Adlershof Journal January/February 2021: Waiting is not our thing: With new ideas into 2021

07. January 2021

Adlershof Journal January/February 2021

Waiting is not our thing: With new ideas into 2021

Adlershof Journal Cover 01/2021

Cover story: Two couraging stories from Adlershof returners // 
A bold start: what drives prospective business founders // 
Breaking down walls: tracking down cancer cells and protecting magnesium // 
The octave magician: on a quest for the theory of everything //

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Illustration Mut: D. Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH
Be motherly! Caring about yourself vs. caring for others
Essay by Lea Streisand, who is writer and a Radio Eins columnist
Constantin Wernick © WISTA Management GmbH
“Lego for adults”
In conversation with Constantin Wernick, Operations Manager of the Adlershof-based technology company MiniTec Berlin GmbH
Catherina Cader
The electricity strategist
Catherina Cader is working towards a clean energy in remote areas
Thomas Laurent © WISTA Management GmbH
A new beginning in the well-known
Two uplifting stories from Adlershof returners
Florian Berg und Julius Wiesenhütter im WISTA-Coworking-Space © WISTA Management GmbH
A bold start – despite COVID-19
What drives prospective business founders – two teams from the Adlershof Founder’s Lab report
Nichol (Cohl) Furey © WISTA Management GmbH
The octave magician
Nichol (Cohl) Furey is a researcher at IRIS Adlershof
Christian Hackenberger © WISTA Management GmbH
Two researchers breaking down walls
The biochemist Christian Hackenberger, who seeks and destroys cancer cells, and the chemist Chayanika Das, who fights magnesium corrosion
Jonas Østergaard Nielsen © WISTA Management GmbH
Tracing the Anthropocene
Professor of geography Jonas Østergaard Nielsen studies land use changes in an age of global interconnectedness
Anne Becker im Adlershofer Fundus © WISTA Management GmbH
A treasure trove of costumes and props
The costumes and props of the Adlershofer Fundus is the place to go for authentic film sets