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Unigea Solar Projects GmbH

Johann-Hittorf-Straße 8, 12489 Berlin


Unigea Solar Projects GmbH (“Unigea”), founded in 2007, is a specialized project development company for large utility scale photovoltaic (“PV”)-projects. Current regional focus of Unigea is Germany – we are heading forward to realize international PV-projects.

In total we have a share in the implementation of more than 50 PV-plants located on three different continents with a total capacity of over 1.130 MWp.

Hydrogen as an energy source is deployed in the electricity, heat and transport sectors as well as in chemical industries. If hydrogen is made from renewable energy sources it will be the key element for a sustainable and reliable energy system. Based on two research projects and in cooperation with partners from industry and science we developed the concept of harvesting hydrogen by directly feeding an electrolyze with PV current on DC level. Currently we are working on the implementation of that concept in a pilot project. That technology is going to facilitate and accelerate the future growth of Unigea.