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Adlershof Special 39, cover
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Adlershof Special 39

Paving the way for future energies:

Solar at full steam ahead! // 
Baiting with aha effects // 
Air conditioning systems of the future //

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Editorial by Hermann Falk, Management director German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE)

If we want to stop global warming effectively, we’ll need a completely renewable energy supply in the next twenty to thirty years at the latest. The challenges are huge. First, we must accelerate the energy transition... [more]

The Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies has made a name for itself as a think tank for the energy transition

The architecture says it all: The glass facade of the Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV) spots an array of solar modules that not only supply the building with electricity and give shade to the foyer... [more]

In Adlershof, companies and researchers boasting outstanding expertise have fought ahead in transforming the difficult solar energy field into a...

Technologies thrive on innovative ideas, not give-away prices. This is confirmed by the undiminished growth of Adlershof solar energy enterprises and the productive research work on campus. For example, the... [more]

We’re not only doers, we’re talkers too: about how we communicate location knowhow for the energy transition and demonstrate best practice

What are the new legal regulations for the energy transition? How can I achieve energy efficiency? How can I save energy costs? Where can I find cooperation partners for my energy technologies? In order to answer these... [more]

Energy manager Simon Hamperl arises enthusiasm for energy efficiency in Adlershof

Energy managers are active in many fields. At their companies, they analyse the energy supply from the supply contract to waste disposal. Simon Hamperl’s arena is considerably more extensive – 420 hectares, 1,000... [more]

BTB’s thermal power station enhances the flexibility and stability of local heat and power generation

“The major issues posed by the energy transition and grid stability are also the domain of BTB GmbH Berlin, which has been supplying this science location with electricity and heat for many years,” explained Johannes... [more]

In matters of cooling, ventilation, or geothermal heat, Adlershof firms provide knowhow that has launched them to the top of their fields

The indoor ski resort Ski Dubai is located in one of the hottest regions on the planet. Whereas outside the temperatures have been known to climb to 45 °C, inside, the 22,000 square metres of snow covered surface has to... [more]

Primary energy needs shall achieve a 30 percent cut by 2020 in spite of the growth

About a thousand companies, sixteen research institutes, and nearly 22,000 people are working in Adlershof. The Technology and Science Park is growing – and with it the hunger for energy. Yet all this is to change... [more]