Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs

Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs

Sonntag, 15. September 2019 - Freitag, 20. September 2019

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

Volmerstraße 2, 12489 Berlin

Logo: ERL2019


63rd ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs

hosted by Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

The ERL'19 workshop is the eighth in the series of biannual international workshops covering accelerator physics and technology of Energy Recovery Linacs. The workshop will serve as a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world to review the latest developments in ERL physics, technology and applications, to exchange ideas and discuss.

Among the issues to be addressed are: ERL facilities, beam dynamics and instrumentation, Electron sources and injectors, Superconducting RF, ERL applications , etc. The talks will cover commissioning and operations experience, ERL applications, status presentations from different projects. There will be plenary sessions and the possibility to display posters.

Workshop Topics

  • ERL facilities
  • ERL beam dynamics and instrumentation
  • Electron sources and injectors
  • Superconducting RF
  • ERL applications