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rapidFLIMHiRes © PicoQuant


PicoQuant’s rapidFLIM HiRes combines ultra fast FLIM imaging with outstanding 10 ps time resolution

Users can now visualize dynamic processes in cells or tissues with unprecedented acquisition speed and time resolution:

Imaging dynamic processes in tissues or cells require methods that are fast, reliable, and quantitative. Scientists and engineers at PicoQuant have developed rapidFLIMHiRes which enables imaging samples at up to 15 frames per...


Self-imaging of a molecule by its own electrons

Mapping the atomic motion during a molecular vibration:

One of the long-standing goals of research on the light-induced dynamics of molecules is to observe time-dependent changes in the structure of molecules, which result from the absorption of light, as directly and...


Kick-off for Research Training Group “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory”

The Research Training Group (RTG) 2575 “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) has started its work:

The Research Training Group 2575 “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), has started its work. Due to the pandemic, the hiring of the first two cohorts was delayed until autumn 2020....



Adlershof company TIWARI offers online service for 3D printing of metals and ceramics

RAPTOR technology enables cost-effective 3D printing:

TIWARI Scientific Instruments is a hardware-oriented company, currently incubated by the European Space Agency (ESA), and aiming at leveraging their strong connection to the Space industry for accelerating technological...


High-Quality Crystals for Advanced Research

DESY and Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung sign cooperation agreement:

Cooperation between DESY and the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) will literally become closer in the future. The Berlin Leibniz-Institute will establish a branch office on the Hamburg campus. Last week, the two...

Tandemsolarzelle © HZB/Eike Köhnen


Production facilities for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells at Helmholtz-Zentrum

New facilities pave the way for industrial-scale production:

Perovskites are regarded as promising materials for solar cells, able to be manufactured at low cost while at the same time being extremely efficient. They are particularly suitable for tandem solar cells that combine a cell...

Schema Photon-Aufkonvertierung © BAM/Christian Würth


Efficient conversion of the wavelength

By “upconversion” of photons, researchers at HZB and BAM achieve an up to a one-thousand-fold increase in the electric field strength of the light waves:

The region of the spectrum that can be utilised for producing electrical energy can be considerably extended by converting low-energy (longer wavelength) photons into high-energy (shorter wavelength) photons. But so far, this...

Adlershof Journal September/Oktober 2020


Adlershof Journal September/October 2020

Staying in touch: networking in an era of social distancing:

Regional and digital: Mixed Reality for Business // Healthy in Adlershof: From company relay race to reflection workshop // Leading the charge: Environmentally friendly corporate fleets //

Dr. Tristat Petit © HZB/M. Setzpfandt


ERC Starting Grant for Tristan Petit

The researcher is investigating a new class of materials for energy storage at Helmholtz-Zentrum:

Dr. Tristan Petit has received a prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council for 1.5 million euros over the next five years. The materials researcher will use the grant to investigate a new class of...

Abb. 1 MBI Ghalgaoui © MBI


Strong fields and ultrafast motions

Experiments at the Max Born Institute demonstrate how to generate and steer electrons in liquid water:

Water molecules undergo ultrafast dithering motions at room temperature and generate extremely strong electric fields in their environment. New experiments demonstrate how in presence of such fields free electrons are...

Claus Heitmann. Foto: TOPTICA eagleyard


Change at the top of the Berlin laser diode manufacturer TOPTICA eagleyard

Claus Heitmann succeeds Dirk Schumann:

As of 9/1/2020 Dipl.-Ing. Claus Heitmann joins the management of TOPTICA eagleyard as Managing Director in Berlin alongside Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Muchametow. Claus Heitmann studied microsystems technology engineering and was...

Prof. Wolfgang Heinrich © FBH/Katja Bilo


Distinguished Service Award for Wolfgang Heinrich

FBH researcher was honoured for outstanding contributions to the IEEE MTT Society and the microwave profession:

Wolfgang Heinrich was honored with the IEEE MTT Distinguished Service Award 2020. The prize recognizes his significant contributions and outstanding service to the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society and the...

Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


Eight billion world powers and I: On the relationship of the community and the individual

Essay by Nora Lessing, science writer from Berlin:

We call him The Joker. Casually steering his frog-green sports car with one hand, he whizzes past our house every evening, circling the block. He controls his car as well as our destinies: when The Joker comes from the left,...

Sanela Schlößer © WISTA Management GmbH


In conversation with Sanela Schlößer

The event manager and networker at IGAFA is involved in the women's network LaNA:

Bumbar, which is Croatian for ‘bumblebee’, is Sanela Schlößer’s maiden name. She has Croatian roots because her parents came to Germany as guest workers in the 1970s. She was born and raised in Kassel. The non-German part of...

Lars Zemke mit E-Einrad © WISTA Management GmbH


IT and Electromobility

Lars Zemke solves IT problems and is an advocate for light electric vehicles:

It took a while until he was able to say: ‘I’m slowly becoming an Adlershoferian,’ he says. Just when he got used to saying it, the pandemic drove him out of his office at ‘Am Studio’ located in the former Solon factory. Lars...

Jenny Orantek mit Mixed-Reality-Brille © WISTA Management GmbH


Regional and digital

Adlershof-based IT company X-Visual is working with the HTW to create a concept for industrial mixed-reality applications:

Digitisation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are revolutionising how industrial facilities are planned, built, and operated. The Adlershof-based software developer X-Visual Technologies has been a sought-after...

Tobias Breyer mit GreenPack-Wechselakku © WISTA Management GmbH


Paving the way for environmentally friendly corporate fleets

In Adlershof, companies leading the charge for electric vehicles have found pragmatic ways of dealing with the existing hurdles:

The number of registered electric vehicles is on the rise. In Adlershof, too, more and more electric vehicles are being added to company fleets. This raises the question whether expanding the charging infrastructure can keep...

© BAUER Elektroanlagen GmbH


Crisis? What Crisis?

Despite the bleak outlook of economic research institutes, there are companies that continue their path to growth – two examples from Adlershof:

These are difficult times for many companies. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, economic research institutes are foreseeing a wave of bankruptcies. Despite this bleak outlook, however, there are still many stories with a happy...



Webinars replacing face-to-face events

BAM gets creative in the wake of the coronavirus crisis:

Need is the mother of invention. The solution is often right in front of us. When the pandemic threw planning into disarray, the team of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) got pretty creative even...

Pilates © Tatyana Soares/Shutterstock


From company relay race to reflection workshop

Service offering from the Adlershof Health Network for the Science City’s employees:

Annika Huber-Lieske could not reveal to us whether any of the relay race’s colourful teams from last year would be standing on this year’s starting line. But on 3 September 2020, it is indeed ‘ready, set, go’ for the...