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As the first commercial supplier for femtosecond(fs)-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) worldwide, FemtoFiberTec provides FBGs, that open up completely new sensing possibilities for a wide range of industrial and medical sensing applications. In contrast to conventional FBG solutions, FemtoFiberTec can write FBGs into all optical transparent fiber materials with a broad variety of fiber coatings – e.g. high-end speciality fibers as well as low cost commodity fibers.

The fs-written FBGs are of superior strength, withstand extremely high temperatures and can be immune to hard radiation and humidity. Thousands of FGBs can be integrated into one single sensor array to allow multipoint measurements along distances of many kilometers. The manufacturing technology provides the highest possible flexibility in terms of customer individual FBG specifications and production volumes - from one up to thousands of units. Customer orders are produced within shortest lead times in industry.


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Going Strong after 25 Years
Going Strong after 25 Years
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