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Patrick Barkowski


Marcin Ratajczak


Prof. List-Kratochvil © WISTA Management GmbH
A hub for basic research, teaching, and industrial application
How the Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences IRIS Adlershof supports many different technology start-ups
ARIA invests € 2 Million in Inuru
Active packaging manufacturer will use funds to build a production line for sustainable luminous packaging and labelling products
Dr. Michael J. Bojdys © WISTA Management GmbH
Maximum capacities at the theoretical limit
Chemist Michael J. Bojdys' proposal for an ERC Proof of Concept Grant for the project “LiAnMAT” has been retained for funding
Patrick Barkowski and Marcin Ratajczak of start-up Inuru
How printed images learned to swim
The startup Inuru brings paper to life
Forging new products in electronics, optics and photonics
INAM Innovation Network for Advanced Materials founded in Berlin Adlershof Berlin, 7th June 2016