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Let there be light: GoPhoton! is ready for launch

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut is German partner of EU initiative

GoPhoton!, a Pan European outreach project that aims to promote and raise awareness about the ubiquity and industrial and societal importance of the... [more]


Adlershof Special 34

Adlershof Special 34 Analytics

A prime location for analytics

Excellence straight from a brown bag // The Photon Counter // Buried layers, hidden treasures [more]


A Prime Location for Analytics

Analytics in Berlin Adlershof

New competence-cluster in Adlershof

The initiative committee “Analytic City Adlershof” wants to connect on-site partners, science and business in the field of analytics and develop an... [more]


In-line, on-line, at-line

In the Laboratory: Dr. Michael Maiwald, Head of Division Process Analytical Technology at BAM

Chemical Process Analysis at the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Now and again, Michael Maiwald slips into his lab coat and lends a hand in the laboratory, for example, to use the Online Electron Spin Resonance... [more]


Excellence straight from a brown bag

SALSA director Katharina Schultens

At the “School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof”, PhD students learn to think across disciplines

Ines Gerling is one of around 30 so-called ”fellows“ who are currently obtaining their PhD on a scholarship at the ”School of Analytical Sciences... [more]


Buried layers, hidden treasures

The new Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory Berlin (EMIL) will start operating in 2015

Adlershof’s ingenious strategies of analysis for solar cells and mine deposits

The inside of a solar cell contains areas in which the desired charge transport might be blocked. Prof. Klaus Lips from the Helmholtz-Centre Berlin... [more]


The Photon Counter

Uwe Ortmann is Head of distribution at PicoQuant

PicoQuant is focusing on the single molecule

Picoseconds and single photons are the measure of all things for PicoQuant. The Adlershof based company has committed itself to building... [more]


Why do Li-ion batteries age?

The original structure of the material has an ABCABC arrangement of oxygen layers (left) – Due to the Li+H+ exchange during the charging process it degrades to ABBCCA (right).

HZB scientists research electrochemical processes in Li-rich cathode materials

Even the best Li-ion batteries degrade with time. A reason for this was now identified by researchers at HZB. They could directly observe at BESSY II... [more]


Adlershof Great Minds

What they research. What they are working on. Why they feel at home in Adlershof

They invent new materials and technologies, discover smart measuring devices and ensure continued progress in the turnaround of energy policy. their... [more]


Wirelessly secure

Not about gadgetery – technical building systems make life at home pleasant and safe

GFaI and lesswire develop energy self-sufficient components for technical building systems

Primarily for elderly people and those in need of care, the technological solutions offered by Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) can provide support and... [more]


Future Mobility

Arriving eco-friendly and reliably – an app links data of various transportation means

DLR project “Streetlife” links data of various transportation means // HU analyses social ramifications of driver assistance systems

Cities are growing. Motorised private transport in particular puts a strain on them. Those who switch to local public transportation, to bikes or... [more]


Fully connected street lights

Retrofitted street lights can be accessed from a distance and dimmed if traffic or lighting conditions require it

Adlershof’s ICE-Gateway GmbH help municipalities save money

Merely giving light does not by any means exhaust the potential of the street lamp. At least that is the opinion of the founders of ICE-Gateway GmbH... [more]


Adlershof Special 33


IT for efficiency and quality of life

Smart plugs // Wirelessly secure // Future mobility [more]


Smart plugs

Inconspicuous connectors will play a major role in the transmission of energy and data

HARTING is working on the future of the factory

The family enterprise HARTING recently opened a branch in Adlershof – here, developers are working on the future of the factory, Industry 4.0. It... [more]


“Innovation takes courage” – and consulting

Lawyer Harald Keil is specialised in IT- and media law

Lawyer Harald Keil believes in Adlershof

“You really had to believe in Adlershof,” lawyer Harald Keil from the law firm Bilk and Keil replies to why he settled down here in 1998. He... [more]


Software for Health

Adlershof’s arivis AG develops applications for the life science sector

The whole life sciences sector now heavily relies on effective and secure information processing. But off-the-shelf IT solutions are usually not... [more]


Spanish Sales Success for LUM and excellent customer loyalty program in Israel

The 15th International Sales Meeting took place at the headquarters of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof in the end of January. LUM is market leader for... [more]


Adlershof Journal International Edition 2014


Working in the World Laboratory: Multiculturalism is good for us

ESSAY Çaglayan, my little waterfall: Can names block an international career? INSIGHT Prime location: First tenants in the "Air Campus"... [more]


Prime location

Eva Weiß

First tenants in the "Air Campus"

Adlershof is gradually becoming more urban. One of the most recent new builds is the Air Campus office building on the corner of Rudower Chaussee and... [more]


Global market pioneer

Felipe Stark

Felipe Stark provides "fault recorders" to three continents

The washing machine was a bargain. Buy it and take it away immediately, that much Felipe Stark knew. The only question was how. Stark decided to take... [more]


Popular News

  • Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac is a hot favourite for a prize

    LUM is nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg 2012 [more]

  • Two become one – Multi-wavelength-LUMiSizer® 65x

    Higher benefit in nanotechnology and for beverage development [more]

  • Hardware for think tanks

    Process engineering systems on the laboratory and pilot plant scale by ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions [more]

  • Touchdown at 633 nm

    eagleyard Photonics introduces a new family of single frequency red laser diodes [more]

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Richter

    The physicist is head of the department of X-ray metrology using synchrotron radiation at PTB in Berlin-Adlershof. [more]