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New ideas in glass

Large windows in modern architecture offer more than aesthetics; they also capture light and heat, and thereby save energy. Large panes of glass carry disadvantages along with all their advantages. They limit the...

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How will we be living and working in future?

The visions and ideas for the antroposphere of the future are as many and diverse as never before. Called all over the world “smart cities”, these intelligent developments embody huge potential for innovation and...

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Beate Mekiffer and her team develop strategies and projects for an energy-efficient Adlershof

Since 2010, when she took on this issue at the operating company of the Adlershof technology park, the WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, the energy strategy for the site has taken concrete form. The situation requires a holistic...

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The energy planner

Together an energy concept is being developed at the site, which focuses on saving

Researchers at Adlershof study infrastructure provision to an entire technology, science and residential district. It’s the first time a study of...

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Accelerating innovation

The Adlershofer Accelerator A2 inspect new energie ideas

Longstanding major corporations and start-ups generally speak different languages. The company culture is just as varied as the speed at which the...

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District heating with sun power

„Wohnen am Campus“ energy efficient housing in Adlershof

An innovative low-temperature grid provides the residents of „Wohnen am Campus“in Adlershof with environmentally friendly, low-cost heat. The trick...

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The power transmission path as a biotope

Make flora and fauna ecologically and economically sensible in power lines

The energy revolution is heightening the problem of energy transport. As the grid expands accordingly, public interest is growing with respect to the...

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Large railway station for automation

HERMOS Group combine data points for regulators, switches and sensors from various manufacturers

People rushing to catch a train at Berlin Central Station have little time to admire the building technology of this major hub where more than one...

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A Smarter Kind of Lamp

Street lamps of the future become power-saving multifunctional network nodes

Electrical lighting first came to the capital city in 1882, but it took nearly 50 years before the street lamps were fully electrified in the 1930s....

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