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Credit: HU Berlin


The wolf – a winner of the breakdown of the Soviet Union

HU Biogeography Group analyses trends of mammal populations after the end of the Eastern Bloc:

The breakdown of the Soviet Union constitutes one of the most dramatic institutional and socioeconomic shocks of the 20th century. A new paper,... [more]

Artificial catalysts imitate natural photosynthesis. Image Credit: HZB


The path to artificial photosynthesis

HZB researchers describe efficient manganese catalyst capable of converting light to chemical energy:

Scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy (HZB) in collaboration with the School of Chemistry and ARC Centre of Excellence for... [more]

HZB team dancing BESSY-VSR


HZB team dancing BESSY-VSR

Funny videos explain cavities in the electron storage ring:

Paul Goslawski from Godehard Wüstefeld's team was the initiator of this project: Why not demonstrate in vivid form, what the future project... [more]

Credit: University Potsdam


Maximum efficiency, minimum materials and complexity

Silicon-based thin-film solar cell with a supplementary organic layer can utilise infrared light as well:

The cell consists of many active layers, which taken together are less than one micron thick. The new hybrid solar cell is constructed of two... [more]

HZB-scientists Karsten Holldack, Alexander Schnegg and Joscha Nehrkorn at the BESSY II Beamline. Credit: HZB


New light shed on electron spin flips

HZB researchers enable calculation of EPR experiments:

Researchers from Berlin Joint EPR Lab at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and University of Washington (UW) derived a new set of equations that... [more]


Optical companies from Adlershof will present their broadly expanded range of services at Photonics West 2015, the world’s largest industry trade show

Photonics cluster tripled its laboratory and production areas last year:

The Technology Park Berlin Adlershof – one of the most successful sites for photonics, optics, and microsystems technology in Germany – will be... [more]

Left: Crystal structures of HgBa<sub>2</sub>CuO<sub>4</sub>+ and YBa<sub>2</sub>Cu<sub>3</sub>O<sub>6</sub>+. Right: The phase diagram demonstrates the complexity of the phases around the superconducting state SC in both cuprates.


Universality of charge order in cuprate superconductors

Scientists gain exciting insights into the properties of ceramic materials at BESSY's Beamline:

Charge order has been established in another class of cuprate superconductors, highlighting the importance of the phenomenon as a general property... [more]


Watching Single Macromolecules Move in Response to Light

Nature has long inspired scientists with its seemingly unlimited ability to harness solar energy and to utilize it to drive various physiological... [more]

Amber Rudd, British Minister at Department for Energy and Climate Changel, at the opening of the Battery Park. Picture: UK Power Networks


Europe’s Largest Battery Storage Project Becomes Operational in the UK

Adlershof’s Younicos contributes control software for 6MW/10MWh Smarter Network Storage Project:

Europe’s largest battery storage project has been officially opened by Amber Rudd, Minister at Department for Energy and Climate Change at Leighton... [more]

Flight over Becquerel Crater


Mars Express mission extended until the end of 2018

DLR’s Stereo Camera HRSC is the longest-serving German experiment in the Solar System:

It follows an elliptical orbit around Mars, undisturbed, almost lonely – the orbiter Mars Express. For 11 years now – to be precise since Christmas... [more]

SEM images of Ag Nanoparticles


Silver Nanoislands grown by Atomic Layer Deposition

SENTECH presented the new ALD Real Time Monitor at the NRW Nano-Conference:

The NRW Nano-Conference took place on 1st-2nd of December 2014 in Dortmund (Germany). This important conference welcomed its guests to participate... [more]

Berliner Buffet on Thursday Evening. Credit: M. Setzpfand/HZB


Lively exchange at User Meeting

More than 500 users of HZB's large-scale equipment met in Adlershof:

From December 3 to 5, more than 500 users of HZB's BER II and BESSY II large-scale equipment met up to discuss the current state of technology and... [more]


Data transfer between satellites – quick as a wink

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut supplies a decisive component – a particularly robust and capable pump laser module:

Transferring high data rates in real-time twenty-four-seven – a research team, under the direction of the European Space Agency ESA, has now come... [more]

Filming bond making and bond breaking during a pericyclic reaction


Filming chemistry with a high speed x-ray camera

MBI Scientists show how breaking and making of chemical bonds during a reaction can be visualized:

Chemistry happens all around us. A chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms in and between molecules, the breaking of old and the formation of... [more]

Adlershof Special 37 Medien. Cover


Adlershof Special 37: Media

On air:

The Show before the Show // Setting the Stage // Setting the right tone [more]

Today, the Media City in Adlershof is a vibrant place. State-of-the-art, flexible studios and a creative scene


Berlin's most outstanding media site

Adlershof offers first-class production conditions:

On August 25th and September 8th 2002, the royalty of political journalism in Germany poured into Adlershof. This was new in the history of German... [more]

Tonbüro took care of the whole audio postproduction of the documentary series “The East Germans”


Setting the right tone

Adlershof can look back on an impressive legacy in sound:

Sound brings life to a film, according to Michael Kaczmarek, manager of K-13 Kinomischung. For almost a hundred years now, multifaceted sound artists... [more]

One of the biggest in Germany: The costume stock in Adlershof


Setting the stage

There is an endless coming and going of set designers in Adlershof:

Oscar Wilde once said: ”The stage is the return of art to life.” However, the ”stage” would often fall short without specialists such as the set... [more]

Not only is the show produced in Adlershof, the key-visual as well was built here.


The Show before the Show

Behind the stage of ”The Voice of Germany”:

Light, sound, make-up, dress: all of these things are rehearsed and checked hours before the show to prevent mistakes from slipping in. In total,... [more]

Creating a more liveable acoustic environment – with the acoustic camera


Research and deliver

Four Adlershof media companies successfully produce TV content for the curious:

Weather phenomena, perceptual illusions, psychoacoustics: what could be more obvious for a City of Media than to look at these things more closely... [more]


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