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Open work spaces are the trend: The Technology Park Adlershof now also offers a 550-sqm space for founders, students, research project groups and young entrepreneurs.

Co-working in Berlin Adlershof: Fresh Impulses

The WISTA building in Rudower Chaussee 17 now boasts 50 work stations, turning the Technology Park into a place for collaboration and innovation. Work stations are available on a monthly basis. Light-coloured furniture, wooden floors, transparent walls, multi-coloured chairs and modern desks create a pleasant and productive environment. Apart from desks, wi-fi and printers, Coworking Space IM.PULS provides its users with lounges, closed “think tanks” for making phone calls, a conference room and a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking together.

Ideal Co-Working Conditions: 24/7

We offer excellent value at an affordable price:

  • Standard: starting by 200 € / month
  • Students: 100 € / month
  • Day pass: 20 EUR
  • Including free paper, hot drinks and wi-fi
  • LAN: 30 € per month, per seat
  • Letterbox: 10 € / month

We will gladly provide you with more detailed information.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a non-binding inquiry.

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A Few Things About Co-Working in Berlin

Co-working is a new way of organising work, especially that of freelancers, artists and start-ups. Various individuals or groups realise their projects in a shared open space. While the co-workers pursue their projects individually, the space enhances collaboration and facilitates finding help and new colleagues. Modern co-working spaces offer work stations as well as a common infrastructure, including wi-fi, printers, fax, phones and meeting rooms. They can also be used for workshops.

In Berlin, many new co-working spaces have been created inside the Ring. IM.PULS is now closing the gap in the city’s South East by creating a co-working space on the Humboldt-University’s campus in the Science City Adlershof. One key advantage of co-working spaces is the price, which is usually much lower than that of an individual office space. The increased flexibility allows firms to react quickly to shifting needs if, for example, they require additional staff. Lastly, this way of working creates an innovative environment for creatives.

Inquiries to:

Marina Salmon
WISTA Management GmbH
Project Manager Coworking IM.PULS

+49 30 6392-2283
+49 30 6392-2236


Coworking Space IM.PULS
WISTA Management GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin

Tobias Kirschnick
Leiter IGZ Innovations- und Gründerzentrum

+49 30 6392-6000

Ralph Langanke
Koordinator Gründerwerkstatt Adlershof

+49 30 6392-6020
+49 30 6392-6010


Coworking Space IM.PULS
Flyer: Adlershof Coworking Space, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin