WiNS Webinar: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt

WiNS Webinar: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2022 // 13.00 - 14.30

WiNS Adlershof (Women in Natural Sciences)


Do you feel like your success can all be explained by luck and hard work? Do you feel constant pressure to achieve and cannot let something go until it is perfect? Imposter syndrome and self-doubt are prevalent across all genders and stages of one’s professional career. Learn tools to free up mental space by not carrying the emotional drain of feeling like an imposter and develop compassion for yourself.

Cathy Sorbara is a neuroscientist who worked for 10 years as a researcher in academia in Canada and Germany, studying neurodegenerative diseases. Now, she is involved in several non-profits where she works to establish key project management methodologies as well as develop communication material and workshops to create an impact both locally and globally. Cathy is passionate about helping people and businesses be more sustainable and empowering the voices of women and girls to create a more gender just society.

The event is aimed at female PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, max. 30 participants.

Please register by mail until 12 June:
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