport robot proANT 436

Autonomous Robots

All things are in motion at the new showroom of the company “InSystems Automation”

If you want to see a transport robot from up close, the showroom of the company “InSystems Automation” is the place to go. Thanks to built-in lasers,...

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Martin Volmerding, Marko Berndt und Timo Golomski

Power from a Briefcase

Three founders from Adlershof see a great future for wireless charging

Three founders from Adlershof see a great future for wireless charging and want to bring new versions of everyday projects to market, including a...

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