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Adlershof Lunch Talk

Jacqueline und Thomas Leibik of Albert Speisemanufaktur

With Jacqueline Leibik of "Albert Speisemanufaktur"

Jacqueline Leibik, who works with her husband Thomas to ensure that the researchers and entrepreneurs of Adlershof don't go to work on an empty... [more]


Crafts for adults

Ethem Bozkurt of Efendi Audio Solutions

This is where the tone is set

Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage are talking about running shoes? In the corridor in Johannisthal? Ethem Bozkurt doesn't believe his ears when he goes... [more]


Adlershof Dissertation Prize for Martin Hempel

The three finalists who were competing against one another on 13 February really were the academic elite. All three of them completed their... [more]


New tools for laser light

Björn Wedel of Photonic Tools

Founder form Photonic Tools at the start

The metal workpieces which sit on the window sill in Björn Wedel's brand new office are not exhibitions pieces for his newly founded company Photonic... [more]


News vacuum solutions for the analytical market

Pfeiffer Vacuum turbopump HiPace 300

Pfeiffer Vacuum set new standards with turbopumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum, the global leader in vacuum technology, will be participating in the Pittcon trade show in Chicago from March 3 – 6, 2014 and the... [more]


Revealing secrets of exploding clusters

MBI scientists observe novel ionization mechanisms

The investigation of cluster explosion dynamics under intense extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) pulses has so far been limited to large scale facilities... [more]


Lesswire presents Car2X transceiver module

Wireless module improves safety and efficiency on the roads

Lesswire, a leading supplier of wireless connectivity solutions for OEMs, appliance manufacturers and system integrators, presents the first wireless... [more]


Next generation technology of thin film silicon on glass

World record value for the open-circuit voltage of 582 mV for c-Si on glass

Demonstration of a world record value for the open-circuit voltage of 582 mV for c-Si on glass by HZB researchers

MASDAR PV and HELMHOLTZ-ZENTRUM Berlin have strengthened their R&D partnership, focusing resources on development of next generation thin film Si... [more]


PicoQuant is partner of the European BabyLux project for premature babies

Nine organizations from Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark have launched an innovative technique that accurately detects oxygen in the brain

Nine European partners have started the initiative “BabyLux”, a partially funded project by the European Commission that aims to reduce the risk of... [more]


Dr. Martin Hempel receives the Adlershof Dissertation Prize 2013

On February 13, the Adlershof Dissertation Award was granted to Dr. Martin Hempel of the Max-Born-Institute (MBI). In competition with two other... [more]


Popular News

  • Prof. Dr. Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers

    The physicist is developing terahertz systems for applications in astronomy, planetary research, and civil security at DLR [more]

  • Adlershof Special 30: Microsystems and Materials

    Grand in miniature [more]

  • High-power diode lasers: Technology transfer the Berlin Way

    Silke Pflueger, newly appointed member of ILS' Editorial Advisory Board, reports on her latest trip to Berlin [more]

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Janina Kneipp

    Her research interest lies in the utilization of sensitive spectroscopic methods for analytical chemistry [more]

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Richter

    The physicist is head of the department of X-ray metrology using synchrotron radiation at PTB in Berlin-Adlershof. [more]