WiNS Workshop: From Competition to Co-Creation – How to Improve Collaboration in Science

WiNS Workshop: From Competition to Co-Creation – How to Improve Collaboration in Science

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2020 - Freitag, 30. Oktober 2020

WiNS Adlershof (Women in Natural Sciences)

Remote workshop


In the scientific community, cooperation is increasingly expected for third-party funding applications, but in reality many people report a predominantly competitive atmosphere with their colleagues, which affects their daily work.

In this seminar we will discuss ways to deal with this contradiction and find ways to make collaboration more fruitful and easier.


  • Digital tools and methods to collaborate in science
  • Typical obstacles in science which create a competitive relationship and how to overcome it
  • What does Co-creation mean?
  • How to change your Mindset into co-creation
  • Creative Methods how to create something “really new” = Co-creation
  • Create your working system with others – make your work flow process much easier

Target group: female PhD students and postdocs
Maximum number of participants: 12

About the trainer

Svenja Neupert, a speaker, coach, trainer, and organisational consultant, is an expert on Future Leadership. For more than 25 years she has worked closely with clients from national and international corporations as well as universities and research institutes. Svenja Neupert will help you to discover unconventional approaches to your thinking and coach you to follow your talents. She believes that everyone can realize his or her unique potential in business life and have fun and fulfilment at work.

Please register by 14 October 2020: (Zoom link shared after registration)

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