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Adlershof and innovation go hand in hand. Here you will find a selection of award-winning personalities, products and projects, across science, business and media.

Adlershof Prizes and Success stories


Adlershof Equipment for Nobel Prize Winners

Congratulations to Stefan W. Hell, W.E. Moerner, and Eric Betzig

Nobel Prize Winners Stefan W. Hell (right) and W.E. Moerner (left) at PicoQuant's single molecule workshop in 2014.PicoQuant congratulates Stefan W.... [more]


Emad Aziz receives Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Award

German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry has honored the Adlershof scientist for outstanding scientific achievements

On 29. May 2014, the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry has honored Prof. Dr. Emad Flear Aziz with the Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Award. Aziz... [more]


Younicos wins GreenTec Award 2014

Credit: Jan Pauls, 50Hertz

WEMAG battery park is laureate in the category energy

Younicos is celebrating a triple achievement. The specialists for intelligent storage and grids have won the GreenTec Award for 2014. Berlin-based... [more]


INKA Award for „The Vacuum Technology Book“

Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog, "The Vacuum Technology Book" was awarded first prize as the best industry catalog

Pfeiffer Vacuum receives award for best industry catalog

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the winner of the "INKA" 2013 Award for the best catalog in the Print category. The Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog called... [more]


Adlershof Great Minds

What they research. What they are working on. Why they feel at home in Adlershof

They invent new materials and technologies, discover smart measuring devices and ensure continued progress in the turnaround of energy policy. their... [more]


Next generation technology of thin film silicon on glass

World record value for the open-circuit voltage of 582 mV for c-Si on glass

Demonstration of a world record value for the open-circuit voltage of 582 mV for c-Si on glass by HZB researchers

MASDAR PV and HELMHOLTZ-ZENTRUM Berlin have strengthened their R&D partnership, focusing resources on development of next generation thin film Si... [more]


Dr. Martin Hempel receives the Adlershof Dissertation Prize 2013

On February 13, the Adlershof Dissertation Award was granted to Dr. Martin Hempel of the Max-Born-Institute (MBI). In competition with two other... [more]


Adlershof Scientists in the Top 10 of Physics 2013

MBI achieves breakthrough with observation of hydrogen atoms

The top 10 breakthroughs in physics in 2013 have been announced today. Director Marc Vrakking of the Max Born Institute, Phd-student Aneta Stodolna... [more]


Producing high performance solar cells at lower cost

Dr. Sebastian Brückner studied the atomic surface structure of silicon and germanium for high performance solar cells. Foto: HZB / Silvia Zerbe

Dr. Sebastian Brückner graduates “summa cum laude” on solar cells made from III-V semiconductors

Solar cells made from III-V semiconductors achieve the highest efficiency of all solar cells. Researchers recently celebrated a new world record in... [more]


Successful story for WESTT SOLUTIONS

DGEN 380 turbofan engine

Engine manufacturer Price Induction installed an educational engine bench at the NASA in Cleveland

The success of the WESTT educational tools of the engine manufacturer Price Induction is now established worldwide: the virtual engine test bench... [more]


Pfeiffer Vacuum receives an important development contract for the ITER fusion reactor

Developing new vacuum pumps essential for the fusion reactor

Pfeiffer Vacuum has been awarded an important contract to develop special vacuum pumps for the ITER fusion reactor. With their bid, Pfeiffer Vacuum... [more]


Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2012 was awarded to LUM

Perfect or poor? The award-winning Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac will find out

The Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2012 was awarded to LUM GmbH for the new Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac®. Adhesive and tensile strength of... [more]


Space Technology Hall of Fame Award for IQ Wireless and DLR

Successfull Fire-Watch System

Space Foundation congratulates on the IQ Wireless’  innovative efforts which resulted in the selection of the FireWatch for induction into the... [more]


Younicos to receive "European Solar Prize 2011"

Recognition for developing world’s first renewable energy system for Azorean island of Graciosa

Younicos is to receive the "European Solar Prize 2011" for the development of the world's first energy system based on up to 100 percent... [more]


An eyecatcher for Adlershof

Sitac Parc in Adlershof is intended to combine commercial space with first-class sports and leisure businesses in an 85,000 square metres area... [more]