Online-Vortrag: Data Driven Science: 'From data to knowledge' (CECAM Mixed-Gen Session)

Online-Vortrag: Data Driven Science: "From data to knowledge" (CECAM Mixed-Gen Session)

Thursday, 08. April 2021 // 15.00


From data to knowledge

Claudia Draxl, Humboldt University Berlin

Research data paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable a new quality of science. The ultimate goal in our research domain is to predict novel candidate materials for a given application, possibly even in regions of the materials space that no-one would think of. For a real breakthrough, key prerequisites have to be brought together: Data – not only Big but most relevant and reliable – and novel AI tools with predictive power. In this session, we will review where we are on this road. A special focus will be on recently-developed data-analysis tools.