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Call for applications: Postdoc fellowships in Analytical Sciences

The School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof (SALSA) at Humboldt-Universität Berlin is announcing a call for postdoc fellowships in selected areas of...



New switching process for green IT

Physicists at BESSY observe efficient magnetic switching process in non-volatile spintronics devices:

Physicists achieved a robust and reliable magnetization switching process by domain wall displacement without any applied fields. The effect is...

Francisco Baraona, Managing Director, skytron energy


skytron energy focuses on internationalisation

Local subsidiaries in USA and Japan / Establishment of a global service network:

skytron® energy will focus increasingly on expanding its international activities in 2017. The company has already established a new subsidiary in...

Hybrid photomultiplier detector


PicoQuant expands its hybrid photomultiplier detector line-up

Two new models from the PMA Hybrid Series cover broad spectral ranges with excellent detection efficiency:

PicoQuant has released two new single photon sensitive hybrid photo detector models with excellent temporal resolution for its PMA Hybrid Series: The...

StaRWIS Stationary Road Weather


New road weather sensor for traffic management applications

Lufft introduces stationary, non-invasive weather sensor:

After about one year of development work, a new generation of Lufft stationary road and street weather sensors is now ready for market launch....

Credit: Th. Splettstösser/HZB


Proton transfer protects biomolecules

Researchers find mecanism to protect biomolecules against light induced damage:

A team at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) together with researchers in Sweden and the USA has analysed a mecanism which protects biomolecules such...



TED 2017: The Future You

World-renowned thinkers, artists and storytellers share their “ideas worth spreading”:

What does the future hold for you, for me, for us? In 2017, TED will balance a hard look at the seismic shifts that are altering the way the world...

UV LED Contest


Wanted: Impulses for UV LED based application fields

Idea challenge launched:

UV LEDs have the power to make the daily household life significantly more comfortable. But where and how are UV LEDs usable? This is the question...

© Fraunhofer Mikroelektronik /A. Grützner


350 million euros for future technologies

Research factory for micro- and nanoelectronics:

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides 350 million Euros for building a cross-institutional research factory for micro- and...

Chromium enhances the current density which is directly related to catalytic activity. Credit: HZB/RUB


Finding and understanding low cost catalysts

It all comes down to the iron:

A team has investigated more than one hundred iron-nickel catalysts containing various admixtures of chromium. At BESSY II, they also analysed the...

Sicoya wins ‘Start Up Energy Transition Award’


Sicoya wins ‘Start Up Energy Transition Award’

Innovative business ideas for the energy tradition rewarded:

The winners of the ‘Start Up Energy Transition Award’, presented by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – have now been...


Berlin Adlershof: Facts and Figures

The Berlin Adlershof Science City is one of the most successful high-technology sites in Germany and Berlin’s largest media site. It is home to 1,041...

Graciosa Energieprojekt Younicos


Graciosa Microgrid System Proves Environmental Benefits

Forschungszentrum Jülich confirms significant advantages of the renewable energy system on the Azorian Island:

A study by the renowned German research institute Forschungszentrum Jülich has quantified significant environmental benefits derived from the world’s...

Deflection mirror in a Pr:YLF laser


Center for Laser Materials launched

World-leading research environment for laser research established in Adlershof:

The Zentrum für Lasermaterialien-Kristalle (Center for Laser Materials-Crystals, ZLM-K) is currently installed at the IKZ in the framework of the...

Laser accelerated ions


Nanostructures give directions to efficient laser-proton accelerators

MBI Scientists investigate benefits of nanostructured surfaces:

Nanostructured surfaces have manifold applications. Among others they are used to selectively increase aborption of light. You can find them...

Nanostructures trap the light, shows this illustration on the cover in  Advanced Optical Materials. Credit: Adv. Opt. Mat. 5/2017


How to increase efficiencies of ultrathin CIGSe solar cells

Nanoparticles at the back help harvesting the light:

Ultrathin CIGSe solar cells need much less rare earth elements and energy for production. Unfortunately, they are much less efficient too. Now a...

Robert Seidel. Bild: HZB/Setzpfandt


Highly sensitive method for detecting ion pairs in aqueous solution developed

For the first time, scientists detect the specific non-local electron transfer process in water:

Scientists of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Heidelberg, and the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague...

MX beamlines of BESSY II. Photo: HZB


HZB and Freie Universität Berlin are establishing the joint research group “Macro­molecular Crystallo­graphy”

This practical education for budding biochemists is unique in Germany:

For eight years, HZB’s “Macromolecular Crystallography” workgroup has been successfully cooperating with the “Structural Biochemistry” research group...

Adlershof Journal


Adlershof Journal March/April 2017

The High Energy Neighbourhood: How We Recharge Our Batteries:

View into EMIL: Research on new energy materials //  Access control: IT company entri develops software-based systems //  Pocket-Sized...

Tobias Kirschnick


In conversation with Tobias Kirschnick

Head of the Innovation and Business Incubation Centre (IGZ) in Adlershof since October:

In this interview, Tobias Kirschnick lets us in on his plans for the centre’s reorganisation. Kirschnick, who is now in his late thirties, started...