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Adlershof Journal Januar/Februar 2016 - Cover
Adlershof Journal Cover

Adlershof Journal January/February 2016

Virtuosic Interplay: Our Talents for new Technologies:

Search, find, foster: Seeking talent at the Technology Park Adlershof //
In Good Form: PensatechPharma develops new forms of pharmaceuticals //
Top-level athletics and university: Students from Adlershof en route to the Olympics //



There’s no substitute for talent

When was your last job interview in which you were asked about your strengths? Do you remember it well? Why, do you ask? Because I want to know what your talents are. The fact of the matter is everybody has them. The most important thing is to discover and to cultivate them.


But how does one identify, attract, and maintain talents? Read our cover story to find out how the talent scouts of Humboldt-Innovation GmbH make sure that good ideas don’t get lost in the labs of Adlershof. Also in this issue of Adlershof Journal, corporate consultant Hubert Hofmann of enspire Connect gives us his recipe for the quest for talent.

One of the many facets of developing talent is to identify it early on. In this issue we look at two student projects that will take part in the South Berlin regional competition of “Jugend forscht“ (“Young Scientists”) on 23rd/24th February in Adlershof. We show you how Olympic contenders at Berlin’s Humboldt-University balance university with top-level athletics and tell you about the passions of the musician, violin maker, and painter Christian Schmidt.

Last but not least we say farewell to the talented manager Hardy Rudolf Schmitz in an interview. As head of WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH he has spent the last 14 years pushing the success story of Adlershof.

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print




Why researchers are not as hyped as musicians or athletes

Essay by Paulina Czienskowski, freelance journalist who writes for Welt am Sonntag, stern, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, and Berliner Morgenpost Let’s start with a quiz: who is Takaaki Kajita? Aziz Sancar?... [more]


In conversation with Kathrin Aziz-Lange

She originally wanted to become a documentary film maker. It was Kathrin Maria Aziz-Lange’s childhood dream. However, she then studied physics and got a PhD. Because it opens up infinite possibilities, she says. Now she... [more]


Magdalena Böck sells high-end technology on four continents

At first she didn’t want to stay longer than six months. Meanwhile she’s been “in this great city” for six years. From Austria to Berlin: “I’m your classic economic refugee,” says Magdalena Böck. Did she flee from... [more]

Cover Story

Seeking talent at the Technology Park Adlershof

Finding, fostering, and maintaining talent is a pivotal challenge of our knowledge-based society. Science and business must cooperate to not let good ideas go to waste in laboratories. Adlershof offers ways to study how... [more]

Behind the scene

“Jugend forscht“ – the science and technology competition shows the curiosity and passion of young people for science

They research the emotional connectedness of yawning and feelings triggered by robots – students and other young people research their own questions with curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm. The Science City... [more]


How to maintain highly skilled professionals

enspira Connect GmbH supports companies in tapping into the unused potential of employees and executives and in improving their strategic positioning. “From Adlershof, for Adlershof” is the motto of its founder Hubert... [more]


Christian Schmidt is a violin maker, musician, and painter

A virgin’s urine for the varnish, wood from trees cut on new moon – there are many myths surrounding the Lombardic violin maker families Amati, Stradivari or Guaneri. All over the world these musical names make the... [more]


The start-up PensatechPharma develops new forms of pharmaceuticals

PensatechPharma GmbH is a company specialized on innovative forms of pharmaceuticals. It is now looking for new solutions for difficult types of drug administration at its new location in Adlershof. Professor Roland... [more]


The future plans of Hardy Rudolf Schmitz, past managing director of WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH

Hardy Rudolf Schmitz was project manager at Boston Consulting, a consulting company, he was managing partner of CompuNet Computer AG, and, for 14 years, managing director of WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH. Now the 65-year-old is... [more]


Students from Adlershof en route to the Olympics

They work hard for the Olympic qualifying and visit lectures at university at the same time – about 15 top-level athletes study on the campus of Humboldt-University (HU) in Berlin Adlershof. For Maria Kurjo and Philipp... [more]

Short Cuts



Dissertation Award Adlershof

Three young scientists will pitch their doctoral thesis at the Dissertation Award Adlershof on 9 February 2016. The nominees will briefly present their projects and the contender with the liveliest and most coherent presentation wins the prize that includes 3,000 euro. The Disseration Award Adlershof has been given out by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, IGAFA e.V., and WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH since 2002.




The Berlin energy provider BTB took a power-to-heat facility into operation at the end of last year. The facility is activated during the short periods when more electricity is produced than needed. Excess energy is used for water heating for the BTB district heating network. BTB provides thousands of households and commercial buildings in Berlin’s Southeast with heat. Depending on current demand, the warm water can be stored in custom-built water tanks over a long period of time and used when necessary.



“Humboldt Klassik“

The next Campus Concert Adlershof will take place on Tuesday, 19th January 2016 at 5pm at Rudower Chaussee 26. Admission is free.




The 55-sqm-campus “Am Oktogon“ in Adlershof is growing. The first stone for the new company headquarters of Innominate Security Technologies AG as well as the office and lab building B2 was laid in November. B2 will be the second of 13 new buildings planned on the premises developed by immobilien-experten-ag. Completion is planned for autumn 2016. The stone laying for the OfficeLab H1, an office building with an attached manufacturing and service hall, is planned for March 2016.



Reading devices from opTricon

Berlin’s leading original equipment manufacturer of mobile devices for quantitative analysis of antigen detection quick tests, opTricon GmbH, will provide the American diagnostics manufacturer Chembio Diagnostics, Inv. with DPP® micro readers. This is a product variation of the cube reader which, according to opTricon, is possibly the smallest miniaturized lateral flow test. The reading device provides accurate test results even with very small concentrations of the analyte. The mobile and user-friendly reader is currently patent pending.



Legler OK relocated

The Adlershof-based commercial furniture provider Heike Legler will open their new offices at Europa-Center (Strasse am Studio 1) on 18 January 2016.



Money for Younicos

The Adlershof-based storage pioneer Younicos is providing growth capital of 50 million dollars for advancing business with intelligent energy storage solutions worldwide. The money comes from a consortium including First Solar Inc., a worldwide provider of photovoltaic systems solutions, and Grupo ECOS, a consulting company specialized on sustainable investment, as well as a third unnamed strategic investor.