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Adlershof Journal July/August 2022

Everything flows. We get to the bottom of water:

The pollutant investigator: Markus Venohr researches for cleaner waters // “Do not tarry, water carry”: CliWaC is sketching out the future of water // Dolphin sounds for underwater internet: Diving robots from…

From the Editors

Give me the news

If you weren’t a person interested in new things, you probably wouldn’t be holding this magazine right now. I am sure we can all agree that being able to feed one’s brain with nutritious food (that we can choose ourselves) is an incredible privilege. Of course, we must also learn things that seem cumbersome at first – be it because everyday life or work demand us to. And, yes, the older a person gets – we tested this for you –, the more difficult it becomes to apply and store knowledge. But isn't it also a lot of fun and isn’t the old saying of the old dog and new tricks exactly that, old-fashioned?

In our cover story, we tell the stories of knowledge-hungry people from Adlershof who see lifelong learning – even outside of their comfort zone – as an investment in their future. Constant learning with a clear vision is also the recipe for success for Mike Neumann, who has been in charge of the Berlin-Brandenburg State Laboratory as director since August.

Talents are a scarce good: What channels do we have available to share knowledge and inspire the next generation of STEM researchers? We asked around at our research facilities and they said: “Labs, radio, and co.” The facilities management company Gegenbauer and a training network at the Ferdinand Braun Institute are convinced that if you want skilled workers, you must train them yourself.

How does a person become happy, and can this be learned? Deep Breath, a start-up, wants to provide support to people seeking inner satisfaction using meditation and methods of art therapy. Creativity is also at the heart of the company Papyrus Autor. With its software, the family business is revolutionising traditional word processing and is enjoying the support of a growing fan base.

The stories in the Journal’s autumn issue underscore the variety of paths we all use to change who we are and acquire new knowledge and skills. Start walking down yours.



Peggy Mory



What do I know?

Essay by Paulina Czienskowski, writer from Berlin:

When did you last learn something new? A thought, an activity, a fact. I couldn’t think of anything if it weren’t for the fact that I recently gave birth to a child. Since then, I have been soaking up new things like…


In conversation with Mike Neumann

Since August, the chemist has been in charge of the State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg:

“I have found my calling,” says Mike Neumann. After working for Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg (LLBB), Berlin-Brandenburg’s state laboratory, for eight years – most recently as department head for the environment and…


The attosecond researcher

Olga Smirnova observes the ultra-fast movements of the smallest particles:

At home in Moscow, it was her mother’s bookshelves that intrigued her. She secretly took out the books, assuming that her mother, a physicist, would find their content inappropriate for a 5-year-old and forbid her to…


Be open to learning!

Knowledge-hungry people in Adlershof are shaping the future:

Many talk about lifelong learning. But what does that mean exactly? Why is it more necessary than ever? And what are its effects? We asked people in Adlershof who are shaping the future about what they think. …


Labs, radio and co. to get young people excited about science

How research institutions reach STEM talent:

Doing it yourself. Being amazed. Seeking knowledge. This is the triad aimed at sparking enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, among Berlin’s youth. To do so, Adlershof’s research…


Data library for material researchers

The FAIRmat consortium is creating a platform for FAIR research data in materials science:

Terabytes of data: The aim of the FAIRmat consortium is not only to preserve the results and publications of materials research, but also the measurement data generated on the way there. In addition to avoiding…


“Everyone should be able to express their creativity”

Adlershof newcomers Hendrik and Leon Ramps have revolutionised traditional word processing with “Papyrus Autor”:

With “Papyrus Autor”, the two brothers Hendrik and Leon Ramps have revolutionised traditional word processing and developed software that is geared towards the very nature of creative writing. They recently moved to…


The backbone of life

Gegenbauer’s new open apprenticeship showroom:

“Geniuses do not drop from the sky; they must have an opportunity to develop” said August Bebel, a social democrat, more than 100 years ago. The company Gegenbauer has been training people for almost the same amount…


“A wonderful landscape for apprentices”

ANH Berlin is taking care of the highly sought-after new generation of non-academic staff:

The skilled labour shortage is currently a huge issue in Germany. The microelectronics sector develops and produces semiconductor chips for a wide range of applications – from computers to airbag sensors – and is…

News in brief

Foundation-stone ceremony for the B8 building of “AM OKTOGON”

The “AM OKTOGON” campus is being extended by adding another building. In early July, immobilien-experten-ag, the project developer and representative of the building owners, celebrated the foundation-stone laying ceremony for the 11th building on the premises, which is located on the Western end of Rudower Chaussee and will be fully developed by late 2025/early 2026. The new B8 extension on Hermann-Dorner-Allee has a total lettable area of roughly 2,300 square metres across five stories with about 450 square metres of lettable space each. The building’s completion is planned for June 2023. Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co. KG has been commissioned with turnkey construction. The company was already in charge of building the adjacent building.


The “WISTA direkt” system has been updated

The online system “Mein Adlershof” will no longer be managed via a central user account. This applies to the section for publishing classified ads, the News section, to post own news and dates, and newsletter registration. Adlershof-based companies and institutes will no longer be able to edit content themselves. If you have a correction request, please direct it to

“Mein Adlershof” will become “WISTA direkt”. To access the new online content system, go to the top right of all pages of and (previously “LOGIN”) as usual. Soon, it will also be possible to publish directly on the appropriate pages, i.e., in the News section, the event calendar, and the classifieds pages.


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