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Adlershof Special Cover

Adlershof Special 40

Tailormade materials for laserdiodes and microchips:

Micro technology, maxi success // 
High tech for eyes and back // 
Hydrogen surprise at BESSY //

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Editorial by Wenko Süptitz, Photonics Association Director of the SPECTARIS Industry Association

Photonics has become permanently established as a key technology for innovative high tech products in fields like materials processing, medical engineering, and optical data communications. Scarcely entering the public... [more]

Innovative diode lasers and LEDs are tapping into new potential for machine building, medical engineering, and other applications

Since the nineties, laser and LED technology has been inconceivable without gallium nitride (GaN). This chemical substance provides the basis for white LEDs and the blue diode lasers, e.g. in Blu-Ray players. Yet this... [more]

Innovative companies are transforming Adlershof into a hot spot for microoptics and microsystems engineering

Developed by PT Photonic Tools, the technology is unique in this form and defies any cursory explanation. Björn Wedel nevertheless manages to give an understandable comparison: “Basically, it’s a power cable with... [more]

Adlershof Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has pooled its resources with the Chinese company Sino Nitride Semiconductor

The potential is enormous: With a view to developing products based on German laser technology, the Adlershof Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) has pooled its resources with the... [more]

Medical engineering “Made in Adlershof”

Where the eyes are concerned, the greatest caution is needed, for instance in the treatment of glaucoma that gradually restricts the field of vision. About one in ten sufferers lose their eyesight. By developing gentle... [more]

Nondestructive materials testing helps to prevent accidents and disasters

It lies there like a gun barrel, behind a thick door in the basement: an orange coloured X ray tube. The crucial difference: the X rays are not meant to wreak destruction. They pass through material and detect concealed... [more]

Catwalk, Academy and Girls Congress

Well befitting the International Year of Light, the solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 was a reminder that without sunlight there would be no life on our planet. After millennia of passive solar harvesting, modern science... [more]

The company JTL-BioTec.Analytics of Adlershof develops and markets instrumentation for the analysis of food and medicines

It is proud of its low cost high tech that also smaller firms can afford. Production will soon be starting in India as well. On his travels to India, Frank Wagner has only bad memories of the long flight, the... [more]

Electrolysis is regarded as the key technology for the energy transition

Wind and solar power can then be stored when electrolysis uses this to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. Research teams all over the world are seeking ways to raise the efficiency of electrolysis. One team... [more]