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Fund: Equipment for film and television

In the GDR film and television studios an entire equipment industry – costume, make-up and set designers – worked at a high level since 1952. The fund “Adlershof Fundus” – warehouses with their collections of costumes, masks, props, furniture and vehicles were countless square metres in size.

After temporary closure, the fund has been available again as a lender since June 2019 with countless items of equipment. With a new owner and under new management, it is a competent partner for equipment and costumes in the old film and television tradition – most recently for productions such as “The Queen's Gambit”, “Deutschland 89”, “Spy City”, “Hausen” etc. (current productions).

Right next to the large Fundus, whose offer is mainly aimed at professional film productions, there is the Alternative Fund – A.L.F. With its stock of costumes, masks, wigs and equipment, smaller productions and cultural institutions in particular are to be supported.


Adlershofer Fundus
Prestito Service GmbH & Co. KG

Ernst-Augustin-Straße 7
12489 Berlin
030 66504175 / 0176 72683442
030 340609351

Alternativer Fundus A.L.F.

Ernst-Augustin-Straße 9
12489 Berlin
+49 176 72683442