Webinar: Manufacturability of LIDAR Systems

Webinar: Manufacturability of LIDAR Systems

Dienstag, 30. Juni 2020 // 16.00 - 17.30

OpTecBB e.V.

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OpTecBB webinar in course of PHOENIX III


LIDAR Systems – but how to package and assemble them in a scalable way? What are the current challenges and proposed solutions? Let's have a look on how LIDAR technology can pave its way into our everyday life.

LIDAR specialists from Israel Innoviz and BrightWay Vision will describe their market view and manufacturing challenges. Fraunhofer IPT/AIXEMTEC and AEMtec from Germany will describe their precision assembly technology and give insights on how batches from one up to high volume production can be realized.


Dr. Ofer David (BrightWay Vision Ltd)
Efrat Rotem Lavi (Innoviz Technologies Ltd)
Dr. Tobias Müller (Fraunhofer IPT/AIXEMTEC GmbH)
Dan Negrea (AEMtec GmbH)


Webinar language: English.

Webinar tool: Cisco Webex platform.


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