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Summer is here and the holidays are upon us, so what could be more obvious, but to take a look at what the people working in the Technology Park Adlershof do when they finish work? After work, in their free time, and on the weekend. Do they just chill - or relax, as we used to call it? Do they keep working to have a whole weekend with their far-away families?


Recreation is as diverse and individual as our site itself. Sure, there is “a life after work”, but most people in Adlershof don’t draw a sharp line between the two. They simply enjoy their work too much. On the weekend, however, it gets very quiet in Adlershof, as Dilek Güngör discovered on her exploration of the site. An app developed by Axel Steinhart and his company “off-time” wants to call attention to the importance of actually turning off during ones time off. He thinks that we should find time to create “space to breathe in a hyper-connected world”. How true! One of the downsides of persistently staring at the screen of a smartphone is that one looks straight down. In his essay on the art of taking a walk, economic sociologist Holger Rust warns us that “we are threatened by a complete gridlock of innovation, because we stop receiving any input which hasn’t been influenced by previously archived data” and recommends keeping our chin up to discover new things. Let’s be honest. Have you mastered “the art of flânerie”?

Many, like Annika Huber-Lieske, use their time off for other commitments. She is behind the organization of the Adlershof Company Run. In our interview, she tells us her secret about how to make people run as well as her own attitude towards running.

The German word for the time after work is “Feierabend”, which is also the last name of yet another person we want you to meet. The inventor Joachim Feierabend will tell us about the things you can get up to with a name like that. Lastly, the summer time is festival season. Every year in August, it gets very loud in the pastoral town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein. Good luck trying to unwind there! We ask the question: what does the heavy metal festival have in common with the German Aerospace Center in Adlershof?

Have a great time reading for yourself!

Dr. Peter Strunk
Head of Communication / Public Relations


Essay by Prof. Dr. Holger Rust, Economic Sociologist, Pragmatist and publicist, known as a critic of management methods

Once an intelligent algorithm will have identified the representative iconography of our time by means of randomly recorded photos of the public...

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In conversation with organiser Annika Huber-Lieske

She is the organiser behind the Adlershof Company Run (Adlershofer Firmenstaffel). Annika Huber-Lieske was responsible for the concept of the running...

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The life of Joachim Feierabend is all about electrical engineering

“I founded the first private company here on this site.” He did so on the day of the German monetary union. On 1st July 1990, Joachim Feierabend quit...

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Cover story

A place for dreaming

It’s Saturday in Adlershof. Even a place like this, where 20,000 people work from Monday to Friday, comes to a halt on the weekend. Dilek Güngür went...

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Behind the scene

Stephan Leuendorff

There is life after work

How people from Adlershof spend their time after work

What do the people of Adlershof do after work? Do they keep working or start relaxing? Can they sit back and unwind? Or is their job firmly stuck in...

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DLR-Verkehrsmanagement-System VABENE++

Unjamming heavy metal

How researchers of the German Aerospace Center – DLR are smoothing the traffic flow

Wacken is a small town in Schleswig Holstein with less than 2,000 inhabitants about 12 kilometres from Itzehoe. The town’s website advertises its...

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Dr. Michael Quantz, VH Berlin e.V.

The baker’s fuel

The stuff that makes our bread taste so good

Flour, sugar, a kneading machine: we are making dough in the lab. One ingredient with a very characteristic smell is essential: yeast. This...

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Director Lutz Pehnert

Looking back

Director Lutz Pehnert on the female presenters of the GDR television and other stories from East Germany

These young women were the face of GDR television, they shaped TV events, and became “good friends” who were welcome in people’s living rooms. Some...

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Taking a break from the digital bombardment

Psychologists from Adlershof have developed a downtime app

Two thirds of German people are accessible almost anytime and anywhere via smartphones, internet, and social media. Digitalisation has resulted in an...

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Cancer treatment made to measure

The biotech company Barron Biomedical is working on cancer therapy tailored to the patient’s individual needs

Health and a long life are often traced back to “good genes”. Not only personal lifestyle, but also genetic factors are viewed as main causes for...

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Short Cuts


Kitchen in Heaven

Albert Speisemanufaktur opened its “Albert Sky Kitchen” on top of IGZ in Rudower Chaussee 29. Monday to Friday from 8:00-14:30, it offers breakfast, daily changing lunch specials, as well as cake and coffee on a large rooftop terrace above the roofs of Adlershof.


Smart Living

The apartment house MEDIENFENSTER ADLERSHOF on Rudower Chaussee 5 has been completed. As of 15 July 2016, 153 apartments are awaiting their first tenants. The one to three-room apartments are 24 to 88 square metres large, completely furnished, and offer a built-in kitchen, wifi, and TV. Located between the urban railway station (S-Bahn), the university campus, and the technology park, MEDIENFENSTER is ideal for students and scientists.


More new buildings

The Adlershof-based property developer Vollack is constructing a new office and manufacturing building for Fortis Consulting GmbH. It will be developed next to the Dorint Hotel on Rudower Chaussee and have a floor area of 2,500 square metres on each level. The building’s completion is planned for spring 2017. The HoloEye Photonics AG, a manufacturer of optics and photography equipment, has been confirmed as the first tenant.


Record-breaking night

The Science Park Adlershof attracted more than 38,000 visitors to the Long Night of the Sciences on 11 June. Numerous institutes and other locals opened their doors to present experiments, give talks and tours of laboratories, and to explain how crystals, vacuums, lasers, and satellites work. The Long Night of the Sciences has been an annual event since 2001. The next instalment will take place on 24 June 2017.


“Battle den Horst“

The “Battle den Horst” science slam will take place on 21 July 2016, starting at 18:30. Scientists and ambitious non-scientists will give a topical presentation for 10 minutes. The audience is the jury and decides who was top and who a flop. The event is subject to charge. Drinks and snacks are free.
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Director Adlershof Print

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