Angela Merkels Weg zur Macht...: ...führte nicht nur einmal über Adlershof


Angela Merkels Weg zur Macht...

...führte nicht nur einmal über Adlershof

Ein Portrait der "Irish Times": Few traces remain of the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry in the suburb of Adlershof, part of the East German Academy of Sciences. The campus is now a business park, and the building where Merkel had her office has been demolished. The hunt for what is left of her scientific past leads past “Knut’s Sauna Club” to a long, squat building with a glass door. On the first floor is a low-ceilinged room with six windows and an old green blackboard on one wall. This is where, in 1986, Merkel defended her doctoral thesis – succesfully – to become Dr Angela Merkel.

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