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DIRIS – Industrial Quality OEM Video Systems

Conception, design, development, and manufacture of high-quality video and audio products

The company X-SPEX is developer and manufacuturer of the “DIRIS“ OEM video system. This is a collection of components for recording, processing, transmitting/streaming, and playing of video and audio for industrial grade applications. Control of DIRIS system can be performed either by buttons+LEDs and/or serial interface and/or network (incl. WIFI and/or UMTS/LTE). DIRIS systems for OEM customers are easy to manage and easy to integrate into products and applications.


DIRIS Digital Video Recorder Boards are now available bundled with selected displays
Exhibition Embedded World 2019: X-SPEX presents Video Recorder Board bundled with Display (5", 7" or 10")
DIRIS B02-Board
Video Recorder Board replaces Frame Grabber, Display Controller and Text Generator
DIRIS-Boards minimize effort for development and production of devices comprising video visualization and recording