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Female Founders Breakfast Club - Edition #8

Thursday, 26. January 2023 // 12.00 - 13.30


The breakfast club is all about creating a safe space to empower female founders and students who consider founding a company. The monthly meeting will give you the opportunity to learn hacks to build your confidence, resilience, and executive presence. You can share your challenges, but also find new perspectives and celebrate achievements in the group.

In this session we will talk about the importance of embodied goal setting.

How do we create goals that are authentic, feel good and that we can actually achieve without getting stuck?

We will start with a theoretical input on goal setting, followed by a somatic exercise, meditation and a guided journaling practice to create goals that suit your life.

As always there will be a lot of space for sharing.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Please join us on Zoom:

Please also note the change in time and duration :-)


The international female founders breakfast club is hosted by Katja Brunner@Humboldt Startupservice // Circle U & Marta Michniewicz


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