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Adlershof Special 38, Cover
Adlershof Special Cover

Adlershof Special 38

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Editorial by Sascha Kellert, chairman of SIBB e.V. and manager of software start-up ezeep

Berlin is not only a young and hip city, it is also a digital city that attracts drivers of industrial innovation like IT companies, high-skilled people, capital, and firms from all over the world. Over 60,000 people... [more]

The flood of information – an issue at the Research Forum Adlershof

Growing amounts of data and rapid developments in information technology are confronting Adlershof-based companies with new challenges. Events like the Research Forum Adlershof are bringing companies and researchers... [more]

Solutions from Adlershof for home automation and assistance systems

There is a growing demand for senior-friendly, intergenerational living and with that, a growing interest in home automation and assistance systems. Innovators in Adlershof are working on Ambient Assisted Living systems... [more]

IT service provider Atos relies on efficient communication without electronic mail

There is a flood spilling through offices, sweeping away the firm conviction that a quick email is a suitable tool for swiftly sorting out matters or solving problems. Some companies have already banned emailing after... [more]

Valuable tools for fashion retailers and football analysts

40,000 football games across various leagues take place every weekend. Up to 10,000 videos are recorded at these games each time. The purchase probability at local retailers is only about ten to 15 percent, still five... [more]

Three IT companies from Adlershof protect sensitive data transactions

Only a few metres apart, along the Am Studio road in Adlershof, a trio of independent companies is working on securing data traffic. Rohde & Schwarz SIT, the young consulting team sector red, and the German branch... [more]

The proximity of business and science in Adlershof inspires innovation in computer technology

The staff at Harting IT Software Development GmbH & Co. KG in Adlershof, now numbering six employees, has been tinkering with new information technology solutions for more than a year. “Our task is to develop... [more]

Adlershof’s IT solutions for medical technology that modern diagnostics cannot do without

Conworx Technology GmbH has been working on quality assurance in medicine since its founding in 1999. About 20 employees are working to optimise data management for clinics and laboratories at their headquarters in... [more]

Adlershof is providing IT solutions in future mobility

Travelling today using a long-distance bus, chances are that you will use technology from the Adlershof-based IT company lesswire. Bus passengers can surf the internet using their laptop or smartphone without... [more]