Adlershof Journal September/October 2019: Traffic status update: How to get to where we want to go

28. August 2019

Adlershof Journal September/October 2019

Traffic status update: How to get to where we want to go

AJ Sep/Okt 2019 Titel

More buses and trains: BVG plans for Adlershof // 
Excess electricity for electric mobility: Strategies for more sustainable mobility // 
Enthusiastic about racing: Heinrich Follmann and his motorbikes //

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Illustration: D. Mahnkopf
Urban motion sickness
Nowadays, everything is electric – e-cars, e-mopeds, e-scooters, e-cigarettes, e-motion. Essay by Matthias Gerschwitz
Christine Eisenmann, DLR © WISTA Management GmbH
In conversation with Christine Eisenmann
The transport researcher is heading the ‘Transforming Automobility’ group at the DLR
Heinrich Follmann
The entrepreneurial scientist
Heinrich Follmann is an avid cyclist
Lukas Becker, Peter Wagner © WISTA Management GmbH
It’s all in the mix
Neighbourhood parking, bike parking, mobility hubs – ideas for a new mobility concept in Adlershof
Frank Wittwer © WISTA Management GmbH
Two new pedestrian and bike bridges
Infrastructure measures in the north of the Adlershof development area
Rainer Paul © BVG
More buses, more trains
What is the BVG planning in the Science City Adlershof?
BTB-Ladesäule © WISTA Management GmbH
Excess electricity for electric mobility
In the FlexNet4E-Mobility research project, strategies for more sustainable mobility are developed
Johann Gocht, Elias Kerlinski © WISTA Management GmbH
Riding the waves low-noise and emissions-free – a perfect day out on the water
Start-up Greenboatsolutions helps boat owners convert to electric engines
Dirk Germandi, Brain Box Berlin © Profi Partner AG
Environmentally friendly mobility for a booming neighbourhood
Electric engines and shuttle services aim to take the pressure off local traffic
Norman Pieniak, RLI © WISTA Management GmbH
Batteries vs. fuel cells
The Reiner Lemoine Institute compiled an overview of the advantages and disadvantages