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Energy efficiency Made in Adlershof

Head of the power station Felix Klinkenberg

The modern district heating network of the utility company BTB

“Local cogeneration is our method of choice,” are the words of Frank Mattat, Managing Director of the Berlin utility company BTB, whose customers... [more]


The architecture of dialogue

Kezban Saritas and Bernd Ludwig are looking forward to new tenants

The new Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies Centre ZPV in Adlershof

A place where the identity of the linking research subject can be experienced: that was the goal of architect Gunther Henn. The outcome is an... [more]


Great opennes to new energy concepts

An extensive energy concept is to reduce the needs at the Adlershof location

Adlershof as an energy efficient location

Regenerative energies here, self-sufficient buildings there. But what is it all costing, and how much is it really saving? And will the energy supply... [more]


Neighbors move electrons jointly

An ultrafast molecular movie on metal complexes in a crystal

Photochemistry and molecular photovoltaics make frequent use of so-called transition metal complexes which consist of a central metal ion bonded... [more]


Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof announces 15 doctoral fellowships

SALSA, the Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is announcing 15 doctoral fellowships to begin on... [more]


Adlershof Special 27: Biotechnology

Innovative Analytics

Calibrated to success // Innovation thanks to analytics // Diagnosis: Fatigue // Stability and Growth // Analyse, identify, quantify // Kneading and... [more]


Innovation thanks to analytics

Adlershof turns into “Analytic City”

Analytics has a long tradition in Adlershof. The Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften (ISAS) and the Federal Institute for Materials... [more]


Diagnosis: fatigue

Adlershof‘s JPT Peptide Technologies and Charité develop biomarker test

About 300,000 people in Germany suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome – presumably, because it is difficult to diagnose. This might change, however,... [more]


Stability and Growth

In the lobby, ASCA Managing Director Christine Wedler got talking to her neighbour. The Institut für Produktqualität had just moved into a new... [more]


Analyse, identify, quantify

Adlershof biotech companies have adopted a powerful position on the world market with their innovative analytical methods for protein manufacture

Proteins are the elementary building blocks of life. Yet there is much about these substances that is yet to be researched. Especially in the human... [more]


Popular News

  • Nucleus for innovative storage solutions

    Approaches for a self-sufficient energy supply [more]

  • Homing Pharmaceuticals

    Patients with degenerative or inflammatory eye diseases may now hope for a cure [more]

  • New centrifuge technology will enable multi-sample adhesive and composite strength testing

    85% time saving [more]

  • Medical Provisions

    The ability to change can be a key to success. One example of this is demonstrated by opTricon GmbH. [more]

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Ballauff

    Professor for "Soft Matter and Functional Materials" at the Humboldt University Berlin and head of the correspondent Institute at the... [more]