Technology Park Berlin Adlershof - Technology Park Berlin Adlershof - Technology Park Berlin Adlershof

Berlin Adlershof. Science at Work

Discover the myth of Adlershof: founded in 1754, birthplace of German aviation, and site for research, film and television. Today the area has around 17,000 inhabitants, most located in the heart of the "old village". The Technology Park is close to the former airfield and new park.

The Berlin Adlershof Science City is one of the most successful high-technology locations in Germany - and Berlin’s largest media site. Ten Non-University Research Institutes, six Natural Sciences Departments of Humboldt University, some 1,000 businesses and a rich history await you at Berlin-Brandenburg’s top Science, Business and Media hub.

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Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director and one of the founders of PicoQuant gives partners, customers, staff and his family props during the festive soiree.
PicoQuant – Counting Photons since 20 Years
Company celebrates 20 years of excellence in time-resolved optical instrumentation
Groundbreaking: Alexander Schönfeldt, Younicos, and Thomas Lust from the IHK swinging the shovel together with the WEMAG board member Thomas Pätzold, minister of energy Christian Pegel and Tobias Struck, Batteriespeicher Schwerin GmbH & Co. KG.
Younicos' battery park project to triple its capacity
Groundbreaking for expansion of the Schwerin battery power plant
Adlershof Special 47 Cover
Adlershof Special 47
The Berlin mixture: Adlershof´s got it all


Su 23 Oct

17.00 Guygantische Rollenspiele - Kabarett mit Hartmut Guy Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin

Sa 29 Oct

19.30 Trio SCHO - Legendäre Old Russian Popsongs Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin

Su 30 Oct

Elly-Beinhorn-Lauf Schönefeld, über den Landschaftspark zum Forumsplatz Adlershof

Su 30 Oct

18.00 Carmen-Maja und Jennipher Antoni: Alt und Jung Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin

Mo 31 Oct

Feierliche Eröffnung des Energy Materials Insitu Laboratory (EMIL) an BESSY II Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 12489 Berlin

Tu 01 Nov

17.00 Spurensuche "Adlershof vor 1989" mit dem StaSi-Beauftragten Roland Jahn Rudower Chaussee 24, 12489 Berlin