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SOLON: Order for a 2.6 MW solar power plant

Real-time monitoring via Internet with SOLON Vega system:

After a nationwide call for tenders, SOLON Energy GmbH won the bid to build a second photovoltaic power plant in Lübesse (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).... [more]

Third construction stage: interesting cubage with a view to the sphere-shaped laboratories


An Architectural Highlight of Adlershof

Interview with Dr. Gregor Brendel, Chairman of the Management Board of EUROPA-CENTER AG:

EUROPA-CENTER real estate group have been present in Adlershof for years. Meanwhile, the company is planning a third construction stage of a building... [more]


BBC Report on Adlershof's Stand on the ECB

You can watch the video clip online BBC-Report "Euro crisis: Can the ECB calm German doubts?" [more]

S-Bahn Station Berlin Adlershof


Impressive Entrées

With the new S-Bahn station to the east and the Audi flagship store to the west, Adlershof has gained two distinctive entrance gates:

Those responsible at Adlershof Projekt GmbH have no doubt that these gateways contribute to the science and business city’s urban character and... [more]



Adlershof Special 25: Real Estate

Via Quick Response to Berlin Adlershof:

Room For More Urbanity // Impressive Entrées // Topping-out Ceremony of “Air Campus Adlershof“ // An Architectural Highlight of Adlershof // An... [more]

Air Campus topping out-ceremony with ID&A managing director Ulrich Trautmann (r.) and guests


Topping-out Ceremony of “Air Campus Adlershof“

Closure of the gap between the S-Bahn station and Rudower Chaussee:

The building is growing by the day. In fact, it has come to dominate the corner of Rudower Chaussee / Am Studio. The office and commercial building... [more]


Genalyte teams with Scienion to provide sciFLEXARRAYER dispensers

New Genalyte Custom Spotting Service Enables Maverick Customers to Obtain Ready-to-Use Arrays Designed to Their Specifications:

Genalyte, Inc., a life sciences company developing and commercializing innovative next generation multiplexing technology, and Scienion AG, a life... [more]

Germany's most successful casting show is looking for "The Voice of Germany"


An On-The-Ball Media Location

Ideal conditions for perfect production flow:

Berlin Adlershof is not only Germany’s largest science and technology park, but also Berlin’s biggest media location. For a long time media, science... [more]

Father Horst-Dieter Jordan and son Jörg Ludwig Jordan


Olympic Ground

Just back from London, and soon in Berlin:

When athletes, honoraries, fans and officials celebrated the German successes during the Olympics, they did so on Kassel soil, so to speak, as it was... [more]


Flexibility Is An Asset

Company Properties on Groß-Berliner Damm:

Adlershof has traditionally been associated with science, high-technology and media. However, many medium-size businesses have found a home here as... [more]


Urban Living Comfort

A Stroll in The Summer of 2015:

Berlin Adlershof. It is sunny, students are taking their books out to the park. About 380 young people are living and working in the student village... [more]

Eigentumswohnungen Berlin


Relaxed Living

Customised owner-occupied Flats in Berlin Adlershof:

Adlershof is part of Berlin’s Treptow-Köpenick district which offers excellent outdoor recreation opportunities thanks to green areas such as... [more]

Gravity Living Project


Living Where The Future Is Made

In Adlershof, Germany’s most modern start-up and technology hub, excellent residential opportunities will soon be up for grabs:

Under the project name of GRAVITY, property developers NCC Deutschland will soon erect 52 attractive townhouses between Newton- and... [more]

Newton Project Berlin Adlershof


Newton Moves to Adlershof

From summer 2013, an energy-plus development with 100 homes in both townhouses and apartment buildings will be started in the Wohnen am Campus...:

The Newtonprojekt is tailor-made for joint building ventures that have come to discover the region south of Berlin. Over the coming years,... [more]


Ecological think niches for students

The Studentendorf Schlachtensee e.G. is among the new builders of the district Wohnen am Campus:

By the winter semester of 2014/15, the cooperative intends to realise a housing project for 380 students and academic staff opposite some of Humboldt... [more]

Adlershof Special 24: Photovoltaics


Adlershof Special 24: Photovoltaics

Stormy times – Solar industry at a turning point:

Stormy times // Solar specialist for custom dimensions // A decentralize, regional approach // Tandem cells and catalysis research // Fruitful... [more]


Corning Opens Technology Center at Adlershof in Berlin

New center will support optical connectivity technology solutions for Corning’s telecommunications segment customers:

Through the establishment of this technology center in the Park, Corning will be able to pursue faster innovation, build upon its commitment to... [more]


Stormy times

Europe’s solar energy companies are facing troubling times. Competition from lowcost Chinese providers and cuts in government subsidies for solar... [more]

Axel Berg


A decentralized, regional approach

An interview with Axel Berg – Head of the German Section of the European Association for Renewable Energy (Eurosolar):

Is the energy revolution on the right track? We are at a stage where renewable energy can seriously assume responsibility for generating electricity... [more]

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin


Tandem cells and catalysis research

Material researchers the world over would envy Klaus Lips for this laboratory:

In no fewer than 18 growth chambers, the scientist from Berlin's Helmholtz-Zentrum will be developing new material combinations for third-generation... [more]


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