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Photoreaktion in Thymin


Why does DNA prove to be photostable?

MBI scientists get new insights into the photophysics of the DNA base thymine:

DNA stores our genetic code. Solar UV radiation has sufficiently high energy to basically break bonds of the DNA and thus cause DNA damage. ... [more]

Silicon substrate with etched funnels. Credit: S. Schmitt/MPL


Learning by eye

Silicon micro-funnels increase the efficiency of solar cells:

A biological structure in mammalian eyes has inspired a team headed by Silke Christiansen to design an inorganic counterpart for use in solar cells.... [more]

Dichromium and Dichromium-Cation. Graphics: HZB


Stretch and relax!

Losing one electron switches magnetism on in dichromium:

An international team of scientists from Berlin, Freiburg and Fukuoka has provided the first direct experimental insight into the secret quantum... [more]

Adlershof Special 38, Cover


Adlershof Special 38

The end of the email!:

Big Data – what‘s next? // Smart travelling // Data for the changing room // [more]

© Wavebreakmedia Ltd_Thinkstock


Big Data – what‘s next?

The flood of information – an issue at the Research Forum Adlershof:

Growing amounts of data and rapid developments in information technology are confronting Adlershof-based companies with new challenges. Events like... [more]

Project Future Living Berlin on campus Adlershof: Smart Technologies for new forms of living


When your carpet calls you an ambulance

Solutions from Adlershof for home automation and assistance systems:

There is a growing demand for senior-friendly, intergenerational living and with that, a growing interest in home automation and assistance systems.... [more]

86,000 Atos employees worldwide use a set of social media tools to communicate


The end of the email!

IT service provider Atos relies on efficient communication without electronic mail:

There is a flood spilling through offices, sweeping away the firm conviction that a quick email is a suitable tool for swiftly sorting out matters or... [more]

Online Platorm Fubalytics, Phizzard Shopping Tool


Data for the changing room

Valuable tools for fashion retailers and football analysts:

40,000 football games across various leagues take place every weekend. Up to 10,000 videos are recorded at these games each time. The purchase... [more]

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A neighborhood for secure data

Three IT companies from Adlershof protect sensitive data transactions:

Only a few metres apart, along the Am Studio road in Adlershof, a trio of independent companies is working on securing data traffic. Rohde &... [more]

Karsten Walther (left) and Klaus Hilger (right) from the Harting Group with Björn Scheuermann (center)


Well connected

The proximity of business and science in Adlershof inspires innovation in computer technology:

The staff at Harting IT Software Development GmbH & Co. KG in Adlershof, now numbering six employees, has been tinkering with new information... [more]

CrystalCam by Crystal Photonics, Berlin Adlershof


In search of the sentinel

Adlershof’s IT solutions for medical technology that modern diagnostics cannot do without:

Conworx Technology GmbH has been working on quality assurance in medicine since its founding in 1999. About 20 employees are working to optimise data... [more]

Ralph Meyfarth, founder and manager of lesswire


Smart travelling

Adlershof is providing IT solutions in future mobility:

Travelling today using a long-distance bus, chances are that you will use technology from the Adlershof-based IT company lesswire. Bus passengers can... [more]


Adlershof at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

Hannover Fair, Hall 13 Booth C74 from 16.03 - 20.03.2015:

The integration of IT as a crossover technology into manufacturing is the foundation for future economic success. The Science and Technology Park... [more]


Minister Gabriel visits the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

“BAM sets high standards for Germany and the global markets”:

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, visited the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin... [more]

Magnetic layers


BESSY: Insight into inner magnetic layers

Scientists’ research results can help in designing spintronic components:

Research teams from Paris, Madrid and Berlin have observed for the first time how magnetic domains mutually influence one another at interfaces of... [more]

Credit: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


Details of a crucial reaction

Physicists uncover oxidation process of carbon monoxide on a ruthenium surface:

An international team has observed the elusive intermediates that form when carbon monoxide is oxidized on a hot ruthenium metal surface. They used... [more]

Credit: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Dance of the nanovortices

HZB researchers make trajectories of small magnetic entities visible:

The trajectories of small magnetic entities referred to as skyrmions have been captured and recorded with the help of X-ray holography. Researchers... [more]

Reaction of SiO2 and TiO2 to a short pulsed light field


Nonlinear resonance disaster in the light of ultrashort pulses

MBI scientists investigate different material responses in optical processes:

Ultrashort light pulses from modern lasers enable temporal resolution of even the fastest processes in molecules or solid-state materials. For... [more]

Rohde und Schwarz SIT: SITLine


New solutions for data center and smart grid security

Rohde & Schwarz SIT presents new performance classes of layer 2 network encryptors at the CeBIT / New encryption solution closes market gap:

The SITLine ETH4G provides network administrators with more flexibility concerning the planning of their infrastructures. For the first time... [more]

eagleyard DFB1064 laser diode


Adlershof Know How for ISS

eagleyard Photonics is going to space with 1064 nm:

Eagleyard Photonics, a leading supplier of high-power laser diodes reaches out for ISS with its 1064 DFB laser diodes. Fiber coupled laser diodes... [more]


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