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Swimming Supports Science

SCIENION Contributes to the ‘Rheines Wasser’ Project with Microarray-based Multiparameter Testing of Waterborne Pathogens all along the River Rhine

SCIENION AG announced that the company supports the unique research project ‘Rheines Wasser’ involving a 1,231 km long Rhine marathon swim. SCIENIONs... [more]


Dutch universities opt for SENTECH

ICP-RIE plasma etcher SI 500

Service and flexibility convince when using plasma etching systems from Adlershof

SENTECH offers leading edge plasma process technology equipment for etching and deposition and thin film measurement instrumentation based on... [more]


MagForce will focus on establishing cancer treatment with NanoTherm™ therapy

Brain tumor. Credit: Youtube video MagForce AG

Biotech company publishes financial results and operative highlights

MagForce AG, a leading medical device company in the field of nanomedicine focused on oncology, today published financial results for the first... [more]


Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into small clusters

Model of the self-assembly mechanism. Image: HU Berlin/HZB

Researchers from HZB and HU achieve amazing results with unusual solvent

Researchers at HZB in co-operation with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU, Berlin) have made an astonishing observation: they were investigating... [more]


FBH developed fiber coupled pump modules for chirped pulse amplification thin disk lasers

Beam propagation simulation of 28-level laser stacks coupled into a 1.9 mm fiber

940 nm QCW Pump Modules for 6 kW out of Fiber

In a joint project with the Max-Born-Institute the FBH developed fiber coupled pump modules for high repetition rate chirped pulse amplification... [more]


Survivalists ready for journey to the ISS

Progress spacecraft carries blue-green algae and biofilms for DLR experiments into space

Tough, resilient and able to survive in the most inhospitable regions on Earth – now, they are being asked to show their strength in a space ... [more]


High Frequency Analogue Laser Diode Driver Module

Analogue laser diode driver module for TO-housed high power laser diodes by FISBA Photonics GmbH

FISBA Photonics GmbH introduces new product line

FISBA Photonics GmbH introduces the HFALDM series of ultrafast and compact analogue laser diode driver modules for TO-housed high power laser... [more]


New technique by Bruker

Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction in SEM

A new technique called  Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction, or TKD, has been developed as an SEM-based method capable of delivering the same type... [more]


Application-oriented thin film measurement seminar

SENTECH as a worldwide leader in thin film measurement and plasma process technology organizes application oriented seminars on a regular basis

The most recent seminar “Ellipsometry and Reflectometry for characterizing thin films” was on thin film measurement. More than 20 participants mainly... [more]


“Plasma Etching & Deposition” Seminar by SENTECH in China enjoyed great popularity

A one day technical plasma seminar was given by SENTECH in Shanghai on June 20th, 2014. The Chinese institute SIMIT (Shanghai Institute of... [more]


Electrostatics do the trick

A simple model describes what happens between organic semiconductors and metals

Organic semiconductors allow for flexible displays (OLEDs), solar cells (OPVCs), and other interesting applications. One common problem in these... [more]


Freedom of electrons is short-lived

MBI scientists observed excited atom formation attributed to recombination processes

During the interaction of an intense extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) laser pulse with a cluster, many ions and free electrons are created, leading to the... [more]


Long Sought Two-Dimensional Graphitic Semiconductor Discovered

A European team of chemists and physicists, including Dr. Nikolai Severin and Professor Jürgen P. Rabe of the Department of Physics of... [more]


Adlershof Special 35: Biotechnology

Adlershof Special 35 Biotechnology, Cover

Operate globally

Think global, be successful // Fishing for Innovation // Research Laboratory International [more]


Lumics’ New Enhanced Range of Diode Laser Systems for Industrial Applications

Lumics GmbH - Berlin is pleased to present its enhanced range of diode laser systems for light material processing in industrial applications such as... [more]


eagleyard Photonics expanses its global sales force in South Asia

Indian partnership established

Responding to the constantly growing laser diode market with its many diversified applications such as in industrial, space, defense, medical and... [more]


Think global, be successful

Certified biologist Heidrun Terytze is head of Centre for Biotechnology and Environment in Adlershof

More than 70 firms are bustling with activity in the field of biotechnology in Adlershof

More than 70 firms are bustling with activity in the field of biotechnology in Adlershof in branches as diverse as pharmacy, medicine, process and... [more]


They touch the heart

Three Generations of Entrepreneurs: Founder Prof. Peter Osypka (l.), and sons, Markus (m.) and Thomas (r.) as well as Grandson Dominik

The German-American story of the entrepreneurial Osypka family

The entrance to the fancy headquarters of Osypka Medical does not only open the door to a company with worldwide success. Those who enter dive into... [more]


Fishing for Innovation

Prof. Hubert Köster, CEO of Caprotec Bioanalytics

Huge potential for innovation and qualified staff make Germany an attractive business location for start-ups

Not only do fishers require patience, but also the right technique to catch as many of the desired fish as possible. Prof. Hubert Köster likes to... [more]


Research Laboratory International

Dan Kramer, Algenol Biofuels Germany GmbH

A fuel of the future is being developed in Adlershof: 50 employees of the company Algenol Biofuels, a subsidiary of the American firm Algenol, are... [more]


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