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Bild: Telekom


5G can pave the way for the digital revolution

Test field for studying the impact of 5G on the energy sector at Adlershof and in Bonn:

According to Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson and distribution network operator Stromnetz Berlin, 5th generation (5G) communication networks could have a...



Lattice of nanotraps and line narrowing in Raman gas

Decreasing the emission linewidth from a molecule is one of the key aims in precision spectroscopy. One approach is based on cooling molecules to...

Anregung Li-Atom


The view into the crystal

MBI scientists recorded ultrasmall atom motions with ultrashort x-ray pulses:

Periodic motions of atoms over a length of a billionth of a millionth of a meter (10-15 m) are mapped by ultrashort x-ray pulses. In a novel...


Science is International

Statement of the Science Organisations in Germany to the executive order of President Trump:

The generation of scientific insights is contingent upon discourse that is forthright, unfettered and international. It hinges on the...

Mars’ polar cap. Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, NASA MGS MOLA Science Team


Mars' North Pole – Chronicle of the Martian climate

A colour mosaic of Mars' north polar cap was created from 32 images acquired by the HRSC camera:

Mars' northern hemisphere is currently experiencing winter. A newly generated colour mosaic depicts the extraordinary, almost perfectly symmetrical...

BESSY II © / Robert Grahn


Green light for upgrading BESSY II into a variable-pulse-length storage ring (BESSY-VSR)

General Assembly of the Helmholtz Association unanimously endorses the realisation of a worldwide unique accelerator project at the synchrotron...:

The General Assembly of the Helmholtz Association unanimously supports Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin’s proposed concept for upgrading BESSY II into a...

Credit: J. Bierbaum/HZB


Solar based hydrogen generation: EU-project PECSYS aiming for technological breakthrough

Development of demonstrators measuring up to ten square meters in area planned:

The HZB is coordinating a Horizon 2020 EU project that is expected to develop an economically feasible technology for solar based hydrogen...


Millions of investment in ultra-reliable communication systems

Creathor Venture and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invest in R3 Communications:

Creathor Venture, one of the leading European venture capital firms, together with VC FondsTechnologie Berlin, managed by IBB...

© TU Berlin / UniCat / Philipp Arnoldt


New Chemistry Lab for Start-ups

Inauguration of the Inkulab at the TU Berlin’s Charlottenburg Campus:

On 25 January 2017 the Inkulab – a laboratory container system, fully equipped with a ventilation system, and laboratory and safety facilities – was...

MOPA laser module for MAIUS


Quantum optical sensor for the first time tested in space – with a laser system from Berlin

For the first time ever, a cloud of ultra-cold atoms has been successfully created in space on board of a sounding rocket. The MAIUS mission...

Credit: Sunpartner Technologies


The mobile phone that charges itself

PVcomB will help mass-produce the raw photovoltaic materials used in Wysips® technology / Sunpartner Technologies and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin sign...:

The French company Sunpartner Technologies has been developing innovative solar solutions for nearly 10 years. One of these is Wysips,® an...

frequency picture


Finally united: Adlershof scientists combine seemingly disparate intuitive pictures of laser physics

MBI researchers show unified time and frequency picture of ultrafast atomic excitation in strong fields:

The insight that light sometimes needs to be treated as an electromagnetic wave and sometimes as a stream of energy quanta called photons is as old...

Variable pulse length storage ring, BESSY VSR. Source: Video HZB


7.4 million euros from the EFRE fund

HZB is setting up a new application laboratory for developing superconducting accelerator components:

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is receiving 7.4 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). The money is being used to set up the...

Interaction scheme


Amplification of relativistic Electron Pulses by Direct Laser Field Acceleration

Controlled direct acceleration of electrons in very strong laser fields can offer a path towards ultra-compact accelerators. Such a direct...

Stephen L. Prince took over as Chief Executive Officer in January


Younicos concludes 2016 with record results

Battery storage company closes deals totaling 75 MW:

Energy storage pioneer Younicos was awarded contracts for a total of 75 megawatts (MW) in 2016, its first year under the stewardship of CEO Stephen...

Adlershof Journal Januar/Februar 2017


Adlershof Journal January/February 2017

Knowledge isn’t built in a day: Ideas and innovation need time to grow:

Fishing Peptides: Innovative cleaning procedures for natural substances with a therapeutic effect //Child’s play? Early practice helps to...

Katharina Kitsos


In conversation with Katharina  Kitsos

The restaurant­ owner is bringing Greek cuisine to Adlershof:

Local admirers of the Mediterranean cuisine are enthusing about her homemade Greek specialties. Together with her husband Nikolaos, she opened her...

Mario Brützam


The Crystal Grower

Mario Brützam matures crystals at IKZ:

It all comes down to the exact temperature. If the mass is too hot, the nucleus dissolves like a sugar cube in coffee. If it’s too cool, the crystals...

Andreas Häger and Wiebke Kropp-Büttner, Vestaxx


The world belongs to those that wait

On the perseverance of entrepreneurs and scientists from Adlershof:

Hardly any job ad nowadays is complete without mentioning “perseverance” in the requirements. But what does that mean in practice? Is it the key to...

Adlershof. Science at work.


Tenacity required

Technology parks need more than one election period for success:

Technology park developers must be far-sighted planners as well as smart and eager networkers. Apart from the courage to go down new paths, they have...