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Professionals need Professional Services

The fact that we live in a service society is mothing new. More than two thirds of Germany’s working population earn a living providing a service. However, the keyword cues images of hairdressers, fast-food chains, rent-a-bikes or window cleaners. It takes a while before tax consultants, lawyers, insurers and financial service providers spring to mind. I think of advisory services, translators and experts in advertisement and marketing. Lastly, I end up thinking of research services, data experts and IT specialists. The list gets ever longer. Service providers today are often highly qualified and well-paid.


There is a simultaneous trend towards doing things yourself: we can build our own house, take care of our own finances and stay fit without a gym. Deciding between “do it yourself” and “let someone do it for you” is not always easy – unless, of course, service providers are able to better understand their customers’ wishes and goals by putting themselves in their position. By doing this, their customers’ success becomes their own success.

We at the Technology Park’s operating company acts on exactly that maxim with our new business support services. Whether its advice on procuring funding or networking events, read our cover story to find out how WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH bring together start-ups with established companies. Moreover, we will introduce you to a building strategist, a data expert and two media professionals. Finally, we asked Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller some questions on the Berlin Senate’s future commitment the Science City after his visit to the Technology Park Adlershof in April.

We hope this new issue of Adlershof Journal serves you well.

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print

Behind the scene

Interview with Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller

Adlershof Journal: As a Berliner, you have known Adlershof long before you became mayor. When did you first visit the Science City and what was the...

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Essay by Lea Streisand, Berlin-based columnist, radio host and writer

There was a time when I had a real job. It’s been a while. This was back when I was still at university and didn’t know what I wanted to be. Becoming...

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Building strategist and partner at the Vollack Gruppe

He is a partner at the Vollack Group. He calls himself a building strategist. In our interview, he tells us what that means and why he thinks the...

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Businesswoman Christin Schäfer is living her dream in Adlershof

It’s the little things that have the greatest effects. The hidden details and bite-sized information. Observed from above, they can reveal structures...

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Cover story

The new services of WISTA Business Support

To make the ideas of start-ups take off as fast as possible, WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH offers a multitude of services. Most of them are aimed at bringing...

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Cover story

The A² Adlershof Accelerator is entering its second round

A² stands for the Adlershof Accelerator. The programme aims at bringing together young and established companies and is now entering its second...

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Looking Beyond Boundaries

How the Innovation Workshop Schöneweide brings together industry and research

Sizes M, S, XS – one better orders three sizes, then hopefully one will fit. This is how it goes when buying clothing online on sites like Zalando....

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Benjamin Akinci

Free Wi-Fi Everywhere

Managed Hotspot Services at the Technology Park Adlershof

The abl social federation GmbH is currently moving but their new offices in Adlershof are still quite empty. This will change very soon. As the prime...

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Andreas Degkwitz

Scholarly Bits and Bytes

The library of the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin is sought after more than ever

Librarians are in no way being made obsolete by the digital age. At the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, they give tips on efficient online research,...

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The Mothership

Concert films and music videos from the Adlershof Media City

Back when he was in school, Markus Mörtz used to hand in presentations on video. This passion for photography and moving images was handed down from...

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Adlershof Speaks Many Languages

Viadrina sprachen GmbH have opened a branch in Adlershof

It doesn’t get any more realistic: “Language training with paramedics means keeping it together in stressful situations,” says David Furmanek, the...

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Surgical Security

New gloves developed by “Smarterials Technology” will prevent needlestick injuries

Probably the dearest wish of patients and relatives before the door to the surgery closes is that everything may go well. But not only patients, but...

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Short Cuts


Ideas Competition for UV-LEDS

The consortium Advanced UV for Life initiated the ideas competition “LEDs Innovative Your Home – UV LED Idea Challenge” and is calling all creative minds to hand in innovative solutions for everyday application of ultra-violet diodes (UV-LEDS). Ideas can be handed in, rated and developed on the innovation platform HYVE until 15th May 2017. The main winner receives a prize money of 1,500 euros with more cash and non-cash prizes for the runners-up. Two people will be able to attend the joint UV conference of Advanced UV for Life and the International Ultraviolet Association Inc. in Berlin in spring 2018 free-of-charge.



Research Factory Microelectronics Germany

Eleven institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics in cooperation with two Leibniz-Institutes have developed a concept for a cross-location research factory for micro and nanoelectronics. The focus of the joint research across several institutes will be on four relevant future technology fields: “Silicon-based technologies”, “Compound semiconductors and special substrates”, “Heterointegration”, and “Design, testing and reliability”. The aim is to be able to offer the entire value chain in micro and nanoelectronics to major industry customers, small and medium-sized companies and universities. The Federal Ministry for Education and Research has granted Fraunhofer 280 million euro and 70 million euro to the Leibniz Association. The Adlershof-based Ferdinand-Braun-Institute is contributing its expertise in the development of energy-efficient semi-conductor components for application in electromobility, alternative energies and future mobile communication. Moreover, it is developing novel terahertz components for use in, for example, non-destructive testing and quantum technology. The latter will enable tap-proof data transfer and highly precise measurement tools.



Science Night

For the Long Night of The Sciences, on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 (5pm) the Science City will open the doors of laboratories, lecture halls and hotbeds of innovation. The mathematics and natural sciences campus of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), the non-university research institutions and tech companies invite you to lectures, experiments and tours.

The Technology Park Adlershof has something for everybody: build a solar-powered cooker or a hand-held spectroscope, watch glassblowers at work, laugh yourself silly at the Science Slam, explore the local history of aviation, dive into the Teltow Canal and its history or take part in science trivia. Fans of animals, who want to see what young people are working on, can go see the projects of the three schools Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium, Archenhold and Heinrich-Hertz-Oberschule. Their students present insight from the Zoo Club, make dancing robots and reveal secrets from physics and chemistry. The Institute of Physics hunts down ghost particles at the South Pole and takes a close look at exploding stars and black holes. Visitors at UniLab can test whether Cartesian devils can drown, hoses can be telephones and cherry juice can produce electricity. People interested in hypnosis, predictive policing, the sixth sense, brain fitness testing and stress research should pay a visit to the Institute of Psychology. Cosmic explorers can go to space on the street at the German Aerospace Center. The little ones can have fun at the daycare centre. The smartest night of the year ends with fireworks.

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