'Top 40 under 40' - Markus Krutzik awarded by business magazine Capital: Adlershof scientist was honored as an outstanding talent

22. November 2018

“Top 40 under 40” - Markus Krutzik awarded by business magazine Capital

Adlershof scientist was honored as an outstanding talent

Markus Krutzik

Markus Krutzik at the "Young Elite" award ceremony on November 21, 2018 (image: private)

The business magazine Capital has selected Dr. Markus Krutzik as a talent in the category "Society and Science" for its "Young Elite - Top 40 under 40". On November 21, the scientist, who researches at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and has also been working at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut since 2017, was awarded this prize at the "Young Elite" summit in Berlin.

Markus Krutzik works in the field of atom-based quantum sensors and optical system technologies for space applications. In close cooperation with the Joint Lab Laser Metrology, which is jointly operated by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin), several generations of miniaturized laser systems and optical frequency standards on sounding rockets have been developed and successfully operated in recent years. Amongst others, this laser technology was used in January 2017  in an experiment where a cloud of ultra-cold atoms was generated in space for the first time. In particular, it proved that quantum optical sensors can also be used at altitudes of more than 250 km despite rough launch conditions.

This cooperation has been so successful that a further Joint Lab between FBH and HU Berlin is now in preparation, which will be headed by Markus Krutzik as of January 2019. The Joint Lab Integrated Quantum Sensors will use the worldwide unique manufacturing and integration technologies developed at FBH for the development of micro-optical integrated frequency references, miniaturized atom traps and compact atomic field sensors. Together, the two Joint Labs will develop systems and key technologies that will enable future space applications of quantum technologies on small satellites. At the same time, these technologies are central components for successful industrial collaborations within the framework of national and EU-wide quantum technology initiatives.

About the award

Every year since 2007, Capital has honored the country's outstanding talents younger than 40 years. The awards are presented to 40 young people in each of the four categories "Entrepreneur", "Manager", "Politics and State", "Society and Science". The editors interview managers, politicians, headhunters and consultants as well as the winners of previous years, from whose proposals 160 prizewinners are selected in internal jury panels.
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