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Caroline Berlage, a student at PicoQuant, wins Physik-Studienpreis by the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin

The prize was awarded for her outstanding master’s degree in Physics:

Caroline Berlage, a former student at PicoQuant, is one of this year’s winners of the prestigious Physik-Studienpreis awarded by the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin. Caroline studied Physics at the Humboldt-Universität...

Bild: Matthias Heyde


Berlin University Alliance Wins Excellence Status

Second huge success for three major Berlin universities and Charité in the German Excellence Strategy competition:

Major award for Berlin: The Berlin University Alliance has won funding as a group in the Universities of Excellence funding line of the German federal and state governments’ Excellence Strategy. The German Council of Science...

COFs © Bojdyslab


More versatile materials

Article of IRIS junior research group leader Michael J. Bojdys published in Nature Communications:

The IRIS junior research group leader Michael J. Bojdys and his international team have achieved a great success: Their article “Real-time optical and electronic sensing with a β-amino enone linked, triazine-containing 2D...

Messsystem zur LSF-Bestimmung © Charité


New approaches in standardized sun protection factor determination of sunscreens

Project team in the 'Advanced UV for Life' consortium presents measurement system for non-invasive determination:

In June 2019, a meeting of ISO committee "Cosmetics" (ISO/TC 217) working group "Sun protection test methods" (WG 7) was held in Brussels. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann, head of the “Center of Experimental and Applied Cutaneous...

Copyright: M. Künsting/HZB


Research team at HZB investigates electronic processes of metal atoms and their ligands for the first time

Short X-ray pulses of Bessy II were used to analyze charge transfer within transition metal dyes:

Transition-metal complexes in dye-based solar cells are responsible for converting light into electrical energy. A model of spatial charge separation within the molecule has been used to describe this conversion. However, an...

Falling Walls Lab Adlershof


What (scientific) walls are falling at Adlershof?

Apply now for the Falling Walls Lab!:

Great minds, 3 minutes, 1 day  Falling Walls Labs take place globally throughout the year. The Lab is a platform for excellent academics, entrepreneurs and professionals from all disciplines who get the opportunity to...

Record magnetic moments © J.K. Dewhurst


Experimental physicists redefine ultrafast, coherent magnetism

For the first time ever, physicists have been able to change the magnetic moment of a material using a light wave within one femtosecond – the fastest magnetic event ever observed:

For the first time ever, experimental physicists have been able to influence the magnetic moment of materials in sync with their electronic properties. The coupled optical and magnetic excitation within one femtosecond...

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Adlershof Journal July/August 2019

New Freedom: How We Work:

Pharma Parship: The Other Job Search //  Fluoride Innovation: Fire-Proof Cooperation Project //  PhoCatZo: New Ways in Wastewater Treatment //

Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


Summertime at the office: When even the computers communicate in silence

Essay by Dilek Güngör, writer and journalist from Berlin:

Our office has two bathrooms. One of them has a shower, the other one even has a bathtub. I’ve never seen anybody bathing in it and have never bathed in it myself, which is a pity. I love taking baths. It’s not the water that...

Bild: optinoo


“Pharma Parship”

In conversation with Katrin Sirach, provider of the professional partner agency optinoo:

Freedom is the highest good for Katrin Sirach. This might be one reason why she gave up a high-paid job at a pharmaceutical company with a corporate university to jump in the deep end. There, she founded optinoo GmbH in 2017,...

Sven Bauer, mirai medialab © WISTA Management GmbH


Designing the future

Sven Bauer builds ‘experience models’ in Adlershof:

Two comfortable car seats, a steering wheel, a front window, brakes and an accelerator. Wheels are all that’s missing. This particular vehicle, however, won’t need them. Its route is purely virtual. What it does need is the...

Kurt Winter, IQ Wireless © WISTA Management GmbH


Create, not manage

What drives entrepreneurs in Adlershof:

The Adlershof campus is one of the most successful technology parks in the country. And for good reasons. The most important are its resourceful, courageous, highly motivated risk-taking entrepreneurs. We wanted to find out...

Lumitos © WISTA Management GmbH


Workplaces of the future

What will they look like in Adlershof?:

Companies like LUMITOS AG, Sicoya GmbH and kba Architekten und Ingenieure know that ensuring well-being at the workplace and creating spaces for creativity and teamwork are indispensable in today’s work environment. A key...

Erhard Kemnitz, Torsten Mehlhorn und Frank von Heyden im IGZ Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH


Neighbourly cooperation and fluoride innovation

How a meeting at a cafeteria resulted in a project to improve fire safety:

Sometimes all you need to advance potentially life-saving innovations is a lateral thinker, two specialists, and a random meet-up at the cafeteria. A typical story from Adlershof. They had been working on various floors of...

Mitutoyo © WISTA Management GmbH


Japanese cherries and measurement technology

Japanese culture is everywhere at the Adlershof-based branch of the measurement technology company Mitutoyo:

‘Everything started with a calliper,’ says Ralph Streckfuß. The head of the Adlershof-based branch of the Japanese company Mitutoyo puts a curved, grey metallic tool on the table and starts turning on its screw. The tool is...

Olaf Krüger (FBH) © WISTA Management GmbH


From research into practice

Numerous spin-offs of FBH and BAM prove how cooperation is boosted in Adlershof:

Laser, proteins, plasma – every day a vast network of scientists works to advance research of new and improved products for the benefit of society. Cooperating with the private sector can prove essential for research to come...

Alexander Nützenadel, HU Berlin © WISTA Management GmbH


What will the future be like?

An economic historian from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is examining how economic decision-making is affected by expectations:

People who invest their money have concrete expectations: they want to save their money, prevent it from being spent, and expect returns within a certain timeframe. How these expectations affect economic decisions, for...

TruTraTec © WISTA Management GmbH


PhoCatZo, or the fourth step

TruTraTrec is breaking new ground in wastewater treatment:

Mohammed Mehrjouei always knew he wanted to start his own company. ‘I have many ideas,’ says the 41-year-old. Seeking to break new ground in wastewater treatment, Mehrjouei conceived and developed a new photoreactor, which he...

© Advanced UV for Life


2nd International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA 2020

Two years after the first successful ‘International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications (ICULTA)’ the next conference will be held from April 26 to 29, 2020 in Berlin:

Once more, it will bring together pioneers, leaders, and experts from science and industry to discuss latest progress and innovations in the development of UV LEDs and their broad spectrum of applications. The conference is...

Steve Albrecht © HZB


Steve Albrecht wins the 2019 Karl Scheel Prize

The Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin honours the researcher of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for his work in the field of highly efficient tandem solar cell absorbers made of metal-halide perovskites:

The award will be presented to Prof. Steve Albrecht in Magnus House of the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin on Friday, June 28, 2019. Albrecht will also deliver a lecture entitled “Highly Efficient Tandem Solar Cell...