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Our Terms of Use

The user is in no way entitled to publish news, events, ads, comments. Entries not pertaining to Adlershof or an institution based on the site, or entries that serve the purpose of advertising will not be published. Abusive or insultive language, defamatory, racist or extremist statements of any kind will be deleted.

The user obligates himself not to violate the rights of third parties, laws, official prohibitions or common decency. The user shall exempt WISTA Online of any claims by third parties which could be made towards WISTA Online due to unnoticed legal violations by the user.

The service “My Adlershof” is free of charge. News and events published by users on “My Adlershof” can be subject to shortening and alteration by our editorial staff. All entries – including entries edited by our staff – can be deleted by the user anytime.

The service “My Adlershof” can be changed or shut down completely at any time without a stated reason.