International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications

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International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications

Sonntag, 22. April 2018 - Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

Advanced UV for Life, International Ultraviolet Association

Friedrichstraße 103, 10117 Berlin

It is all about UV LEDs – the variety of their structures, manufacturing technologies, applications, trends, and novel developments. The International Conference ‘UV LED Technologies & Applications’ (ICULTA-2018) brings together experts from science and industry to crosslink and to discuss the related issues.

Commercial relevance of UV LEDs is increasing; since the devices are gaining maturity they become more and more attractive for broad industrial use. Due to their manifold applications, they open up new markets, and innovative products can be developed. At the international conference, the state of the art of UV LED technology, integration of UV LEDs into modules and systems as well as and their application in industry and research are discussed. One focus here is on technically challenging short-wavelength UVC LEDs, which can be used, for example, in water treatment and disinfection.

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UV-B-LED-Modul ©FBH/P. Immerz
Stand der Technik und Trends bei UV-Leuchtdioden – ICULTA-2018
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut und UVphotonics NT auf der Internationalen Fachkonferenz in Berlin
In flip-chip Geometrie montierte UV-LED auf SMD-Submount mit Quarzglaskappe ©FBH/
Internationale Konferenz zu Ultraviolett-Leuchtdioden in Berlin
UV LED Technologies & Applications – 22. bis 25. April 2018
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