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Light-induced degradation in amorphous silicon thin film solar cells

New insight into microscopic mechanism

Researchers at the Helmholtz Center Berlin (HZB) have taken a leap forward towards a deeper understanding of an undesired effect in thin film solar... [more]


Glaciers and mountains in 3D

On the first test flight with the 3D special camera, the scientists flew in the vicinity of the 8,091-metre-high Annapurna (visible in the background). Credit: DLR

DLR special camera flies over Himalayas for first time

Time and again, Himalayan landslides and flash floods cost the lives of dozens of people in Nepal, sweeping away entire villages and infrastructure... [more]


Magnetic switch gets closer to application

XMCD-PEEM asymmetry images of FeRh obtained at the Fe L3-edge at 385 K. The presence of blue/red domains at 0 Volts (left panel) are related to the presence of ferromagnetic domains showing thus that the FeRh film is ferromagnetic. After applying 50 V (right panel) the red/blue ferromagnetic domains disappear pointing out that the FeRh film is now antiferromagnetic. Credit: HZB

Scientists from Paris, Newcastle and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin have been able to switch on and off robust ferromagnetism close to room temperature by... [more]


Award Winning Ostendum Lab-on-a-Chip Nanodevices are produced with SCIENION’s sciFLEXARRAYER SX

SCIENION AG today announced that Ostendum R&D B.V., a Dutch company focused on the development and production of fast, highly sensitive,... [more]


From a carpet of nanorods to a thin film solar cell absorber within a few seconds

Research teams at the HZB and at the University of Limerick, Ireland, have discovered a novel solid state reaction which lets kesterite grains grow... [more]


Adlershof Special 32: Future Energy – Energy Future


The energy efficient city of tomorrow // Economical and reliable supply // New recipes from the silicon kitchen [more]


The energy efficient city of tomorrow

Joachim Sichter, Project Manager at the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, and Beate Mekiffer, head of this pilot project in Adlershof, one of a largest innercity development areas in Europe

Interview with the managers of the project “HighTech – LowEx”

The project “HighTech – LowEx: Energy efficient Berlin-Adlershof 2020” is the first comprehensive energy concept to be drawn up for a complex urban... [more]


Economical and reliable supply

Adlershof’s energy concept 2020+ is targeting the 30% reduction of primary energy consumption

Adlershof is growing – and growing at the same time are the energy supply requirements for the Technology Park. “It was forecast a few years ago that... [more]


BESSY II: Snap-shots of dynamic processes at highest spatial resolution

New holographic process uses image-stabilised X-ray camera

A team headed by Stefan Eisebitt has developed a new X-ray holography method that will enable snap-shots of dynamic processes at highest spatial... [more]


How Adlershof can utilise energy more efficiently

Martin Buchholz, Managing Director of Watergy GmbH

The potential of brine systems

Adlershof as a green paradise. This is one possible future scenario – if you want to use energy particularly efficiently, for instance heating,... [more]


Popular News

  • Dr. Emad Flear Aziz Bekhit

    The 2008 Adlershof Dissertation Award winner works with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie [more]

  • Professor Dr. Stefan Eisebitt

    Head of the joint research group “Functional Nanomaterials” at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie [more]

  • BAM shows how toxic Gadolinium can enter the food chain

    Demonstrating contrast uptake by plants [more]

  • MagForce AG Receives Further Patent Related to NanoTherm® Therapy

    European patent granted for nanoparticle-drug conjugates [more]

  • Adapt Apartments – home for the term