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Adlershof Special 37 Medien. Cover
Adlershof Special Cover

Adlershof Special 37: Media

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The Show before the Show // Setting the Stage // Setting the right tone

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Editorial by Goetz Hoefer, Studio managing director Hamburg Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Around 2,000 companies from the television industry benefit from the outstanding conditions provided in the German capital region. This includes the UFA group, Europe's largest production company, and teamWorx, who... [more]

Adlershof offers first-class production conditions

On August 25th and September 8th 2002, the royalty of political journalism in Germany poured into Adlershof. This was new in the history of German media: for the first time during the general election campaign, a German... [more]

Adlershof can look back on an impressive legacy in sound

Sound brings life to a film, according to Michael Kaczmarek, manager of K-13 Kinomischung. For almost a hundred years now, multifaceted sound artists from Adlershof and Johannisthal have been breathing life into German... [more]

There is an endless coming and going of set designers in Adlershof

Oscar Wilde once said: ”The stage is the return of art to life.” However, the ”stage” would often fall short without specialists such as the set designers of the companies drei d medien service and Set-Time... [more]

Behind the stage of ”The Voice of Germany”

Light, sound, make-up, dress: all of these things are rehearsed and checked hours before the show to prevent mistakes from slipping in. In total, around 300 people work behind the stage of ”The Voice of Germany”. One... [more]

Four Adlershof media companies successfully produce TV content for the curious

Weather phenomena, perceptual illusions, psychoacoustics: what could be more obvious for a City of Media than to look at these things more closely given that your next-door-neighbour is such a unique place of science... [more]

Adlershof as a backdrop

Tatort and Polizeiruf, two very popular German crime series, are shot here on a regular basis. Carmakers such as BMW, Lexus, and Porsche advertise using the high-tech scenery that Adlershof has to offer. Not only the... [more]