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Adlershof Journal May/June 2016

Adlershof Journal May/June 2016

No longer a balancing act: Diversity brings out the best in us!

Zeropointzerozerozero: precision mechanics make nanoscale components//
Workbench and Willkommenskultur: jobs for Syrian refugees//
Students with disabilities: the accessible HU campus in Adlershof

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Diversity brings out the best in us!

The subject of tolerance and diversity has been hotly debated due to the current refugee policy. Four refugee shelters have been set up in Adlershof over the past few months. Hundreds of people from many different nations live together under difficult conditions. Many of them are hoping to build a new life in Germany. In this issue of Adlershof Journal, we will look at how Adlershof-based entrepreneurs and scientists are supporting their integration into the German society. In case some of our readers want to support these efforts by becoming a sponsor for a refugee child or by taking part in one of our “International Evenings”, please visit for more information and people to get in touch with..


Being tolerant and not discriminating against people is important in many different areas of life. In 2013, more than 10 million people in Germany, for example, had an officially recognised disability. That is one in eight people living in this country. The creation of modern and barrier-free campuses, like the Humboldt-Universität in Adlershof, and various support programmes are necessary to ensure that people in a wheelchair like Nassim Dadkhah are able to go to university.

It is no question that inclusion and integration means much more than creating safe spaces and making sure that public spaces and buildings are made accessible with lifts and ramps. Insecurity or prejudices towards people with disabilities, people from other cultures, people of colour, or people with other preferences can be overcome. By bringing people together. The Technology Park Adlershof attracts visiting scholars from all over the world. They are more than welcome here and their work in Adlershof is greatly appreciated.Lastly, the issue of tolerance in a technology park would not be sufficiently covered without an article on measuring tolerance. The customers of Uwe Steingross’ company for fine mechanics expect precision of four decimal places.

I hope you will enjoy reading this month’s issue!

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print


I tell my students that my back is aching in German. The other volunteering teachers told me right from the beginning to speak very slowly and...

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The volunteer refugee coordinators of the Technology Park Adlershof

Kezban Saritas und Ralph Langanke have made a great team and have been supporting the integration of refugees in Adlershof for more than six months....

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Henrik Kinnemann is responsible for future developments for Siemens and for a nine-year-old

They have been canoeing “on the track of the beaver” in the Oderbruch, fishing in the Havel river, and went to see the children’s opera “The Cunning...

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They once fled to Germany. It was hard for them in the beginning, but they have since come a long way. Now they help refugees themselves. We take a...

Arriving in Germany was hard for Mohsen Makki: “In retrospect, it felt like I was a fish in the ocean during those first few months. I was swimming,...

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Basem Wabeh and Jan Trommershausen

Workbench and Willkommenskultur

The Syrian refugee Basem Wabeh works for AEMtec GmbH

In Adlershof and throughout Berlin, many are making an effort to support refugees. One important mission of the Science City in Adlershof is to...

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Xiaofang Qi

Well received

Two visiting scholars tell us about their Adlershof experience

"I feel at home in Berlin. It is a great city,” says Xiaofang Qi. Her surname “Qi” is pronounced “Chi”. The physicist laughs and says: “As in...

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Ralph Steyer, assistant general manager at Steingross Feinmechanik


The balancing act between the upper and the lower limit

If high-tech companies and research institutes from Adlershof need precision components, they go straight to the precision technician next door.There...

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Yongtak Choi

Poetry in Colour

The paintings of Korean artist Yongtak Choi are mood boosters.

Since ancient times, scholars and philosophers have been arguing about the concept of poetry and whether painting or poetry is the true way of...

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The wheelchair-friendly university

People with disabilities at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin

The wheelschair-friendly universityPeople with disabilities at the Humboldt-Universität in BerlinAlthough it is commonplace for people with...

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A healthy heartbeat for the rural world

The start-up Boreal Light will bring electricity and water to rural regions in the Middle East

To bring electricity and clean drinking water to rural regions of the Middle East – this is the mission of Hamed Beheshti and his company Boreal...

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Short Cuts


Up the ante!

The new Adlershof Online

The Adlershof website ( was relaunched with a new design in mid-April. The site is now fully responsive and optimised for all types of devices including smart TV, desktop computer, tablet, notebook, or smartphone. No space wasted on large screens and no laborious scrolling on small screens.

Up and running

Car park

Also in April, the technology park’s first multi-storey parking garage was opened in April on Albert-Einstein-Straße. With 500 parking spaces for long-term tenants and 80 for short term parking, the Europa-Center-Parkhaus will improve the tense parking situation in Adlershof.

Wise up!

The night is smart

On 11 June 2016, it’s finally time for the “Long Night of the Sciences” at the Technology Park Adlershof. Our visitors can watch researchers at work, throw over clean room suits, conduct experiments, discover secret places, solve mathematical riddles, shoot a film, and much more. They can fly across Mars in 3D at the German Aerospace Center – DLR, or interview our traffic experts about “next generation trains”. Or go next door to the Helmholtz-Centre Berlin to marvel at the electron ring BESSY II, which helps scientists to develop new materials for environmentally-friendly energy storage and conversion. Interested visitors can watch crystals grow, calibrate lasers, or check their phone for electric smog. The Analytics Expedition lets people analyse food and do a breathalyser test. Our Science Slam is guaranteed to make you laugh and the interactive show of the “Physikanten” will make you see physics like you never have before.

A total of 73 scientific institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg will open their doors to the public on 11 June 2016. Start: 17:00, End: 24:00, Tickets (14 euros/reduced for 9 euros) are available from 9 May 2016 at ticket machines and shops of the public transport companies, BVG and S-Bahn, and via CTS Eventim. For more information on the Adlershof programme, please visit:

Heads up!

Working in the international lab

Multicultural teams accomplish more. How can people from different cultures work together and make their differences produce innovation? The Institute for Psychology of Humboldt-Universität will host an innovation camp on the issue of “Intercultural Conflict Management and Negotiation” for professionals and managers in cooperation with the business consulting company Trainergemeinschaft Berlin.
Call: +49 30 20 93 93 30

Up on Stage

1st Poetry Slam Adlershof

Slam poet Felix Römer will host Adlershof‘s first poetry slam and has invited some of Germany’s greatest. Römer has been presenting his writing on stage since 1999 and effortlessly manages the balancing act between entertainment and philosophy. He brings together pathos and melancholy, seriousness and comedy, a keen wit and snarky punchlines.
Date: 16 June 2016, 20.00-22.00 at Theater Adlershof (Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1), Admission: 10 Euro, Pre-Sale/reduced: 8 Euro

Growing up

HSR in Adlershof celebrates 20th birthday

The Adlershof branch of the specialist hydraulics company HSR GmbH will celebrate its 20th birthday on 10 June 2016. The HSR has been with the Technology Park since 2007. Many laboratories, research and manufacturing companies use the HSR counter for all their needs regarding hydraulics and compressed air components.

Editorial Staff

Sylvia Nitschke
Director Adlershof Print

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