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Editorial by Luis Sanz, IASP Director General Spain:

The irruption of the science park concept meant a revolution in the way spaces to host businesses and, in general, economic activity were conceived. The rise of the knowledge economy engendered new technologies, new...

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Managers of the operating company WISTA consider themselves as architects of proximity:

Initiating, forging, and supporting cooperation projects is an essential ingredient of WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH’s contribution to the Adlershof recipe for success. “We are not only a site operator and property manager,...

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Short paths are a good basis for cooperation projects – that are also funded by a fair number of initiatives in the Technology Park:

What do researchers work on? What innovations do companies need? Answers to these simple, yet essential questions can be found at “Economy Meets Science”, an annual event organised by Humboldt University of Berlin...

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Tenants in Coworking Space IM.PULS benefit from each other

“Sitting close together promotes contact,” claims Tobias Kirschnick, Head of the Innovation and Setup Centre and responsible for the coworking space IM.PULS inaugurated in November in Adlershof. This meets with José Toro’s...

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IRIS is intended to force ahead the innovativeness and international visibility of research in Germany

Whenever Jürgen Rabe starts expounding on the number of disciplines converging on this institute, it puts the listener in dizziness. IRIS is intended to force ahead the innovativeness and international visibility of research...

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Startups have new ideas, established firms experience. A2 Adlershof Accelerator brings them together. This programme offers them a unique platform for the joint development of pilot projects. This year, A² will be going its...

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In Berlin Adlershof, the paths between research and industry are often very short

InSystems Automation GmbH is growing in line with the demand for autonavigating transport robots, and today over sixty experts are working for this specialised machine builder. In December 2017, the company relocated to a new...

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