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Adlershof and innovation go hand in hand. Here you will find a selection of award-winning personalities, products and projects, across science, business and media.

Adlershof Prizes and Success stories

Logo: Global Cleantech 100


Younicos is among 2015’s Top Global Cleantech companies

Energy storage pioneer again recognized as innovation leader:

Younicos is among the 100 most innovative companies for green technologies around the globe. The energy storage pioneer was chosen by the... [more]

The award, which is endowed with a Euro 1,000 prize, was presented by Dr. Ulrich von Hülsen (left), a member of Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH management. / Photo: G. Otto, GSI


Award for doctoral research on high-precision measurement of magnetic moment of proton

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH and GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH present joint doctoral candidate award:

For the second time, Pfeiffer Vacuum and GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung (GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research) have jointly... [more]

Frank Siewert. Credit: HZB


Frank Siewert wins Giovanni Sostero Award

Adlershof scientist honored for achievements in optics metrology:

Frank Siewert was honored in particular for his contributions on the development of latest metrology for Synchrotron Optics. He has “pushed the... [more]

Alexander Föhlisch. Credit: HZB


From Excited Atoms to Functionality

ERC Advanced Grant Awarded to Alexander Föhlisch:

Under the EU Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, Alexander Föhlisch has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. The physicists is... [more]

Younicos ISO Certificate


Younicos achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification

One of the first companies in the energy storage industry to reach this level of standardized excellence:

Younicos, a global leader in intelligent grid-scale energy storage solutions, is pleased to announce that it has received ISO 9001:2008 Quality... [more]

Logo: BeJEL


Financial stimulus for Helmholtz Research

Joint Lab BeJEL receives 1.4 million EUR grant:

The Berlin Joint EPR Laboratory (BeJEL) operated by HZB and Freie Universität Berlin has pulled in six of 27 subprojects within a DFG priority... [more]

Anja Hanßke, Institute for Energy Technology, TU Berlin


Adlershof to network cold, heat, and regenerative electricity

Primary energy needs shall achieve a 30 percent cut by 2020 in spite of the growth:

About a thousand companies, sixteen research institutes, and nearly 22,000 people are working in Adlershof. The Technology and Science Park is... [more]

Xiaozhuo Wang, founder of Brilliance Fab Berlin


Laser technology for the world market

Adlershof Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has pooled its resources with the Chinese company Sino Nitride Semiconductor:

The potential is enormous: With a view to developing products based on German laser technology, the Adlershof Ferdinand-Braun-Institut,... [more]

Illustration: SciStyle Thomas Splettstößer


Femto-snapshots of reaction kinetics

International team decodes bonding behaviour of iron pentacarbonyl / Application as a catalyst for storing solar energy:

Following six years’ work, an international team comprising eleven research institutions has been successful in observing precisely how light affects... [more]

Artificial catalysts imitate natural photosynthesis. Image Credit: HZB


The path to artificial photosynthesis

HZB researchers describe efficient manganese catalyst capable of converting light to chemical energy:

Scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy (HZB) in collaboration with the School of Chemistry and ARC Centre of Excellence for... [more]


Adlershof Equipment for Nobel Prize Winners

Congratulations to Stefan W. Hell, W.E. Moerner, and Eric Betzig:

Nobel Prize Winners Stefan W. Hell (right) and W.E. Moerner (left) at PicoQuant's single molecule workshop in 2014.PicoQuant congratulates Stefan W.... [more]


Emad Aziz receives Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Award

German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry has honored the Adlershof scientist for outstanding scientific achievements:

On 29. May 2014, the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry has honored Prof. Dr. Emad Flear Aziz with the Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Award. Aziz... [more]

Credit: Jan Pauls, 50Hertz


Younicos wins GreenTec Award 2014

WEMAG battery park is laureate in the category energy:

Younicos is celebrating a triple achievement. The specialists for intelligent storage and grids have won the GreenTec Award for 2014. Berlin-based... [more]

Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog, "The Vacuum Technology Book" was awarded first prize as the best industry catalog


INKA Award for „The Vacuum Technology Book“

Pfeiffer Vacuum receives award for best industry catalog:

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the winner of the "INKA" 2013 Award for the best catalog in the Print category. The Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog called... [more]


Adlershof Great Minds

What they research. What they are working on. Why they feel at home in Adlershof:

They invent new materials and technologies, discover smart measuring devices and ensure continued progress in the turnaround of energy policy. their... [more]