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Keep on pushing

Are you welcoming the New Year with good resolutions? Did you have those resolutions on your agenda last year already? Quit smoking; being less of a couch potato in your spare time and go out for a dance instead; maybe even take dancing lessons or join a choir; exercise more and eat less meat; procrastinate less and get unpleasant work done more; clear out the cellar; invest more time in friends and family? The list is endless. Everyone has these New Year’s resolutions, but, sadly, everyone forgets them pretty soon, too.

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We like to use the time between Christmas and New Year to pause for a moment, to look back on what we have gained and we look forward to making new plans. When it comes to actually sticking to them, however, we often lack the necessary patience and perseverance. Indeed we actually learn to be patient early on in pre-school, as Anne Schenke tells us, who is a day care worker at the Kita Am Studio. We also asked the little ones what patience means to them. Read our article “Child’s play?” to see what marvelous things they had to say.

Patience is required in many aspects of our lives. We asked some of our researchers and entrepreneurs about it, who sometimes work for several years on a project before reaching a successful result. Their motto is: Motivate yourself and motivate your team! They also recommend focusing on small, clearly defined tasks on the path to success.

So don’t give up on your hopes when it looks like your New Year’s resolutions for 2017 are sliding away after a few days. However, should you fail again, don’t wait until the next 31st December this time. You can start changing things any day.

Stay patient!

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print


Essay by freelance journalist Paulina Czienskowski

There is much to learn from watching the heroes of children’s books. One thing stands out: patience. They often go out in search of things. On their...

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The restaurant­ owner is bringing Greek cuisine to Adlershof

Local admirers of the Mediterranean cuisine are enthusing about her homemade Greek specialties. Together with her husband Nikolaos, she opened her...

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Mario Brützam matures crystals at IKZ

It all comes down to the exact temperature. If the mass is too hot, the nucleus dissolves like a sugar cube in coffee. If it’s too cool, the crystals...

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Cover story

On the perseverance of entrepreneurs and scientists from Adlershof

Hardly any job ad nowadays is complete without mentioning “perseverance” in the requirements. But what does that mean in practice? Is it the key to...

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Behind the scene

Technology parks need more than one election period for success

Technology park developers must be far-sighted planners as well as smart and eager networkers. Apart from the courage to go down new paths, they have...

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Child’s play? Early practice helps to master patience

Day care worker Anne Schenke tells us about her day-to-day in child care

Anne Schenke, who is a day care worker at the Kita Am Studio, says her job is the best in the world. She is a patient person and practices that every...

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Soundtrack composer Moritz Denis

The Master of Plucking Strings

How soundtrack composer Moritz Denis gets ideas for his music

Why weren’t any shots fired at the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in 1989? A new comedy of errors featuring Erich Honecker and a doppelganger,...

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HU computer scientist Monika Domanska

Measuring Emotions

HU computer scientist develops sensors that help people with anxiety disorders

Sweating, heart racing, shaking: can emotions be identified from physical responses? Yes, says the PhD student Monika Domanska. She is using sensors...

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Viacheslav Artyushenko with Olga Bibikova, PhD student at the Ulm University (l); Urszula Joanna Zabarylo, PhD student at the Charitè (m.), and Annabelle Sophie Bahr, student

Highly specialised optical fibres

art photonics GmbH develops spectroscopy systems for instant analysis in operating rooms

The art photonics GmbH is one of the bedrock companies of Adlershof. Founder and manager Viacheslav Artyushenko and his team of 30 employees have...

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Fishing Peptides

A start-up from Adlershof develops innovative cleaning procedures for natural substances with a therapeutic effect

Meet three young and ambitious chemists. Although two of them are currently working on completing their PhDs, these researchers have been busy...

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Consultants for Energy and Hygiene

Acting as a role model

The team of the private EHA Institute offers consulting and other services on the issues of energy consumption and hygiene. Moreover they are...

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Short Cuts


Second Round of the A² Adlershof Accelerator programme

Start-ups from the energy sector can sign up for the “A² Accelerator Smart Energy 2017” until January 15th. The programme will bring together young founders with established players from the energy sector with the aim of realizing pilot projects together. The six industrial partners are Alliander AG, BTB GmbH, Enovos International SA, GASAG AG, MVV Energy AG and Stromnetz Berlin GmbH. The project is supported by the Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne). The start-ups receive financial support of up to 10,000 euro for a five-month project period, access to a co-working space in the Science and Technology Park Adlershof as well as coaching and training. The A² Accelerator will kick off in May 2017.



Sentech wins Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2016

One of the five winning teams of the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2016 is an Adlershof-based company. Sentech Instruments GmbH received the award and the prize money of 10,000 euro in December. Their product: a new, easy-to-use measurement device which increases the efficiency of photovoltaic power stations. The device is a quality control tool for so-called PERCs – passivated emitter and rear cells – whose task it is to safeguard quality during solar cell manufacturing. PERC cells consist of several layers whose individual properties interact to increase energy output.



“Jugend forscht“

In February 2017, the Science City Adlershof will be all about “Jugend forscht”, Germany’s most widely known junior science competition, in February 2017. The regional section for the south of Berlin of the nationwide competition will take place on 21st and 22nd of February 2017. All those interested in finding out more about the young scientists and their projects in work, biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics, computer science, physics and technology are invited to the Bunsen Hall in Volmerstraße 2. Attention, junior scientists! The closing date for your projects is 31st January 2017.



Dissertation Award Adlershof 2016

The Dissertation Award Adlershof will once again take place on 15th February 2017. Three out of the eleven submitted students will get the chance to present the subject of their project to an interested audience in 15 minutes. The award including the 3,000 euro prize money will go to the most easily comprehensible and eloquent presentation. The prize money is sponsored by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Joint Initiative of Non-University Affiliated Research Institutes Adlershof e.V. (IGAFA) and WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH. The ceremony will take place at the Erwin Schrödinger-Centre at 4.30 pm.



Campus Concert

On 31st January 2017, the conference room 0‘119 of the Erwin Schrödinger-Centre will be turned into a chamber music hall. Students and employees of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin invite you to listen to their Campus Concert Adlershof starting at 5pm. The repertoire includes all kinds of, but only classical music. Entrance is free.

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