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Resonic GmbH

Schwarzschildstr. 1, 12489 Berlin


Dr. Robert Klöpper


Resonic specializes in the development of measurement systems for complete inertia properties.

Profound know-how in the fields of modal analysis, multi-body dynamics and 3d measurements is the basis for new measuring technologies that revolutionize inertia measurements in terms of highly reduced time consumption with simple hardware. Thus, a broad range of test objects from only a few grams up to several tons can be measured fast and easily – both at customer’s site and at the Resonic testing facilities in Berlin and Tokyo. Owing to the simple modular design of the measurement systems, the development and manufacturing of economic customized solutions is one of the greatest strengths of Resonic.

Clients include some of the largest car manufacturers, teams from the highest class in motor sports and clients from the aerospace sector.

Resonic inertia measurements:
• Solutions for the whole range of test objects regarding size, mass and elasticity
• Turn-key measurement systems, internal and external measurement services or other flexible customer Solutions


Oliver Kolakowski at TU Berlin
Swift inertial measuring
The company Resonic’s high-precision procedure determines the mass properties of engines, satellites and cars