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04. October 2017

Wohnen am Campus: A Success Story Continues

Wohnen am Campus

Those who live here may count themselves lucky: Wohnen am Campus I, the urban residential quarter right by Humboldt-Campus, is proving successful thanks to its excellent infrastructure and various recreation and leisure possibilities. The area is thriving with all properties either in process of construction or ready for occupancy, if not already occupied. New projects launched in 2017 will further enhance the location‘s diversity and appeal.

For instance the three structures on Newtonstraße intended for HOWOGE housing association: they are built as hybrid timber constructions as part of the pilot scheme “Urbaner Holzbau”. The exterior walls are assembled in wood panel construction. Starting from the 2nd floor, the interior struts are equally made of wood while the inner building core is made of reinforced concrete. Another project comprising 17 family-friendly rental flats has just been started on Wilhelm-Hoff-Straße by degewo AG. Their two four-storey apartment buildings will be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2019.

The NEWTONPROJEKT building cooperative is another venture opting for trendsetting eco-minded construction. Thanks to the strong commitment of the individual members of the cooperative, an EnergyPlus housing development comprising 39 flats is being realised.

The houses produce more energy than they consume, enabling the cooperative to economise on service charges and to reduce heat consumption by 70 percent as compared with statutory requirements. Yet another project following the EnergyPlus concept is the Powerhouse project for HOWOGE housing association: 128 rental flats will be ready for occupancy by the late summer. Both the Newton and 
Powerhose projects are opting for innovative standards; their eco-friendly suitability will be supervised through monitoring.

On either side of Katharina-Boll-Dornberger-Straße, almost 300 rental flats have been completed in 2017 by four different construction projects. Even the pretty “village green”, somewhat neglected during the construction phase, will be paved alongside the road according to plan. Much to the delight of the neighbourhood kids, the quarter’s large playground, beautifully named “Zum Jupiter”, has equally been completed.

The first sod of the Future Living Berlin project was turned in July 2017. Realised in cooperation with Panasonic as a so-called Smart-City project, the structure implements the future-oriented concept of multi-generational living. Its 70 rental flats contribute to the creation of a technologically advanced urban space accommodating, among other things, an innovation centre for exhibitions. Moreover, there are test apartments that can be occupied on a trial basis in order to test the latest Ambient Assisted Living systems. In keeping with the major challenges our society will have to face over the coming years, the makers of the project like to use the term “connected life”: phenomena such as demographic change, energy revolution or changing mobility behaviour require new housing solutions.

As a logical consequence of the extremely successful 
Wohnen am Campus project, another exciting address in Berlin Adlershof will be created from late 2018: Wohnen am Campus II. Between Hermann-Dorner-Allee and Karl-Ziegler-Straße, multi-floor apartment buildings comprising a total of 570 flats will be erected. Furthermore, the Straße am Flugplatz project will be launched in early 2018, providing roughly 300 rental flats as well as a communal garage. After all, a success story such as this one must definitely be continued!

By Edith Döhring for Adlershof Special



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