Wednesday, 31. July 2019 // 14.00 - 15.00

Max-Born-Institut (MBI) im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.

Max-Born-Straße 2A, 12489 Berlin

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Colloquium - Diffracitve Optics for Experiments at X-ray Free-Electron Lasers

Dr. Christian David | Paul Scherrer Institut

Diffractive x-ray optics are fabricated by means of lithography techniques. The pattern of diffractive structures can be freely programmed, allowing for a precise control of the optical wave front and the realization of complex optical functionalities. This includes optics that produce focal spots carrying an orbital momentum, or devices that combine focusing properties with beam splitting, time dispersion, or energy dispersion. We report on the design, fabrication, and testing of such devices tailored for experiments at various X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) sources XFEL, and present examples of scientific XFEL experiments that take advantage of the design freedom provided by diffractive optics.