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Adlershof Special 41: Bioanalytik, Cover
Adlershof Special Cover

Adlershof Special 41

Shaken, stirred and microscoped:

Isotopic fingerprints //
Deeper insights with X rays //
Toolmakers for analytics //

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Editorial by Peter H. Seeberger, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin

The right workplace is important. This is true in all sectors, even when their requirements differ hugely depending on the activities they involve. For instance, the IT sector is perfectly happy with a corner table in a... [more]

“Analytic City Adlershof” gives a qualified insight into the equipment and resources pool of the Science City

“The database of expertise embodied by Analytic City Adlershof is a great help to us”, said Jens Hanke, Managing Director of Graforce Hydro GmbH. His company is presently developing an innovative technology for the low... [more]

Adlershof analytics companies Accelero Bioanalytics and biotechrabbit are thriving on a takeover and innovative funding ideas

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH has taken to innovative fields, not only for analytics and services, but also for its own funding. “We work in the genetic engineering field, analyse dangerous pathogens like bacteria, and... [more]

The cooperation between research institutions and companies in Adlershof

In a manner of speaking, Andreas Voigt is a packaging artist. He and his colleagues at the Adlershof company TheraKine BioDelivery embed tiny proteins serving as medicinal agents in a small ball that shuttles them into... [more]

X ray microscope at BESSY II allows a physical resolution as low as ten nanometres

Since 2003 the Microscopy Research Group at the Institute of Soft Matter and Functional Materials of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) has been working on high resolution imagery with X rays. Today, one of the world’s... [more]

Adlershof companies identify even the tiniest contaminations in medicines, food, and the environment

Medicines should be safe, but must be produced at low cost if they are to benefit a broad population all over the world. This conflict of objectives can be resolved with refined analytics. The reliable monitoring of... [more]

IsoAnalysis clarifies age or origin of samples by boron or strontium isotope analysis

How can migrations be recorded that took place hundreds of years ago? And how can an artwork be identified as a forgery? Martin Rosner, Managing Director of the Adlershof company IsoAnalysis UG, clarifies questions like... [more]

The essential work of scientific toolmakers in Adlershof

They don’t get research awards, and they don’t make the headlines. Yet the success of experiments and analyses is impossible without scientific toolmakers. Some of these companies are also refining their highly... [more]