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Adlershof Journal July/August 2022

Everything flows. We get to the bottom of water:

The pollutant investigator: Markus Venohr researches for cleaner waters // “Do not tarry, water carry”: CliWaC is sketching out the future of water // Dolphin sounds for underwater internet: Diving robots from…

From the Editors

Everything flows

Some people just can’t go past a puddle without diving in. These people don’t care whether this is a dip in the water on a hot summer’s day or in blustery autumn. I am not one of those people. Simply looking at water makes me happy. I also don’t mind if it’s wild, tempestuous, and whooshing. However, I find wild waters from the sky, also known as thunderstorms, quite unnerving. What also worries me are the recent droughts in our Berlin-Brandenburg region. Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Our current issue of Journal seeks to investigate this mysterious elixir that is both a blessing and a curse.

Read what researchers of Max Born Institute have found out in their investigations of this very special molecule. How can hydrogen advance the energy transformation? HPS Home Power Solutions und Localiser, whose digital hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg has just been launched, offer concrete answers.

The numerous bodies of water around our technology park community also serve as a type of energy source for people to relax while sailing, kayaking, swimming, or canoeing. Hoist the sails! There are also some recommendations for weekend getaways. Where do Berliners play out their passion for surfing? Until now, they had to travel to do so. Now SURF ERA is bringing the ocean into the city.

Underneath the waves, the autonomous robots of EvoLogics are on an environmental monitoring mission and have taken inspiration from animals for the way they look as well as communicate. Lastly, water is also a problem child: The Einstein research unit “Climate and Water under Change” is focusing on the increasing lack of water in the German capital region.

Speaking of scarce resources: I am glad to say that this “Adlershof Journal” reaches you with no packaging. Hoping you have beautiful summer. At the, on the, or in the water.


Peggy Mory



Jump into the (cold) deep end!

Essay by Uli Kunz, marine biologist, underwater photographer, and environmentalist:

My first underwater experience was certainly not my bravest. After encountering a scary pike in Lake Constance as an eight year old, I made a hasty escape. It took a few days of recuperation before I dared another…


How much traction does Berlin Research 50 have?

In conversation with Anja Sommerfeld, who manages the association of non-university research institutions in Berlin:

In early 2020, an interdisciplinary initiative of non-university researchers “for a fair, healthy, and sustainable future” created Berlin Research 50 (BR50). How much traction does BR50 have? To find out, we spoke to…


The pollutant investigator

Markus Venohr conducts research for cleaner waters in Adlershof:

Had Markus Venohr not looked at the Rhine every day from his childhood room in Duisburg, or had he not been canoeing with his parents in numerous holidays with his parents, he might well have become a musician.…


Hoist the sails!

Our technology park community has the best tips for water sports in the region:

Our campus is not only home to outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs but also to dedicated water sports enthusiasts. There are even some Olympic athletes among them. To their great advantage, they live and work in…


“Do not tarry, water carry”

The Einstein Research Unit “Climate and Water under Change” is sketching out the future of water in Berlin and Brandenburg in cooperation with the public:

Water as a resource in rural areas, the city, the ecosystem, and as part of municipal wastewater management: The research platform “Climate and Water under Change” (CliWaC) is bringing in the public to tackle the…


Advancing the energy transformation with hydrogen

Year-round storage for buildings and as a regional energy source – how two Adlershof-based companies are fostering the gas’s practical applications:

A typical summer day in Adlershof: blue skies, a few clouds, the sun is shining. Shining on the free-standing solar cells along Rudower Chaussee. Their electricity charges a car, while the rest disappears into an…


From dolphin sounds to underwater internet

EvoLogics looks towards animal role models for its autonomous diving robots:

A new headquarters is being built on Adlershof’s Wagner-Régeny-Straße. It belongs to a high-tech company that connects underwater infrastructures in oceans, rivers, and lakes, and develops autonomous robots…


The perfect wave

SURF ERA is bringing the ocean into the city:

“I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.” This quote is attributed to Jack O’Neill, who was not only a passionate surfer from the Santa Cruz area in California but also a…


10-year-anniversary of Pensatech Pharma in Adlershof

Turning active ingredients into dosage forms:

The systems are running at full speed in the laboratories of Pensatech Pharma GmbH. As a service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, the company tests and develops dosage forms that often make certain drug…


A very special molecule

MBI researchers investigate the peculiar properties of water:

Researchers at the Max Born Institute are investigating the peculiar properties of water: They are researching fundamental physical and biophysical processes on ultrafast time scales. There is no life without water.…

News in brief

Free co-working space for refugees

Since 2015, the companies and institutions of the Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof have been committed to helping refugees integrate into the job and education market. Immigrants, refugees, and other people seeking protection can find information on support services and other offerings related to the integration into career and education on our dedicated refugee site as part of our online presence. For refugees looking for a local opportunity to work in peace, WISTA Management GmbH has set up a co-working space at the Innovation and Start-up Centre (IGZ) on Rudower Chaussee 29. Between 8am and 6pm. they have access to 13 workplaces (including wi-fi, HDMI cables, and screens); coffee and water are provided. You must bring your own laptop. Please register one day in advance by 4pm via email to:
Romy Schmidt,
Melissa German, german(at)


Siemens Mobility is moving to Adlershof

Siemens Mobility is moving its development and manufacturing branch from Treptow to Berlin Adlershof. It is constructing a modern new building for offices, manufacturing, and storage on Wagner-Régeny-Straße. For this, BEOS AG and the State of Berlin have signed a hereditary ground lease for the 26,420-m² plot of land for 65 years. BEOS AG will be responsible for the development of the entire construction project. Siemens Mobility has been active in Adlershof with its development department and 150 employees for over 25 years. This department will be integrated into the new headquarters, increasing the number of staff working at the new Berlin branch to 1,200 employees.


Call for Applications: Falling Walls Lab Berlin-Adlershof

Applications for taking part in the 2022 Falling Walls Lab (FWL Berlin-Adlershof) are open until 5 September. Applicants to FWL Adlershof get three minutes to publicly present their pioneering thoughts, research projects, ideas, and initiatives of a broader social relevance at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) on 30 September at 2 pm. The winners of the worldwide preliminary competitions will meet at the finals in Berlin on 7 November to become the “Breakthrough Winner of the Year in the category Emerging Talents of Falling Walls”.


Pilot project for a carpooling app in Adlershof

We all know the traffic situation in Adlershof in the morning: long queues and no free parking. Many cars only have one person in them. A Berlin-based start-up is offering a more sustainable and practical solution: CityHitcher is a carpooling app for short distances. With just a few clicks, drivers and passengers can put in their journey in advance or at short notice and the app identifies the best combinations for carpooling automatically and in real time. The pilot project was launched in Adlershof in June. All residents of Adlershof receive initial credit, making the first few rides free.


SCIENION building a new headquarters in Adlershof until 2023

SCIENION GmbH have celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for their new headquarters building on Wagner-Régeny-Straße 15 on 13 April. By the end of 2022, they will build a four-storey building with laboratories, clean rooms, and spaces for manufacturing, storage, management, sales, and services as well as an underground multistorey car park on a 3,000-m² lot. SCIENION has been based in the Technology Park Adlershof since its inception in 2001.


Launch of a professionals network in Adlershof

The Federal Employment Agency South Berlin and WISTA Management GmbH have launched an initiative for more staff in the Technology Park in mid-May. The network is aimed at supporting companies and research institutes in attracting and retaining skilled workers and facilitating staff development. Moreover, it will strengthen location marketing in Adlershof, advertising opportunities for apprenticeships and jobs among school and university students.


Construction of new school campus to start this year

Pre-construction activities for a community school on a 3.5-hectare site at Hermann-Dorner-Allee/Eisenhutweg will begin in late 2022. By the 2026/2027 school year, not only will 1,332 new school places be created here but also a place of learning in which elementary school, middle school, and high school are integrated based on a modern educational concept. In addition to the building, the project includes two integrated three-field gymnasiums as well as outdoor sports surfaces and a school commons. The school is being built by HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH.

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