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Magnetic resonance images on monitors


Healthy data exchange

Adlershof's solutions in medical engineering:

Information and telecommunications technology is also adopting an ever greater role in health care – and not least of all because new diagnostics and... [more]

Prof. Alfred Iwainsky


Self sufficient components for the homes of the future

GFaI research introduces greater flexibility to facilities:

“The utilisation of ambient energy represents a new quality,” replied Professor Alfred Iwainsky when asked about the role of IT technology in the... [more]

SMZ-Founder and CEO Stephan Müller-Ziebur and his fellow partner Guido Hofmann


Training and flying

Social business and e-learning modules:

Like learning, working nowadays need no longer be bound to the one fixed location. This independence of geographical locations promotes freedom in... [more]

Chemist Marek Checinski, creative quantum


Getting off the ground

Humboldt Innovation has a strong focus on Adlershof:

Functional fixedness can be expressed as follows: “We’ve always done it that way, why should we do it any differently now?” Ranking beside the lack... [more]

Christian Kutza, CEO FOC GmbH


IT from Adlershof enhances TV-Images

...and secures industrial production:

Whether TV images, sound, or lignite – the efficiency of their production is enhanced by components from the company FOC fibre optical components.... [more]


Cash, crime, and cryptography

They manage dollar reserves, itemise valuable museum collections, and encrypt NATO data. The software companies of Adlershof provide developments... [more]

Cargo bike


By car, train, and cargo bike

IT for the mobile generation:

IT for the mobile generation – this is a discipline that a number of companies are tackling in Adlershof. Ideas for the mobility of the future... [more]


New centrifuge technology will enable multi-sample adhesive and composite strength testing

85% time saving:

A new analytical centrifuge is being used to test adhesive bonds, coatings and composites. BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing’s... [more]

RWS Laser eagleyard Photonics Berlin Adlershof


Narrow line width made affordable

eagleyard Photonics unveils the very cost effective, frequency stabilized Ridge Waveguide Laser product series (RWS):

High quality and cost effectiveness can perfectly match if combined properly within a single component. This does at least apply to eagleyard’s new... [more]

Laser diode by eagleyard Photonics Berlin Adlershof


Touchdown at 633 nm

eagleyard Photonics introduces a new family of single frequency red laser diodes:

With its new DBR1) 633 nm laser diode family, eagleyard Photonics expands its widely introduced Near-IR portfolio into the red. Integrated within the... [more]


TOPTICA Buys Laser Diode Maker eagleyard

„Closer future collaboration is strengthening Berlin as a center hub for optical technologies“:

Reflecting the continuous growth and to strengthen the core competency „diode lasers“, TOPTICA Photonics AG of Graefelfing/Munich has acquired the... [more]


About dispersible nanoparticles, stable pigment pastes, hot cooked cheese and adhesives

International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Material Testing in Berlin, March 7-8:

At first sight, blood and food, household products and industrial nanoparticles have nothing in common. A closer look reveals, all are subject to the... [more]


Electrons behave like light

Graphene on Nickel:

Dr. Andrei Varykhalov and his colleagues in the group of Prof. Dr. Oliver Rader investigated at BESSY II the electronic properties of nickel coated... [more]

Small and efficient. Figure 1


Small and efficient

Water nanodroplets cool biomolecules ultrafast:

Researchers of the Max-Born-Institute at Berlin, Germany, have observed how biomolecules transfer energy into extremely small water droplets ... [more]


Tracking down smallest biomarkers

PTB and Dectris have developed a vacuum-compatible X-ray detector that allows the size of low-contrast nano-objects to be determined:

Microvesicles are smallest cell elements which are present in all body fluids and are different, depending on whether a person is healthy or sick.... [more]


Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2012 was awarded to LUM

Perfect or poor? The award-winning Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac will find out:

The Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2012 was awarded to LUM GmbH for the new Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac®. Adhesive and tensile strength of... [more]


Call for Applications: 15 doctoral fellowships for SALSA ̶ School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof

Online from 15 November to 14 December 2012:

SALSA, the Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof, recently established at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin within the framework of the... [more]


SOLON solar modules 100% resistant against PID

SOLON solar modules scored outstanding marks during the latest PID resistance test performed by Photovoltaik Institute Berlin. The SOLON Black 230 is... [more]


SOLON Elco Renewables Ltd.: Joint Venture for Solar Power Plants in Israel

Power plants with a total capacity of 8.5 MW currently being implemented:

SOLON Energy GmbH and the Israeli energy and technology company Elco have founded the joint venture SOLON Elco Renewables Ltd. The new company,... [more]


Joint technologies: SCIENION and GENOMICA expand collaboration to provide a new innovative printing technology for multiple applications.

Companies jointly present at Medica, November 14-17, 2012, in Düsseldorf:

SCIENION AG and GENOMICA S.A. Unipersonal, today announced the expansion of their strategic partnership. Both companies will offer to the life... [more]


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