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Younicos Completes Strategic Acquisition of Xtreme Power Assets

Cross Atlantic acquisition elevates Younicos to global leadership position for large scale energy storage solutions

Younicos Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Younicos AG, a Berlin-based company, acquired Xtreme Power’s assets with a winning bid in a chapter 11... [more]


AC/DC for terahertz waves

Researchers at MBI discover an ultrafast rectifier for terahertz radiation

In the unit cells of a lithium niobate crystal alternating currents (AC) with a frequency 1000 times higher than that of modern computer systems are... [more]


Berlin Adlershof: Facts and Figures

April 2014

Berlin Adlershof is one of the most successful high-tech locations in Germany Berlin's biggest media location. On an area of 4.2 km2 1.003 companies... [more]


Mobile Network for Myanmar

Heliocentris receives major order to deliver hybrid power solutions

Heliocentris has received its largest single purchase order since the company’s foundation in 1995. The order comprises the delivery and installation... [more]



Modernized Bunsen hall will shine in new splendor in August 2014

The largest meeting room in Adlershof, which can accommodate around 450 people, will offer the most modern facilities standard: daylight, air... [more]


Industrial exhibition EOSAM 2014 in Berlin Adlershof

September 16th to 19th

European Optical Society proudly welcomes optics and photonics professionals to its bi-annual conference, the EOSAM 2014 in Berlin. The four-day... [more]


FBH diode lasers successfully launched into space

Laser diode benches allow communication with Sentinel-1A

On April 3, 2014 shortly after 11 p.m., the earth resources technology satellite Sentinel-1A successfully left for his mission in space - also... [more]


Adlershof Brains: Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla

The professor of materials science is one of today’s 25 most influential engineers in Germany and is also the scientific director at the Helmholtz...

What are you currently working on? The HZB operates the synchrotron source BESSY II and the neutron source BER II, on which 3,000 scientists work... [more]


INKA Award for „The Vacuum Technology Book“

Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog, "The Vacuum Technology Book" was awarded first prize as the best industry catalog

Pfeiffer Vacuum receives award for best industry catalog

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the winner of the "INKA" 2013 Award for the best catalog in the Print category. The Pfeiffer Vacuum catalog called... [more]


Let there be light: GoPhoton! is ready for launch

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut is German partner of EU initiative

GoPhoton!, a Pan European outreach project that aims to promote and raise awareness about the ubiquity and industrial and societal importance of the... [more]


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  • Fuelling, version 2.0 – ideas in the field of electromobility


  • SENTECH received Megawatt Honor Award in China

    SENTECH’s spectroscopic ellipsometer has been awarded in the category “Top 10 Highlights” [more]

  • A gentle look through

    Terahertz rays are good for more than just body scans at airports. FBH is one of the world leading institutes [more]

  • The microreactor in a drop of liquid

    BAM offers fast analysis at low cost [more]

  • New centre for IRIS Adlershof

    Research into “hybrid systems” of national significance [more]