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Student Internship - Kognitives Training in Gehirnerschütterung

13. 05. 2019
Studentenjobs/Praktika Psychologie

The group Cognition in Neurological Disorders (AG Finke) is located at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (HU Berlin) / Department of Neurology (Charité), in collaboration with Prof. Wolfarth (Medical Director - Department of Sports Medicine, Charité) is looking for student interns to assist in a project assessing the feasibility of a cognitive intervention to rehabilitate sports-related concussion in amateur and elite athletes. 

The position wants to require the internal to partake in one or more of the following:  

  • Recruitment of athletes; 
  • Scheduling and administration of neuropsychological assessments (German and English); 
  • Administration of cognitive intervention;
  • Preparation of feedback for participants; 
  • Data synthesis; 
  • Acquisition and analysis of MRI (dependent on timeline and availability). 


  • Fluent and comfortable administering assessments in both English and German;
  • Undertaking an internship within the framework of university studies (no monetary remuneration possible); 
  • Bachelor's or master's degree in sports science, psychology or neuroscience background.
  • Staff initiative; good self-management and organizational skills; polite and empathetic in dealing with participants; 
  • Confident using MS Office.
  • Flexible schedule.

Preferred, but not required:

  • Experience with neuropsychological testing or imaging
  • Interest in cognitive interventions, cognitive performance and / or concussion.

The following is offered:

  • Detailed induction and practical learning of neuropsychological tests and writing of short reports; 
  • Insight into the use of cognitive training to improve cognitive performance.
  • Opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team e.g. physicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, coaches and athletes. The study wants to be interviewed with a number of amateur and professional sporting teams in Berlin. 
  • With good cooperation and mutual interest, there is possibility for final in the project or follow-up projects in which own ideas can be brought in. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Dr Harry Hallock - If you wish to apply, please attach:  

  • Max. 2-page cover letter outlining your interest, experience and potential working hours. 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Transcript of Records completed as far as possible

Hiring date: May / June. Please get in touch even if you have different availabilities. 

Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Harry Hallock -