12. September 2016

Discovering paths from research to potential applications

Editorial by Prof. Dr. Jürgen P. Rabe, Chairman Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences IRIS Adlershof

Prof. Jürgen Rabe, IRIS Adlershof. Bild: © Adlershof Special

Intelligence, efficiency, and growing integratability: The rapid progress in micro- and optoelectronics, optics, photonics, and the closely related material sciences defines the rate of future innovations and hence their effects on our prosperity and quality of life. Yet, the established silicon technology after decades of outstanding development is coming up against its limits. On the other hand, the transition to structured composite systems of various organic and inorganic materials on the nanolevel is revealing new properties and hence new prospects for applications. In Adlershof, thorough basic research is being conducted into these hybrid systems at the Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences (IRIS Adlershof) of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, here in close cooperation with numerous partners.

With a view to accelerating the integration of these basic research findings in potential applications, scientists and science representatives have now come together to set up a new network. The objective of this Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) is to develop and realise innovative concepts for the application of new materials and technologies in electronics, optics, and photonics. Read about some striking examples in this Adlershof Special.

By coordinating and pursuing activities on this network, the scientists at IRIS Adlershof are hoping to find trade partners whose product ideas give rise to research questions or who have found inspiration for new products in the findings returned by this basic research.

From 28 August to 10 October, INAM will be hosting as its A first major and visible activity of INAM is the Advanced Materials Competition (AdMaCom), a six week workshop for developing innovative product concepts with international startup under the auspices of Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller.

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Adlershof Special 46 Cover. Bild: © Adlershof Special
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INAM – An alliance for new materials

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