29. July 2020

AEMtec starts construction to expand space in Adlershof

Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of additional clean room production area of 1500 sqm and office space of 900 sqm

Baustelle © AEMtec GmbH

Start of the extension building © AEMtec GmbH

AEMtec GmbH follows the successful growth course of the past years. In calendar week 28, the first construction work began on the AEMtec site in Berlin, Germany.  
To serve the increasing requests of a broad customer base, AEMtec builds additional cleanroom production space and creates additional office space. Fast reaction and delivery are given.

About AEMtec GmbH

The established B2B company specialises in the development, industrialization and manufacture of complex micro- and optoelectronic modules and even complete systems. AEMtec offers a broad technology portfolio including wafer back-end services, chip on board, flip chip, 3D integration and opto packaging. Customer-specific requirements from the medical, industrial and automation, data and telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace sectors are served.


AEMtec GmbH
James-Franck-Straße 10, 12489 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 6392-7300
Email: info@aemtec.com

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