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Warping in topological insulators

Experimental data on the “Dirac cone”

HZB physicists investigated the direction of motion of electrons and their impact on lossless electricity and information transport

Topological insulators are promising to develop into a material for lossless electricity and information transport. Now, Jaime Sánchez-Barriga and... [more]


The longer the better

Optical long-wavelength pulses generate brilliant ultrashort hard x-ray flashes

Researchers from the Max-Born-Institut and the Technical University of Vienna present a novel table-top source of ultrashort hard x-ray pulses... [more]


New electrochemical flow cell for soft x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy at BESSY II

In situ cell for investigating solid- and liquid-state samples and their interfaces under electrical voltage

A team headed by Dr. Kathrin Aziz-Lange has developed a new in-situ cell for X-ray spectroscopy of fluid samples and their interfaces to solid... [more]


PicoQuant nominated for innovation award

For the development of the MicroTime 200 STED PicoQuant is nominated for the "Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg"

Out of 122 applications, PicoQuant is nominated for the innovation award Berlin Brandenburg 2014 (Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg) for the... [more]


Breaking ground for energy independence on Graciosa

Azorean island installs new energy system developed by the Adlershof-based company Younicos

With a groundbreaking ceremony, construction of a highly efficient megawatt-scale clean energy system has begun on the Azorean island of Graciosa.... [more]


Root canal treatment procedures investigated at BESSY II

Optical image of a filled root. Credit: P. Zaslansky

Scientists examined whether mechanical procedures during dental root treatment contribute to micro fractures

Root canal treatment is sometimes necessary to resolve severe infection, and often saves teeth from being extracted. The procedure involves... [more]


Collaboration between SCIENION and GENOMICA is bearing fruit


Launch of a novel multiplex based detection kit for 18 microorganism causing Sexual Transmitted Infections

SCIENION AG and GENOMICA S.A.U announced today the launch of multiplex CE-IVD tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), CLART® STI... [more]


HZB Freigeist Fellow Dr. Annika Bande

HZB Freigeist Fellow: Dr. Annika Bande

The theoretical chemist explores interatomic Coulombic decay

As of early October, the HZB is home to one of the Volkswagen Foundation's Freigeist Fellows: Dr. Annika Bande recently joined Prof. Dr. Emad Aziz'... [more]


BESSY in pictures

Kevin Fuchs took pictures of “futuristic experiments”

A Photographer`s Views of Research Facilities

For his final exam, photography student Kevin Fuchs has taken pictures of the reseach facilities BESSY II and BER II and the scientists working... [more]


New light on the “Split Peak” in x-ray (RIXS) spectra of Alcohols

RIXS-spectroscopy is a powerful method to gain insights into molecular and electronic structures in complex samples, liquid or solid. HZB scientists now know even a bit better how to interpret the RIXS-spectra. Photo: HZB

HZB researchers find conclusive explanation for the phenomenon

New study from Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin in the journal “Structural Dynamics” makes sense of mysterious spectra, paving way for RIXS spectroscopy... [more]


Adlershof Equipment for Nobel Prize Winners

Congratulations to Stefan W. Hell, W.E. Moerner, and Eric Betzig

Nobel Prize Winners Stefan W. Hell (right) and W.E. Moerner (left) at PicoQuant's single molecule workshop in 2014.PicoQuant congratulates Stefan W.... [more]


Leafy Adlershof living with “Charlotte”

Visualization building project Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft in Berlin Adlershof

“Charlottenburger Baugenossenschaft” building cooperative creates 121 apartments

The buildings are going to be luminous, with lots of windows looking out on the leafy surroundings. “Charlotte”, as the “Charlottenburger... [more]


Portable tools for Monitoring of Marine Toxins and ensure consumer safety without animal-testing

Project of Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), MBio Diagnostics and SCIENION create

The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen’s University Belfast and MBio Diagnostics today announced that IGFS is using SCIENION... [more]


Adlershof Special 36: Real Estate

Cover Adlershof Special 36

Scoring with diversity

A residential area summa cum laude // Living and breathing urbanity [more]


Living and breathing urbanity

Lunch break at the sunny Forum in Berlin Adlershof

Adlershof is constantly growing

Today, a growing majority of the global population lives in cities. City life has become an ideal, offering an urban atmosphere which not only... [more]


A local supply and office centre for Adlershof

Rolf Mensing, Managing Director CLS Management GmbH

Interview with Rolf Mensing, Managing Director CLS Management GmbH

Back in 2006, many still felt that Adlershof was "way in the back of beyond". Why did CLS opt for Adlershof at that time? Rolf Mensing:... [more]


New office complex right at Adlershof S-Bahn station

PROJECT PGG Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH

Latest construction project of PROJECT PGG Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH

For their latest construction project, property developers, PROJECT have secured themselves one of the most treasured properties the science and... [more]


A new center of attraction

Jörg Overbeck, board of directors EUROPA-CENTER AG

Interview with Jörg Overbeck, board of directors EUROPA-CENTER AG

EUROPA-CENTER real estate group has been part of Adlershof for many years. What are the projects you are currently pursuing at the science... [more]


A small industrial park with great synergy effects

Industrial estate at Segelfliegerdamm Berlin Adlershof/Johannisthal

The former people-owned enterprise VEB Medizinische Geräte Berlin on Segelfliegerdamm

Small business enterprises form part of a vibrant quarter. In the future, the premises of the former people-owned enterprise VEB Medizinische Geräte... [more]


Reunited in Adlershof

Dr. Wolfgang Weber, managing director of ifp Institute for Product Quality

ifp Institute for Product Quality in the new building end of 2014

"Travel connections couldn't be any better," says Dr. Wolfgang Weber, managing director of ifp Institute for Product Quality. At the end of... [more]


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