Ideation Workshop: Lab to Market

Ideation Workshop: Lab to Market

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2021 // 14.00 - 17.00

Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM)


INAM: Lab to Market

LAB TO MARKET is a program for researchers in Advanced Materials. If you are considering commercialising your technology, this program is for you. We aim to turn scientists into science entrepreneurs.

Are you doing research in Advanced Materials and believe it may have commercial applications? Then our Lab to Market Program is the first step in learning more about transitioning from academia to industry.

Join our Ideation Workshop: Does your scientific invention have market potential?

​The Workshop will cover:

  • ​The difference between innovation and invention
  • An approach to innovation: outcomes driven approach
  • A framework for problem-solving and generating use scenarios

​If after the workshop you think "YES, my invention should go from Lab to Market!", we invite you to apply to the full program (Deadline March 21st 2021).