Adlershof Journal May/June 2018: Biotech Inside: Algae Slicks and Sugar-Based Vaccines

03. May 2018

Adlershof Journal May/June 2018

Biotech Inside: Algae Slicks and Sugar-Based Vaccines

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Summiteer & laser researcher: Karsten König can look deep inside the human skin //
Long-suffering required: How start-ups master the dry spell up to medical device approval //
Tracing immune diseases: Epigenetic methods simplify diagnosis //

Adlershof Journal Mai/Juni 2018

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Illustration D. Mahnkopf © Adlershof Journal
The Dual System of Viewing the World: What happened to public discourse?
Essay by Prof. Dr. Holger Rust, economic sociologist, pragmatist and publicist
Karsten König. Foto: privat
The Laser Researcher
Karsten König can look deep inside the human skin
Inga Bergen, magnosco.  Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Kick the tires and light the fires
How Adlershof-based companies deal with the dry spells before regulatory approval for new medicine
Prof. Ulf Leser. Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Search Engines for Personalised Cancer Medicine
HU computer scientists want to facilitate decision-making of medical professionals by improved data analysis
Epimune.  Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Robust Immune Diagnostics
The young company Epimune GmbH is detecting immune diseases with epigenetic methods
Janina Kneipp.  Bild: © Adlershof Journal
The Analytical Sciences Keep on Dancing
The “Make & Measure Project” is continuing the successful work of SALSA, the Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof
Genetek: Riddhi Patel, Alexander Grail,  Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Highly insightful genes
Start-up Genetek Biopharma is developing sets for DNA testing
Andreas Stadler, Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Table 4.0
System 180 GmbH develops inspiring office environments