MedInnovation GmbH - ESR-Analyselabor - Firma in Berlin

MedInnovation GmbH - ESR-Analyselabor

Groß-Berliner Damm 151, 12487 Berlin

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+49 30 720126-31 +49 30 720126-36


Konstantin Chernov


Dr. Kerstin Schnurr (Leiterin ESR-Labor) +49-30-7201 2631

Holger Schäfer (Kaufm. Leitung) +49-30-7201 2632


MedInnovation GmbH is a young and innovative company in the field of biotechnology and diagnostics instruments, established in 1999.
Our main business area is the analysis of blood protein conformation changes, especially of albumin. Therefore we developed a novel analysis technology based on electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. This method was patented in 2001 and is named albumin-functionality-test.

The Albumin-functionality-test is a simple blood test to detect an active tumor growth. It’s applicable to monitor the therapeutic outcome of cancer treatment and as a relapse control.
Additionally it delivers a predicate of detoxification, binding and transport capacity of serum albumin for patients with liver diseases and Sepsis/SIRS. This information is helpful for diagnosis and prognosis.


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