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Oriana solar power plant Puerto Rico


skytron energy chosen to equip largest power plant in the Caribbean

Adlershof company provides monitoring and supervision technology for a 57.6 MWp solar power plant in Puerto Rico:

The plant named “Oriana” is owned by solar power producer and investor Sonnedix and is the largest plant of its kind in the Caribbean. Oriana has...


Dr. Lorenzo Bianchi awarded with Carl-Ramsauer-Prize 2016

Dr. Lorenzo Bianchi, former member of the Emmy-Noether Junior Research group of Dr. Valentina Forini in the working group of Prof. Jan Plefka, who is...

Credit: T. Lau/ HZB


Ice cold record at BESSY II

Ten million ions cooled for the first time to 7.4 K / Magnetic ground states spectroscopically ascertained:

An international team from Sweden, Japan, and Germany has set a new temperature record for what are known as quadrupole ion traps that capture...

Dr. Maria Richter. Photo: Leibniz Association/David Ausserhofer


Dr. Maria Richter of the Max Born Institute receives the Promotion Prize 2016 of the Leibniz Association

At its annual meeting the Leibniz Association in Berlin awarded physicist Maria Richter for her outstanding doctoral thesis:

Dr. Maria Richter developed in her PhD thesis "Imaging and controlling electronic and nuclear dynamics in strong laser fields" new...

Elektronenspin. Bild: Leah Weiss, Cambrigde


More energy from the sun

Researchers road-test powerful method for studying singlet fission:

Singlet fission could have a central role in the future development of solar cells Physicists from HZB, Freie Universität Berlin and University of...

Nominierte für Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg


SENperc PV nominated for the “Innovation Award 2016”

SENTECH is very proud to announce that the new SENperc PV has been nominated for the Innovation Award 2016 Berlin Brandenburg. The innovative tool...


Liberta Partners acquires skytron® energy

Liberta Partners, a Munich-based Multi-Family Office, has acquired the leading provider of monitoring, control and supervision systems, skytron...

Neysha Lobo Ploch © TU Berlin/PR/Anna Groh


Chorafas Prize awarded to Neysha Lobo Ploch

Dr. Neysha Lobo Ploch has been awarded with the renowned Dimitri N. Chorafas Prize for her thesis entitled "chip designs for high efficiency ...

Miniaturized laser module


FBH develops red-emitting laser module

Miniaturized laser module with polarization maintaining single-mode fiber output allows user-friendly out-of-the-lab usage:

Applications such as holography or interferometry are dependent on coherent laser beams at wavelengths visible to the human eye. So far, gas lasers...

CIGS layer. Photo: HZB


Speeding up CIGS solar cell manufacture

Project speedCIGS is to be funded with 4.7 million euros by the Federal Ministry of Economics:

A project consortium from research and industry involving the Competence Centre for Photovoltaics Berlin (PVcomB) of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin has...


Vaxxilon named “Science Start-Up of the Year 2016”

Award in the “Falling Walls Venture” Science Competition:

Under the motto “Building bridges, transcending borders”, 23 start-up companies presented their research projects at the Falling Walls Venture...

Multiwavelength Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer


Understanding the stability, behaviour and surface properties of nanoparticles and quantum dots using Hansen Solubility Parameters

LUM’s CEO Dietmar Lerche combines STEP-Technology® with multi-sample analytical photocentrifugation:

Devices based on quantum dots and smart nanoparticles are currently getting a lot of attention. For instance, the colours, contrast and brightness of...

Adlershof Journal November/December 2016


Adlershof Journal November/December 2016

Start-Ups and Starters: Adlershof is expanding its culinary opportunities:

Substitute for the elktest: Inertial measuring by Resonic // Large lecture hall: Plans for HU’s natural science campus // Lessons from the Monks: The...


SCIENION's sciREADER FL2 fluorescent detection of multiplex assays

Best quality equipment for total multiplexing solutions:

The sciREADER FL2 distinguishes itself with a high resolution imaging technology and easy data analysis inherited from our sciREADER CL2. Equipped...

Awardee Johannes Walter (GER),  Johann Lacava (CH), President of the Jury Prof. Dr. D. Lerche (GER), Michel Vong (CH),  Awardee Samuel J. Skinner (AUS), from left to right


Australian and German Researchers awarded Young Scientist 2016

For the first time two awardees honoured for outstanding scientific results in Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing:

One session of this year‘s International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing in Berlin was again dedicated to the Young Scientist...

Federal Minister of Research, Prof. Johanna Wanka, tightened the last of the bolts. The connection between BESSY II and the laboratory complex EMIL is thus complete. Photo: HZB/D. Ausserhofer


Research into new energy materials

EMIL, a 2000-square-metre laboratory complex, has opened in Adlershof:

After three years of construction, the Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory (EMIL) is now open. The new laboratory complex for researching energy...

Michael Engelmann


In conversation with Michael Engelmann, Owner of the bakery Konditorei Engelmann

His sugary endeavour began in a disused circus truck:

Imagination is a constant of Michael Engelmann’s life. Born and bred in Wolfsburg, he joined a circus after completing an apprenticeship as a...

Chung-Young Kim im Moabiter Sportstadium


The Go-Between

The everyday work life of Chung-Young Kim between Adlershof and Korea:

On the night of the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was out and about with his brother. “We saw it happen on TV, walked to Brandenburg Gate and climbed...

Axel Fischer and Denise Borgwardt at Café Campus


Eat your way through Adlershof

Adlershof is expanding its culinary opportunities and tending changing demands:

Whether you’re looking for bagels, wraps, salads, curry and rice, or Königsberger Klopse, a German favourite: Adlershof is expanding its culinary...

Angelina Fischer


A temporary home

Angelina Fischer benefits from all the new services provided in the Science City:

Looking out of the window, one can see trees, lawn, a small road, the landmarked façade of a classic modern building. “I like that it is so quiet....