30. March 2022

Ukraine: how can the scientific community help scholars at risk?

IRIS Adlershof member Michael J. Bojdys explains cooperative measures to support refugees

Dr. Michael J. Bojdys © WISTA Management GmbH
Dr. Michael J. Bojdys © WISTA Management GmbH

In the first 19 days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, 6,300 Ukrainian scientists moved abroad. Michael J. Bojdys, member of IRIS Adlershof, has been a member of the Advisory Board of the "Young Scientists" at the World Economic Forum (WEE) since 2018. In the WEE agenda he and his colleagues have summarized the experiences of the Young Scientists at the WEF as "academic ambassadors" and offer pathways for leveraging the international science community and inspire action (#StandWithScholarsAtRisk). They have identified four key areas where collaborative action can offer support to Ukraine scientist:

  1. Fund opportunities for research networks,
  2. Hire academics at risk,
  3. Hire technical staff and workers at risk,
  4. Engage directly with authorities.

He elaborates on this in an HU Interview (in German! English website about HU Ukrainian support).


Source: IRIS Adlershof

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