Welcome to the Future: 
Welcome to 5G in Adlershof!

Welcome to the Future: Welcome to 5G in Adlershof!

New mobile phone standard in Adlershof

We at WISTA always want to offer the best possible conditions. This includes creating the appropriate infrastructure - always forward-looking and innovation-driven. This is why we have successfully applied for a 5G Campus License. The Adlershof Technology Park will be one of the first locations to gain access to this new mobile communications standard.

But to what extent are you interested in this and would you like to use 5G as an innovative technology as a company, institution, department, etc. at the location? What are your technical requirements? In which direction are your considerations going (e.g. Smart Energy, Connected Drones, Smart Manufacturing)?

Give us your feedback here so that we can find optimal solutions: 5g(at)wista.de

Information about 5G – why is it a future technology?

5G is the next generation of the mobile phone standard, with significant innovations and improvements:

  • with a speed of up to 10 Gbit/s it is 100 times faster than 4G
  • the delay/latency is much lower
  • the secure availability is much higher
  • approx. 1 million devices can now interact with a radio cell, that is 5000 times as many as before

These components thus not only offer great potential for improvements to existing products and services, but also allow completely new business models to be conceived.

5G - what are possible applications?

Where many devices can interact with each other with correspondingly broad, secure and low latency, the path is clear via hardware and software to connectivity as a mega-trend with diverse applications: whether smart manufacturing, connected energy, human-machine interaction, e.g. in personal assistance with Augmented or Virtual Reality (AI & VR), whether in the control, management and optimization of (critical) infrastructure, Smart City or E-Health, Smart Farming, UAVs and Connected Automotive ... There is an incredibly large number of applications and thus room for companies to secure their market position here.


5G campus network/ a:head area
Lukas Becker
WISTA Management GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 17
12489 Berlin

LoRAWAN, 100 Gbit and public WiFi:
Rainhard Zübner-Baake
1&1 Versatel – WISTA Campus Team

Albert-Einstein-Straße 12
12489 Berlin