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eagleyard Photonics GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489 Berlin

+49 30 6392-4520
+49 30 6392-4529


Jörg Muchametow (CEO), Claus Heitmann (CTO), Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders


eagleyard Photonics GmbH is a technology company founded in 2002 and based in Berlin, Germany. eagleyard develops, manufactures and distributes high power semiconductor laser diodes based on GaAs wafer material – the key component for advanced laser systems. Offering wavelengths ranging from 630 nm to 1,120 nm eagleyard has become a leading provider of reliable laser diodes that serve the requirements for industrial, space, defense, medical and scientific applications.

The portfolio covers distributed feedback and distributed bragg reflector lasers, tapered lasers, tapered amplifiers, broad area lasers and ridge waveguide lasers. A professional network of Sales Partners encompasses eagleyard’s sales activities around the globe. eagleyard’s certified development, production and marketing processes are subject to rigorous quality standards required by ISO 9001.

The portfolio is split in five product families: Single Mode Laser Diodes, Single Frequency Laser Diodes, Multimode Laser Diodes, Tapered Amplifiers and Gain Chips. Our products combine maximum power, high durability and excellent beam quality – a perfect match for high-end applications.

Research and Development:
We are part of several Research Projects, for example the Development Program for Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers.

Special Equipment:
Own Cleanroom


New head for the R&D team at TOPTICA EAGLEYARD
Dr. Björn Globisch wants to further research and development activities in the company
785nm DFB laser © TOPTICA
New 785 nm DFB laser in TO-5 package
TOPTICA eagleyard presents a new chip generation with high performance and excellent signal-to-noise ratio
Thomas Laurent © WISTA Management GmbH
A new beginning in the well-known
Two uplifting stories from Adlershof returners
Andreas Wicht and Markus Krutzik © WISTA Management GmbH
Crime scenes and quantum technology
Why the time is right for establishing a network of quantum technologies in the Berlin-Brandenburg region
Olaf Krüger (FBH) © WISTA Management GmbH
From research into practice
Numerous spin-offs of FBH and BAM prove how cooperation is boosted in Adlershof
Dr. Dirk Schumann. Credit: eagleyard photonics
eagleyard appointed new Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Dirk Schumann starts as new CTO and Managing Director from October 2017


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