Berlin Adlershof: A Strong Network of Non-University Research Institutions

Berlin Adlershof: A Strong Network of Non-University Research Institutions

Non-university research at Adlershof

3D-television, super effective solar cells, traffic free motorways, ultra-sharp Mars cameras, the brightest light for mega-microscopes, energy saving light from light diodes, pure silicon counted to the last atom... these are the kinds of things that we research here at Adlershof.

1,800 staff work in the non-university research organisations in the fields of light, materials and models: BAM (analytical chemistry, reference materials) // DLR (planetary research, transportation systems, optical sensors) // FBH (high frequency technology) // HZB (materials, energy) // IKZ (crystal growth) // ISAS (analytical sciences) // MBI (nonlinear optics, short pulse spectroscopy) // PTB (photon radiometry). Many of these organisations once formed part of the former East German Academy of Science.

Science Network IGAFA

20 years ago the non-university research institutes formed the IGAFA (Joint Initiative of Non-University Research Institutes in Adlershof) scientific network.

Annually, round about 1000 publications are funded by the 217 million Euro budget, of which 82 million are derived from third-parties. In addition, 400 patents have been registered.
Every year, more than 1,200 guest scientists work at the IGAFA institutes, of which 150 long term (over a month).

The aim of IGAFA is to create new synergies and new knowledge by promoting interdisciplinary scientific co-operation and the exchange of ideas and experience between research institutes, as well as with universities and commercial enterprises. Furthermore, it supports the public understanding of science and creates synergy by providing infrastructure: support for international guests and management of meeting centers.

The Science Office is the front office of IGAFA and just that point of contact for scientists at the Adlershof technology park. Besides organizing singular events, the office provides a permanent forum for scientific exchange, practical discussions and thematic contacts.

Contact IGAFA

Dr. Ursula Westphal
Managing Director


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